Does God think the DSM is funny, too?

Don’t talk or even ponder how you are “Special!” or “Unique!!”

That’s what happened right before heaven dropped the floor on the demons.

This is a clue as to the demonic ruse of our time, where “Ego” is “Good!” and “Normal!!”

“Psychologists” say: “Selfishness and debauchery are NORMAL, because everybody does it!!”

That’s the “S” in the DSM; the statistical frequency of debauched and selfish behavior, say the psychologists, makes it “NORMAL!” and “LIKE THE BEASTS!!”

The Almighty had informed the angels that they would be messengers between His Creation (us, plus) and heaven, but a third of them said, “No, we’re are superior to those meat-sacks down on earth. We will not serve.”

You see the same attitude on Facebook every day where people think their “opinions” are equal to what is scientifically true. They say, “I am a MEeee, therefore I will not serve the Truth.”

You see, the premise itself is false. You are an OBJECT of creation. A toad. A worm.

*You* did not create and manipulate the universe.  You never had any say in *anything,* from the Physics of Light or Energy to Time itself. It was never yours; you never thunk any of it up.

Just remember the demons want you to be just like them. They’re the ones who first thunk up the idea that the Truth was negotiable. “No, *I* wanna be God.”

I’ve often wondered if God thought that was funny.







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