This website is a continuation of other websites exposing the fact that the CDC’s Dearborn case definition for Lyme disease was falsified because the CDC-patent-owning-Lyme- criminals, the ALDF.com – and eventually the uneducated suckers at IDsociety.org -, are not aware that spirochetes are their own phylum, shed fungal antigens, and OspA alone was responsible for causing the chronic disease as an immune suppressor.  The real, technical names for “Chronic Lyme” or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are Post Sepsis Syndrome or Endotoxin Tolerance.


Download the Dearborn booklet to see the contents of the other 19 pages I gave to Nancy Cherry at the FDA on January 31, 2001, and to all 15 members of the vaccine committee.  I PROVED that Dearborn was not even a consensus with pages out of the Dearborn booklet, showing all the other labs except MarDx (who was given the 2 OspA vaccines contracts and who were also given Lyme-arthritis positive blood to qualify their Western Blot strips test) together said Dearborn missed 85% of the cases, on average:

The current CDC case definition for Lyme disease only detects 15% of the cases, and the cases are 10 times under-reported.  That means there are 2 million cases per year, in reality, and UCSF says half of them will remain sick, regardless of treatment.

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