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Steere and Duray (1988) talking about how Lyme looks like post-sepsis syndrome with reactivated EBV:   Steere saying you only need band 41 and that IgM bands mean the bug is still alive regardless of treatment: CDC 1990 case definition showing this was adopted – just look for new IgM bands:  …

DOJ: “Iranians Stealing our Un-intellectual Property.” (LOL, we should be happy about that.)

Oh, goodness, do you think they’ll find out what OspA is?  Because the NIH, the CDC, Yale, Fauci’s Office (Director of NIAID), IDSA, Paul Auwaerter at Johns Hopkins, and Francis Collins (Director of the NIH), all told me they did not know what it was.
They just said it was a “vaccine,” come to find out Thimerosal was exactly invented to prevent this fungal endotoxin LYMErix.

It’s okay to have one-dimensional thinking.

I think this is the one instance we all would be better off having one-dimensional thinking: How did OspA alone cause the same “multi-system” (Persing and Schoen) disease that is “indistinguishable” from what we call “Late Neurological Lyme?” What does “Great Imitator” really mean? Does this phenomenon of injecting fungal antigens that causes post-sepsis-like outcomes…