The GOP-NAZI Connection (Resource Wars, Eugenics, & playing the Dummies)

MORE LINKS BELOW, or you can discover all this on your own. Of course the Dems are hardly better but they dont come right out and CLAIM and dont have a HISTORY or prostrating themselves at the feet of the NWO (petrodollar) corporations. Republicans do. They say they are against the Labor protections and they are FOR corporate/globalist rights over human rights (google what GOP stands for). Meanwhile, many GOPers claim to be CHRISTIANS of all things, but we know the science says they have low IQs and large amygdalas which means they are very fearful (cowardly) and that is why they are so ANGRY! all the time.
See also the Pope on the Wall poster at the bottom.

Kissinger writes NAZI paper for NAZI GOP about resources and their intention to get rid of people:

Rockefeller Eugenics (Parts I and II)

NAZI Eugenics and the Rockefellers:

Bush-Gore Debate regarding getting rid of Saddam for the oil:

Wolfowitz and Oil:

Rockefellers funding “Feminism” (where the ladies act crude, rude, and competitive, like men) Aaron Russo (the State as the Family, very Communist-like):

Rockefeller Funds Women’s Liberation Movement:

Conservatives tend to have lower IQs and larger amygdalas (fear primed):

“What this study and those before it suggest is not necessarily that all liberals are geniuses and all conservatives are ignorant. Rather, it makes conclusions based off of averages of groups. The idea is that for those who lack a cognitive ability to grasp complexities of our world, strict-right wing ideologies may be more appealing. Dr. Brian Nosek explained it for theHuffington Post as follows, “ideologies get rid of the messiness and impose a simple solution. So, it may not be surprising that people with less cognitive capacity will be attracted to simplifying ideologies.” For an excellent continuation of this discussion and past studies, please see this article fromLiveScience.”


You Wallmongers are cowards so you better shut up about it, or the whole world will know. The last thing anyone wants to be known for is COWARDICE:

“We know that the father of lies, the devil, prefers a community divided and bickering,” Francis told a crowd of tens of thousands of youth Thursday night at a seaside park in Panama City.

“This is the criteria to divide people: The builders of bridges and the builders of walls, those builders of walls sow fear and look to divide people. What do you want to be?”

Science, baby, it’s really your friend. Relax, now:

Oh, and it’s pretty funny (not funny) how many people want healthcare rights for Lyme or Autism/vaccines brain damage from the live viruses, or whatever,… but when it comes to unique people not born yet (see: “DNA”), no, go ahead and rip them apart and throw them in the incinerator.


God Bless America and Send Her Some Brain Cells Amen.

You’ve all been played; just dont be afraid any more.



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