Mayday Explains, Episode 70 – Unfollowable, “Disorganized Type”

BE sure to note that I am MAKING FUN of the posts by “The Mayday Project.” We are and (I had someone comment, I think that person thought *I* was responsible for Mayday’s crazy nonsense.)

You cant make this up

BTW, be sure you understand this, before you proceed to looking at the screenshots below:

Symptoms of disorganized schizophrenia:

Disorganized Speech
Schizophrenia can cause people to have difficulty concentrating and maintaining a train of thought, which manifests in the way they speak. People with disorganized speech might speak incoherently, respond to questions with unrelated answers, say illogical things, or shift topics frequently. Signs of disorganized speech involve the following:

  • Loose associations: Rapidly shifting between topics with no connections between topics
  • Perseveration: Repeating the same things over and over again
  • Made up words that only have meaning to the speaker
  • Use of rhyming words without meaning
  • When cognitive disorganization is severe, it can be nearly impossible to understand what the person is saying.

Disorganized Behavior
Schizophrenia negatively impacts goal-directed behavior. A person with disorganized schizophrenia is likely to have difficulty beginning a specific task (ex: cooking a meal) or difficulty finishing a task. Independent functioning is exceptionally difficult due to this gross disorganization.


One cant correct this because one does not know where to start. This is unscramblable.








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