Corona-Lyme Carriers… Now what, Fauc’?

If the gubbamint is gonna use antibody testing to prove immunity to COVID-19 (let’s use the definition of that as “Makes Antibodies”) whether by vaccine or exposure, then think about it: How many (what percent) of us are non-antibody producers due to Lyme’s (only correct use of Lyme-Apostrophe-S) or CFIDS’ post-sepsis?

20 to 40 million in the USA, alone. Eight million with Fibro, 4 million with CFIDS (according to the NIH at one time, back when they thought no one was really looking), and at least 20 million with post tick bite sepsis.

Vaccination with a recombinant COVID-19 vaccine will have no effect – just like none of us have experienced sickness from the COVID-19 virus now (one former patient of Horowitz’ that we read, but he had recovered, which means he never really had this chronic neuro disease called “chronic Lyme” or post-tick-bite sepsis). We will still be potential carriers of COVID-19 (active disease, no symptoms) with several other chronic active infections going on (our lymph nodes and incompetent, immature, non-apoptising B cells are gene-swapping soup, as if in a swine lagoon). A recombinant vaccine against COVID-19 will do nothing, for us,… or for anyone else.

And there ^^^ is another definition of “immune” (lol): Carrier/Poly-Microbial-Tolerant/Post-Sepsis-ers
What will the gubbamint do with the non-responders?

Here is where we need a united front on Lyme, CFIDS, and brain damage from childhood vaccines’ failure. The Vaccines + Antibodies = “Immunity” model is not correct.

Not when global pollution has brought us a smorgasbord of tropical diseases from Africa, like Borreliae or West Nile, or camel-snot diseases like SARS, … and the sneeze goob of someone eating rat or bat popsicles in China. No.

“Canine distemper virus, for example, has caused sickness in seals and polar bears (often considered marine mammals since they spend much of their time at sea). A strain of bird flu was blamed for a mass die-off of New England harbor seals in 2011. Earlier this year, researchers found that a group of northern elephant seals off the coast of central California was carrying the H1N1 virus strain, which caused a swine flu outbreak in humans in 2009. ***The seals could have caught the species-jumping pathogen from human feces dumped out of shipping vessels or seabirds, the scientists speculated at the time.***”

Or vice-versa.

The gubbamint and the press don’t even know what the word immunity means. Fauci in 2003 (1.5 yrs after LYMErix was ordered off the market by the FDA’s ultimatum) said on TV that we “scientifically had a vaccine (Lyme) but that it was not well used,” while he himself well-explained fungal immunosuppression diseases – and the secondary opportunistics – from exposure to the likes of Lyme or LYMErix in his own patent for IL-2.

“We’ve had an effective vaccine, but it’s the kind of vaccine that you have to essentially vaccinate people each year. And from the standpoint of it’s use, it has not been used as efficiently as it could have been used. So scientifically, we had a vaccine and still do have a vaccine, but it’s not really well used.” — Fauci, 2003, Lou Dobbs show

< ^^^ That web page was created in 2003 >

AND Fauci’s patent:
“….Illustrative of specific disease states in treatment of which the present invention can be applied are HIV infection and *** other diseases characterized by a decrease of T-cell immunity, for example, mycobacterial infections like tuberculosis and fungal infections such as cryptococcal disease. This method also can be used in the treatment of secondary infections that occur in patients with suppressed immune systems, such as the opportunistic infections that occur in AIDS patients.*** …”,696,079.PN.&OS=PN/5,696,079&RS=PN/5,696,079

Fauci never even asked what OspA was, yet he owns a patent to treat the AIDS-like outcome of it, … and for which he does not actually know if his proposal for the AIDS-like outcome of Lyme or OspA, (IL-2) will do any good. But he understands the model: Fungal Diseases –> Secondary Opportunistics like the *herpes* that causes Karposi’s sarcoma.

So, of course my concern is,… what are they planning on doing with us? There are so many of us now, that the non-responders will make a significant dent in their hyper-COVID-19 vaccination plans. Maybe they will just continue to ignore us.









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