The Revolution in Medicine Must Respond to Genetics & Evolution

Compartmentalization. This is a genetically (Y chromosome – linked) mental disorder where you cant see the big picture. Human males generally have this compartmentalization disorder (as shown by MRI/contrast studies of brain activity), as opposed to women, whose brains work in all areas at the same time!

Hence we have this condition where men (male “MDs”) dont understand that if you vaccinate with a live virus in order to have the pathogen still be alive (viruses) such as to maintain immunity, well, then you have the live viruses…

And all 3 main neurotropic ones are given at the same time (MMR), when measles causes immunosuppression alone, …
And when you inject live viruses with an immunosuppressing agent like fungal mycoplasma and measles, … 
And shot together *with* the “R” which stands for Rubella which was developed as a vaccine because it caused… wait for it… AUTISM? Hmmm. Might not really be a great plan…

And IDSA (the female president, Amanda Jezek) says babies’ immune systems are not developed enough yet until at least age 2. Is 2 the age where they start whacking kids with live viruses?


“Amanda Jezek, the vice president of Public Policy and Government Relations at the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), in Arlington, Va., said there is concern that this push to recommend a vaccine before the ACIP has reviewed the evidence would completely “jeopardize the integrity of ACIP’s recommendations.”

“Most of the vaccinations given in this country are received by those younger than 2 years of age, so assuring the safety and efficacy of vaccines is paramount. Every year, more than 40 million vaccines are given to children younger than 1 year of age, usually between 2 and 6 months of age, Dr. Temte said. At this age, infants are at greatest risk for certain serious medical adverse events, including high fevers, seizures and sudden infant death syndrome, according to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Therefore, it is important for the ACIP to consider carefully the risks versus the benefits before making a recommendation rather than be on a forced schedule that suits the manufacturer as opposed to the patient. “


So, dont have males in medicine. They dont have the brain capacity for floating multiple variables at the same time in their compartmentalizing brains. THIS is the revolution in medicine.

Anthony Fauci is the head of NIAID, but he does not know what OspA is (his office told me so on the phone), and he does not know about any other immunosuppression diseases except HIV and some inhalation molds, but the mechanism of immunosuppression of inhalation molds is not mentioned on the HHS’s websites, anywhere. OspA and other the shed antigens of Borreliae are fung-al or mold-ish.

[We like mechanisms. Mechanisms are good for you. They help you understand how the world works, which then gives you, the human, some ability to predict what may happen next in various circumstances… I know, you never hear an “LLMD” or a Pro-Vaxxer mention the word “mechanisms.” This is a sign 😉 ]

This is the revolution in medicine. We have to understand that *men* cant handle medical science. Their brains simply are not wired for the big picture. The incompetent, compartmentalized wiring of males may be due to evolution, where the cave men were out hunting the wild beasts, while the ladies stayed home and took care of EVERYTHING ELSE.

Believe in evolution. You see the proof of it every day. Health care is not a job for cave men. Therefore, the revolution in medicine must cave to evolution. Men cant handle this. You see the proof of that every day.

I ^^^ just floated multiple variables at the same time, right before your eyes. Some men may find this capacity magical, and I will guess that is why they fear us. In the past males have burned us at the stake and so forth for such magical behavior.

Let’s guess the ladies who were hung and burned in the past were just doing the multi-variable brain thinking/cooking/herbology we now call medicine, as we have always done.



Amen (means “without men”).












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