Holy Moly, what a start to 2019!!

Where do I start about the Starting of this new year. How about back in 2017 when we (our truthcures.org posse) lobbied (I think I am not supposed to use that word, but of course I forget why) the “elected representatives” in Washington, DC who when among the 40 or so staff office staffers of the “reps” with whom we spent some time explaining the Lyme crymes and how the testing was changed around falsifying the ridiculous Pam3Cys/OspA “vaccines,” were really flabberghasted I would say, to hear/see what had gone on. Some of them thought they knew about the Lyme “issue.” Most if not all knew someone who was disabled from Lyme, so they were indeed interested. We planned that operation after in 2015 we protested at the DOJ I think only one day, and then lobbied some of our reps the rest of that week.

The lawyer staffer guy (handsome kid; can I say that?) who worked for Jeff Sessions in the Judiciary Committee had told us that the Senate could not force the DOJ to do their jobs but the best bet would be a hearing in the Senate to then refer to the DOJ to see if, basically, embarrassing the DOJ into doing their jobs protecting us from criminals would get them to do their jobs.

How are we supposed to know how Washington works? After all the whistle was already blown at the FDA in Jan 2001 about how the CDC’s Dearborn conference (1994) was not a consensus and that OspA caused immunosuppression (mentioning Philipp’s IL-10 and Dattwyler talking about how the Borrelia supernatant – fatty acids – inhibited Natural Killer Cell activity). I gave each member of that vaccine committee a 30 page booklet with pages out of the Dearborn booklet showing that this lab said this and that one said that when they tested the accuracy of Steere’s proposal for a new “two-tiered” case definition out in the field. It was all bad. Eight to 22% accurate. Fifteen percent accuracy, average, among the 11 invited labs. That is to be expected if only 15% or so of the general Caucasian population have the haplotypes for a hypersensivity response to the triacyl fungal Osps. 2001, 2015, who’s counting. It’s only the waste of 2 million new lives every year according to the CDC’s own numbers.

Dearborn case definition accuracy, 15%. 300,000 cases per year reported. Only 10% are reported. You do the math.

Stupid of me to think giving a presentation to the FDA – WITH THE EVIDENCE – would clear things up. “Oh here yall are; Here is what happened at Dearborn, this is not a real test or a real vaccine, and here is the proof! THAT is the trouble with LYMErix, so you, FDA people, can fix it now 😀 <curtsie> You’re Welcome!! Helpin people, yep, that’s me!”

Fool. Jackass. Truth is not a card anyone plays in DC. That it isn’t, is actually THE GAME. Say what isn’t true. Smile and bob your head up and down and “Yes, dear, I hear your trouble,… we are so concerned about your topic. :D”

Now it’s 2019 and EVERYONE I talk to said, “Yeah, this will be our year.” And we have some reason to think so but, …. ahem.

And then came some serious clusterfluckery in my own personal life, and some fits and starts from say the “nons” (non-profits who do nothing for us, but give us a platform to whine and “tell my story,” as if we have not heard the same story – which is the EXACT same story – 75 thousand times each since the mid 1990s when we all got on the innernet tubes) who seemed to ALMOST… start to approach us… with very very small hint at reconciliation (we were proven right about everything like on Halloween if you can believe it or maybe it was All Souls Day) as well as the “queens” – true burpfarts who wont let TC people on their Facebook “groups” because then what would happen. The queen would be dethroned and everyone would learn that this Queen Bee never knew what she was talking about with her years of advice to “do this” and “do that” and “get this test and that test” and “take this supplement” or “that supplement” or “pm me and I will give you the Double Oh Secret Name of the Double Oh Secret Special ‘LLMD’ who’ll tell you to mortgage your home for the Special Treatment only Special People know about.” No, her name and memory would be lost, instead of put on a plaque in front of her local town hall as the Local Heroine of Lyme.

Fits and Starts and “Yeah, we know TruthCures was right about everything but they’re not NICE about it.”

If we were all males, no one would dare to say such a thing. The ladies (the majority of us are) must be POLITE when saying, “No, um, Lyme is not about spirochetes if OspA caused the same immunosuppression disease with the reactivated latent viruses and all. Yes, you are really sick. Really really sick, much sicker that just spirochetes. It’s probably the reactivated mono and other herpes viruses that are fecking you up. Now your tolerized to all sorts of infections and have chronic active mono and cant fight off fungal infections in the blood and candida and aspergillis and zoster and cytomegalovirus yeah you’re totally as effed up as you say you are. HERE is the proof!!”

No, that was unkind and unlady like, so, the nons and the queens tell us, “We will not listen to you and we dont care what is true or how sick anyone is. You were not nice, that’s the important thing…

“Stop saying so many sciencey words. They hurt my feelings especially when YOU say them.”

Okay thennnn, we’ll just fling the sciencey words out there and hope none of them accidently hit ya. They’re pointy. Words are pointy and also perhaps poisony. Maybe they have “heavy metals” in them too, and after hearing them the queens will need to “detox.”

And as if that part of this new year was not enough, one of our Lymish went completely off the deep end and it has been like a real life cops and robbers hostage show… we have all been watching and flicking pms to each other… ‘”Do you know what is going on? I am really concerned about her… he – the hubs? – is talking about knives and they say they need money… This seems like the real deal mental health (what does that even mean anyway; we all know straight up delooonsional when we see it)…”

“Yeah, I know her, I will try to call her and see where she is,” which I did and learned nothing we did not know from reading his/her/their crazy posts only to have that backfire in a big way…

And then I had to immediately emergently drive to a commercial enterprise to fix the damage only to have a real cops and robbers shootout down the street which backed up traffic. WTH.

Today? Now this has to happen? Why not, I am in a real Wild West town. The locals never got the memo: The West was settled and California is a state now.

Guns. Really?

Guns and knives and for what. It’s not like this is 1940 Warsaw.

Is it?

Then the Trumpy Immigrants and Wall Show. Are you kidding me. How long was it ago that we were all TERRIFIED OF MUSLIMS!! Now we have a govt shutdown. Before that it was TSA body scanners and Al Quaeda hooligans and the illegal global US spy apparatus. Syria. We lost that. “Oh, nevermind, just kidding.”

I got into a national park recently for free, though. Nobody there checking people in. That was fun, and wonderful and beautiful. Some fun in my life, however evanescent. No NAZIs at the gate. Just humans bird watching in the winter. I admired those humans. I have no nice camera. If I did would I be whipping it out too? I would hope I would have, had I had my other life back (everyone with Lyme knows what I mean).

They were shooting cameras and not guns. I musta forgot to relish that, so I will just relish the memory.


Then there was this person from way back when who was involved in a pharma we all love to hate who pestered me and pestered me about OspA for years, and I could not for the life of me communicate that thing about NOMENCLATURE or the picture-name-drawing of Chemisty (like if I said 1,2 dimethyl Oreo, everyone who knows the nomenclature or has been exposed to it knows I mean an Oreo with 2 methyl groups in it, in the 1, and 2 position, like maybe 12 O’clock and 2 O’clock) and that OspA was pam3cys or ACTED like it (activity: TLR2/1 agonist; structure, triacyl lipoprotein) and that everything else with that fatty acid slop from whatever microbial source is gonna give the same TLR2/1 agonist activity/immunosuppression result, and how we proved that over and over again (it is demanded of the Scientific Method – show your model-mechanism repeats independently) in the charge sheets and showed it happens when other (contaminated, or the kid is immunosuppressed to begin with viola! “autism”) live viral vaccines fail and so on an so on infinity and infinity and all the TC bloggers are ready and able to pick from numerous examples from the literature. Oy. It’s not just spirochetes that do it duh. That’s how you do science.

Hello, “Replication Crisis,” remember?


So, let me just re-steal this from another blog I updated today already, since it seems to be the clearest…

Let me update this since there still seems to be lingering confusion from the ones who have not followed ActionLyme.org or Truthcures.org all along (190117):

“IRAK4 kinase activity is not required for induction of endotoxin tolerance but contributes to TLR2-mediated tolerance.”

“Prior exposure to LPS induces “endotoxin tolerance” that reprograms TLR4 responses to subsequent LPS challenge by altering expression of inflammatory mediators. Endotoxin tolerance is thought to limit the excessive cytokine storm and prevent tissue damage during sepsis but renders the host immunocompromised and susceptible to secondary infections. Tolerance initiated via one TLR can affect cellular responses to challenge via the same TLR (“homotolerance”) or through different TLRs (“heterotolerance”). ” 

“Pretreatment of WT macrophages with Pam3Cys, a TLR2-TLR1 agonist, ablated p-p38 and p-JNK in response to challenge with Pam3Cys and LPS, whereas IRAK4(KDKI) macrophages exhibited attenuated TLR2-elicited homo- and heterotolerance at the level of MAPK activation. Thus, IRAK4 kinase activity is not required for the induction of endotoxin tolerance but contributes significantly to TLR2-elicited homo- and heterotolerance. 

OKAY THENNNN!! Enough. Enough with the Crazy for 2019.

How much can an old lady take.

I went back to the only refuge I have and know. Pubmed. And yeah I found some interesting new stuff from the usual authors we quote (Harding, Medvedev, etc). You should too:


















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