has only a handful of bloggers, but this fact is the most profound in Lyme Crymeland:


And it happened in 1999.  Good for the bad guys that there are not any other MDs in all of America who actually give a crap about the falsified case definition or why the criminals falsified it:


There seems to be so little interest in the fact that the fungal endotoxin of a vaccine, LYMErix or OspA, caused the same multisystem (neuro, flu-like) outcome as Lyme itself.  The multisystem (neuro, flu-like) outcome was written out of the case definition by the CDC at Dearborn (1994), leaving the arthritis ONLY (really, they say there are no other symptoms in this HLA linked outcome) cases.  I heard of these chronic late neuro Lyme like outcomes from the victims of LYMErix both in the trial and afterwards, when LYMErix came onto the market in 1999.

But here is an OspA vaccine trial administrator saying these AEs were not allowed by Glaxo SmithKlime to be reported:

“The company has masked serious causally-related adverse events behind qualifiers, such as “…and which may have no causal relationship with the vaccine” and “…cannot be distinguished from the natural history of the underlying disease,” all the while knowing these are confusing the issues.

“The company tries to shift the blame from the vaccine to the patient with statements such as “the possibility of a severe rheumatologic, neurologic, autoimmune adverse event is inherent in Lyme disease.” The company does not inform physicians that the adverse events can result from Lymerix, completely apart from the disease.”


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