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Steere and Duray (1988) talking about how Lyme looks like post-sepsis syndrome with reactivated EBV:


Steere saying you only need band 41 and that IgM bands mean the bug is still alive regardless of treatment:

CDC 1990 case definition showing this was adopted – just look for new IgM bands:


The Hu grant, talking about immunosuppression and tolerance to other kinds of microbes (TLR4 agonists or LPS)

Steere using the “Seronegative Lyme Assay” to assess chronic late neurologic Lyme because it can be “seronegative”:


Nicole Baumgarth talking about how Lyme causes you to not react to secondary viral infections:


Baumgarth talking about how IgM is more important than IgG (most of the IgM bands were thrown out of the 1994 Dearborn case definition, which was not a consensus anyway):

“Notably, and consistent with earlier studies (2829), the number of IgM antibody secreting cells was higher than the IgG ASC in the wild-type mice, indicating a strong low affinity antibody response early in Bb infection. Like the IgG response, however, CD4 T cells clearly enhanced the IgM response.”


This is a disease of immunosuppression, secondary opportunistics, tolerance and cross tolerance , AND NOT the Dearborn case definition of a “chronic inflammatory disease of autoimmune arthritis.”



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