Why TruthCures and ActionLyme dont Rx treatments for tick bite sepsis….


Despite all the slander and libel against TruthCures and the Occupy Justice movement, we dont recommend treatments because no one does.  The NIH only recently admitted that Lyme was about tick-bite sepsis (2013-2016).
Pharma only knows how to BLOCK mechanisms, not unblock them, but maybe something from chemotherapy to get rid of the mutated, incompetent B cells will work. Lyme is like a pseudolymphoma – incompetent B cells, immortalized (zombie B cells that wont die) from the EBV and also the shed fungal Osps/Vmps/etc. It is also tissue, organ, nerve and brain damage, so who knows if that damage is ever recoverable, 100%. Is it ever, in sepsis? Go look for yourselves.
This is important: People dont realized the essence of this. Fungal triacyl lipopeptides *ALSO* cause ***inhibition of apoptosis*** or appear to act like too many BCL2 class molecules, or like EBV-immortalized (or “transformed” is a word they use) lymphocytes. Spirochetes go right to the lymph nodes and cause “premature collapse of the B cell germinal centers (sort of a refinement school for new B cells formed in the bone marrow)” – which means they have not had antigen “presented” to them.
Fungal lipopeptides do that – they cause antigen to not be presented by the “professional antigen-presenting cells,” like macrophages and dendrocytes. They cause the downregulation of the HLA molecules (the clam shaped molecules that “present antigen” to the surface of the cell, against which antibodies are made). Therefore they cause “seronegative Lyme” and so does LYMErix, obviously, in most people (the 85%).
This happens everywhere you run into this type of antigen (fungal, triacyl, TLR2/1-agonists), like Tuberculosis, Brucella, mycoplasma, etc. More on this mechanism is shown in the Occam’s Razor and the Common Mechanisms charge sheets on truthcures.org or actionLyme.org

The disease is the cryme and the cryme is the disease, so if you read the criminal charge sheets, you will understand the disease you have. Here is the latest version:

Both spirochetes and EBV live (hang out, routinely) in the bone marrow, lymph nodes, and brain/nerves. I’d call that a clue as to how Lyme causes a chronic, AIDS like illness:
Everything Allen Steere/Paul Duray describe here, is what we have been trying to explain to you is the disease: It is post-sepsis syndrome with reactivated EBV, mainly:
“Reed-Sternberg cells” are basically EBV-transformed. And Steere and Duray even say, “this looks like mono (EBV)”:
The NIH has formally admitted that Chronic Lyme may be more about EBV in the New York Times. And THAT comes from the division who ran the “Lyme and Multiple Sclerosis” group. Another clue. And they found out this result was due to the shed fungal Osps. This too is in the charge sheets on truthcures.org and elsewhere in our blogs and websites.
The science says you’re pretty effing sick (see/google post-sepsis syndrome) and antibiotics will not cure you. If someone claims they got better with this or that nonsense treatment, they never had the disease just explained above. They were never as sick as the ones for whom antibiotics fail.
It’s actually *CRUEL* to tell people they’re not eating right or whatever. And some people promote books about eating right as a cure for Lyme, while at the same time citing Truthcures’ material, which makes zero sense.
Have you been very sick?  Worse than you can describe, from tick bite sepsis?
Of course you have.  And we know all about being face-stuck-to-the-carpet weak.  We know about being in so much pain you dont know where to put yourself.  We know about losing 30-60 IQ points, the dementia, the losing-your-car, the fugue states, losing your balance, losing everything.  How else would we know your misery is real in the face of all the slander and libel against these very sick people because this fungal endotoxin of a vaccine, fungal endotoxin OspA, caused the same “multi-system disease” (Mayo Clinic, Dave Persing, Yale, Robert Schoen) that is “indistinguishable from chronic neurologic Lyme” and that was thrown out of the CDC’s case definition at Dearborn because the early Phase I and Phase II trials of OspA as vaccines…. happened before Dearborn.

Think about it.
Kathleen Dickson

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