Snot-O-Gram No. 42378 to, what toons…

Today is the 14th of December 2017, and no one in the Government or has ever answered the question, What is OspA?  No reply from either, one day later.  
How does anyone expect the government to “lead” or “protect” us when they dont care what words mean, or simple chemical compounds are. 
And one more thing – No “MD” has ever explained how somatoform works, or told us what OspA was, except Raymond Dattwyler in a patent (Pam3Cys, TLR2/1 agonist).  That means it as never a human vaccine.


Cc:,,, and others…

Subject: Why doesn’t the ever do a story on the Lyme disease crimes?

 Dec 13, 2017 1:10 PM
Dear Ms. Kaiser, 

See and

Just curious.

Why cant anyone find out what OspA is,
which is at the center of the scandal?

Did you know the HHS has a TBDs commission
set up to waste another 20 odd year-lives-dollars?

I personally am getting a little tired of
singing the same song for the last 18 years.

Did you know Francis Collins threatened me
in the spring of 2012 because I called the
NIH (and CDC, Yale, IDSA, NIAID, Fauci, etc)
and asked if anyone knew what OspA was?

After all, they said it was a vaccine.  You'd
think someone at the NIH or HHS would have asked
what it was.  I cant imagine why Collins found
the question offensive.  Maybe you can try?

This is seriously old.  

Here are some files for you to have a gander

For the last 20 years this US Government really
has been "LAME."  And someone who works for
the DOJ right now told us the same thing.  The
DOJ is "LAME."  That had been the explanation
I had been giving everyone these last, what, since
2003 and I filed the RICO and fraud case with
the DOJ in New Haven, CT.  14 years.


Dont we have any smart people in this country?

Are you really about the "advancement of science?"

If so, ask the first question.

Kathleen M. Dickson

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