Complaints about the “’s TBD’s Commission”

Subject: Complaints About the Farcical 2017’s “TBDs Commission” (no attachments)

Date: Nov 28, 2017 4:38 AM


Dear Sirs and Madams,

Here (below) is my complaint about this ridiculous HHS commission and the lack of competence in both that agency and the USDOJ for never having prosecuted this crime, despite being petitioned about it hundreds of times since 2002 After all, Senator Blumenthal was a former DOJ prosecutor. Here are the latest criminal charge sheets including the new one about how LYMErix never worked as claimed, and that too was all research fraud:

Get cracking; I copied in other foreign embassies, FIRST. The USA continuously loses credibility. If it’s not this, it’s the fake oil wars and destroying several countries in the Middle East simply because they might choose not to do business with the Petrodollar banksters. We look STUPID and like we dont care.
Fix it.
Kathleen M. Dickson


Complaints About the Farcical 2017’s TBDs Commission:

CC:   United States Department of Justice, Antitrust Division

Dear Sirs and Madams,


First, we would like to thank the US Government for insulting its citizens once again with this “TBDs Commission,” in 2017, as if it was 1975: You infer: “Americans know zero about spirochetal or fungal diseases and are unable to read. There are no scientists here. No American can read, and none is capable of independent thought.”


We, at, are so proud to be a part of the Brainless American Society. We should commission a special flag to be designed commemorating how (little) we’ve progressed the last 40-50 years in health science. Maybe we can have a party and desecrate some museums and stone- or cast memorials around Washington, DC, while we’re at it. ‘Like the ISIS gang in Syria and Iraq. Maybe we re-institute infant head-wrapping or foot-binding, again. Or, how about just plain old regular human sacrifices to please the Gods?
Oh, we know the U.S. Government already essentially does all that with the Autism vaccines that fail by giving infants the very same brain damaging viruses these vaccines are intended to prevent (says even the CDC; see the 6th criminal charge sheet here: ).


Handicapping kids.   “It’s a calculated risk,” says the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC calculates that 1:50 kids brain damaged for life is a good round number. Maybe it would be better if the number was up to 1:20. Then we could think up a plan for what to do with all those “useless mouths to feed, (Henry Kissinger).” How about Zyklon B gas and ovens. That worked so well for the NAZIs we now imitate in every way.


We apologize for this complaint being fairly long, but we must quote, exactly, these “American Lyme Disease Foundation (” criminals, show the links, and have the evidence of their various criminal antics to be part of the’s permanent record. Also, due to the various other groups we are copying in, and who need to see this evidence, like for example, maybe some countries we “sanction” because they have oil and we don’t, and therefore are a threat to the global petrodollar hegemony system. It’s likely we will only get real help on this from nations other than the United States.


We could say the whole world may only get any real help when the United States Government is, well, de-commissioned.


What we want, instead: Prosecute the members of the American Lyme Disease Foundation or, which includes CDC officers.

We want the people who falsified the case definition at the CDC’s Dearborn conference in 1994 (mainly CDC officers Allen Steere, Barbara Johnson and Alan Barbour), who tried to pass off a bogus fungal endotoxin as a vaccine (see both OspA vaccine trials), and who then slandered and libeled the victims of these Two-Crimes-in-One, sent to Camp Fed for Fraud, Racketeering and Deprivation of Rights Color of Law abuses.   The case definition was falsified AFTER it was discovered in the early OspA phase I and phase II trials that the vaccine was causing the same chronic neurologic disease (through global immunosuppression and the reactivation of latent herpesviruses), as is what happens in ALL cases of immunosuppression. It turns out, the reactivated herpesviruses and mainly Epstein-Barr is the Great/New Great Imitator.


In 1993, Allen Steere while in Europe falsified the case definition with this report:
Antibody responses to the three genomic groups of Borrelia burgdorferi in European Lyme borreliosis.

The full text of this report shows that Steere added the ELISA as a screening test (to the falsified Dearborn case definition), wherein he excluded neurologic Lyme by averaging the responses between neurologic/meningitis Lyme, which is an immunosuppression disease, with the responses of the arthritis and acrodermatitis cases. The latter, arthritis and acrodermatitis, are HLA-linked autoimmune outcomes with “too many antibodies.” Steere and his CDC employee cronies insisted that upward-averaged total Lyme antibody concentration should be the first step in the “two-tiered” Dearborn case definition.   They EXCLUDED the neurologic cases – the 85% who don’t have the arthritis HLAs.

The above Steere report is not in the Dearborn booklet (free download): ,
yet another one with the German student Frank Dressler, was. Therefore it was not possible to tell from just reading the Dearborn booklet that the case definition had been deliberately falsified in this way.   Steere also falsely claimed that IgM antibodies were not relevant for the Dearborn scandal, when indeed he knew all along IgM bands revealed chronic active, especially neurologic, Lyme.   These chronic neurologic Lyme victims were subsequently publicly slandered and libeled by Steere and the RICO cabal, for decades. They even went so far as to say:

“Telling women and girls inaccurately that they have Lyme disease “condemns patients to long-term, untreated debility and  useless, toxic and expensive courses of antibiotics,” Sigal wrote  in an editorial in the May 15 issue of the journal Hospital Practice. More slander and libel (Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law charges) here in the complaint filed to the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva in 2003:


Tuskegee was about Dementia, while Lyme is just a bad knee?


We find it hard to believe that all the CDC’s race-specific bioweapons experiments on African Americans and Native Americans (Tuskegee and Guatemala) taught the CDC nothing about HLA-linked and non-HLA linked diseases, especially since CDC officer Barbara Johnson mentioned these 2 very distinct outcomes in her 5 Borrelia-related patents that she co-owns with SmithKline in Europe (1992). We find it hard to believe that the CDC would deploy Allen Steere to look at spirochetal or tick borne diseases, in the beginning.   Rheumatologists don’t know anything.   Steere is a classic case.   Rheumatologists are professional aspirin-givers. Paul Ehrlich had to go through 605 compounds before he found arsenic did something for Syphilis. That was over 100 years ago.   Spirochetes were never known to cause ”only bad knee.” If they did, the CDC would never have experimented on Africans and USA-native Asians.


White people are known to be more susceptible to dementia from borrelia or syphilis. This was the reason for the Tuskegee and Guatemala syphilis crimes as you can see:

Toll-like Receptor Polymorphisms Are Associated with Increased Neurosyphilis Risk

“Clinicians in the early 20th century posited that race influenced susceptibility to neurosyphilis, citing a decreased risk in African Americans compared to Caucasians (7). Subsequent work suggested a genetic basis for such differences, with an increased risk of syphilitic dementia, but not other forms of neurosyphilis, in patients with certain HLA types (8) that differed in African Americans compared to Caucasians (9). While more recent reports suggest that there may be genetic contributions to syphilis susceptibility (10-13), to the best of our knowledge there have been no recent investigations of genetic susceptibility to neurosyphilis.”


I point out, especially to the, that dementia does not happen to your knee.


Steere in Russia & the Russian-HLA-Pharmers at New York Medical College (NYMC):


And here we have a bunch of Russian-name-sounding scientists who now (? Ex-pats?) work for or with the New York Medical College (where the was founded) and who like to examine genetic manipulations of pathogens, bioweapons and the haplotypes of peoples in foreign nations:
(Cabello does not sound Russian, obviously, but one wonders if foreigners like’s Adrianna Marques and Roland Martin have been used or brought to the United States under false pretenses):


That all ^^^ means the bioweapons to be developed against these people have to be stealth against their HLAs.  That is, the disease chosen as a bioweapon cannot be an HLA-linked disease or else there will be antibodies against the stealth infection that identify the pathogen.   Instead, a stealth disabler bioweapon (or “anti-personnel agents,” as the US Military calls them) should cause immunosuppression, such as to allow other latent infections like Epstein-Barr to flourish. Epstein-Barr is well known to be associated with various forms of cancer, particularly blood cancer and brain tumors. If you want an infectious disease bioweapon, you want it to “overwhelm” the immune system which is a term used both by the US Military and by these ALDF and CDC criminals (Barbour) to describe the post-sepsis syndrome caused by tick-borne pathogens. Causing immunosuppression is a way of, as described by the US Military, creating a diseases set involving multiple pathogens. Disabling the immune system causes dementia as well as Chronic Fatigue and the variety show (“Great Imitator”) of outcomes.

“’It’s the perfect stealth bacteria,’ says one frustrated physician. He’s talking about Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. This illness, which is often mistaken for diseases ranging from multiple sclerosis to Lupus, can inflict excruciating headaches and muscle pain, affect the brain and nervous system, attack major organs, and inflame joints.”


But Allen Steere, the CDC, Yale, and the say it is just a bad knee. Right. And the moon is made of green cheese, and the earth is flat.   By the way, who sent Allen Steere to Russia to lie about spirochetal diseases in 1995?
Clinical and serologic features of Lyme borreliosis in Russia.

Was it the CDC alone, or was it the operating as a rogue government/commercial enterprise in cahoots with the CDC, or was it the acting alone? Who are these people? Why are American “MDs” so dumb? What is with the Fear of Reading by “MDs.” Why do they never do anything except drink the CDC Kool-Aid? Why the pervasive National Cowardice. This country is revolting, all around.


We don’t regret to inform the HHS and USDOJ that the Russian Government has already been informed about this – and long ago. For President Putin to be saying that Americans are pharming native Russian populations’ DNA is not a long shot.
Russians’ DNA taken by foreign agents, Kremlin says”


And the Russian Government probably knew by 2006. We faxed them this same information to them at that time (June, July, 2006). The website received 14,000 hits from .ru domains in September, 2006.   In May 2007, there was a ban on the export of such DNA:

”In May 2007, a Russian newspaper Kommersant reported that the Russian government banned all exports of human biosamples.[14] The report claims that the reason for the ban was a secret FSB report about on-going development of “genetic bioweapons” targeting Russian population by Western institutions. The report mentions the Harvard School of Public Health, American International Health Alliance, Department of Medical Biotechnology of Jagiellonian University, United States Department of Justice Environment and Natural Resources Division, Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology Warsaw University, and United States Agency for International Development.”


Coincidence? Maybe.   We’re in favor of foreign nations keeping an eye on the criminal and stupid USA Government since the criminal and stupid USA Government won’t.


Again, when you create a bioweapon, the weapon should not contain antigens that will link the disease back to the primary antigen(s), or not show up as an HLA-linked disease with lots of antibodies that identify the pathogen. So, you’d study populations to *** see what haplotypes are generally missing.***   Such is what happened with Borreliae and Steere’s bad knees (the falsified Dearborn case definition), here. Silly and transparent. Tuskegee was about haplotypes and dementia. Obviously at one time, dementia was important to the CDC or Maybe there is so much of it now in the general government employee population, the HHS does not know who –if even themselves- have dementia. Does a pig lament the good old days when he was a wild boar?



The Dearborn case definition was falsified such as to exclude the 85% who don’t have the arthritis HLAs for a predisposition to the hypersensitivity response in a joint. It literally excluded everyone who wasn’t NOT SICK as you will see Klempner and Wormser say, here:

Gary Wormser reported for the Dearborn conference that the case definition missed exactly 85% of the cases (only detected 9/59 in IgG, yet Dearborn leaves most IgM bands out):
”Overall, 51 of 59 (86%) convalescent-phase serum specimens were reactive by IB, 35 of which were interpreted as positive: 26 based on IgM criteria, 8 based on both IgG and IgM criteria, and 1 based on IgG criteria.” ;
ISN’T it true that this TBDs commission will be a do-over of the Dearborn conference? Invite everyone to “participate in the proceedings” then blow-off everyone who said “this testing stinks?” We’re certain of it. That is why this complaint is going to the DOJ and foreign embassies at the same time. We are also certain that the DOJ is aware of this crime, but we have been told by insiders that the DOJ is “lame,” and just like all the other dot gov agencies. Hitler even mentioned this “keep my job, only” mentality of civil servants and bureaucrats in the early years when he was fed up with the Weimar Republic. Incompetence is clearly the only claim to fame the can make in 2017.

Gary Wormser reported that OspA caused immunosuppression even in dogs in 2000:
”OspA interferes with the response of lymphocytes to proliferative stimuli including a blocking of cell cycle phase progression.” ;


Wormser reported with Mark Klempner – AFTER the “guidelines” were issued – in 2005 that there were 2 outcomes to Lyme, the septic meningitis cases and the HLA linked autoimmune arthritis cases. He published that in this latter case, that ”Patients generally feel well aside from their arthritis symptoms” or that the case definition only detects the not-sick ones:

Gary Wormser reported in 2012 that in:
The Toll of a TLR1 polymorphism in Lyme disease: A tale of mice and men”

”…Coordinate signalling through pattern-recopgnition receptors such as CD14 and toll like receptor 2 (TLR-2), expressed on professional phagocytes (eg. Macrophages and neutrophils) and other immune cells orchestrate both the initiation and resolution [read- “post sepsis imunosuppression” or “tolerance”- KMD] of inflammatory responses to B. burgdorferi.
”During natural infection, initiation of the host response begins with CD14 recognition of triaculated borrelial lipoproteins and suibsequent activation of both TLR-2 in partnership with TLR-1 (5-70.   Such bacterial recognition [TLRs 2 and 1 handling lipoproteins would be fungal-ish, since mainly the myco’s, mycoplasma and mycobacteria bear them, but other wicked, unresolvable infections besides Tuberculosis bear them too; spirochetes are their own phylum and could not really be called bacteria in the usual sense, they have no LPS – KMD] activated the NF-kB phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-Akt, and p38 MAPK pathways.   The ensuing signalling cascade iniate inflammation-associated gene activities associated with host defense, as well as negative regulatory pathways intended to mitigate the severity and duration of the inflammatory response to spirochetes [read, post-sepsis immunosuppression or tolerance – KMD]. The latter goal is achieved in part through the action of p38 MAPK-induced suppressors of cytokine signalling (SOCS), which downregulate inflammation by targeting various points in the NF-kB pathway.”;jsessionid=2BD998A181EC0AFF3A0F95E13D84B34F.d02t02

In other words, Wormser says Lyme and LYMErix initially cause sepsis, then they cause immunosuppression because they shed or are, triacyl lipoproteins. That happens elsewhere – everywhere you see these types of triacyl lipoproteins in infectious diseases, and even see Thimerosal developed as a means to inhibit them in a viral vaccine vial. In other words, LYMErix was never a vaccine, it was a fungal- immunosuppressing endotoxin instead, but in 2000 Gary Wormser never said anything about this insane excuse for a vaccine, LYMErix, while it was still on the market. And he never said anything publicly about Dearborn being only 15% accurate, yet he supports the “guidelines” based on those two frauds. Great. And this criminal is on some (this) new government, commission to look into the “controversy.” Surely he thinks this TBDs commission is hilarious and volunteered for the job from among the other crooks since he may be the youngest. It is in his interest to keep himself and his mob out of prison for the rest of their natural lives. What other reason could there be for Wormser being in the same room as the dummies of the HHS elected to be on this ridiculous commisision, where not a one of them knows a thing about spirochetes and fungal diseases?

To Wit, we are the authors of this report and all the criminal charges as shown here with the hard-core phylogenetics, what OspA is, exactly, and explanations of fungal acylation and TLRs:
If there were other people who understood spirochetal diseases and the crimes clearly committed here, why would they sit on a commission to discuss it and not go directly to the federal cops?   Therefore, none are qualified to be on this commission. And HIV is a T cell virus, while Lyme and LYMErix cause disease via a different, B cell mechanism whereby the spirochetes go straight to the lymph nodes, deposit the fungal blebs and destroy the immune system across antigens – also known as tolerance and cross tolerance (Linden Hu, Nicole Baumgarth, Steve Barthold, Andrei Medvedev, Clifford Harding,… and Dave Dorward, Martin and Marques of the NIH).   Why doesn’t anyone care about the other AIDS-like outcomes?


Why is HIV so special? It’s not like Lyme or Borreliosis is due to some behaviors that most people know to avoid, fecal material being, um, not great for you to get into your blood. It’s a gardeners’, hikers,’ and dog-walkers’ disease. Lyme’s not fancy. So, that means we’re not allowed publicly discuss it? Nobody invites us to a multi-colored parade. Nobody says we’re welcome to march along and wear the tutus and skin suits and wear ruby slippers. Or emerald.


No. We’re welcome to all the derogatory comments about how this is a female disease and that Lyme is “something you can talk about at cocktail parties” (David Weld of the, or that Lyme is really Fibromyalgia which is “catastrophizing” (Lenny Sigal). You’d think the HIV community would want to join us, actually.


Gary Wormser with Allen Steere reported in 2016 that:

”This finding suggests that there is redundancy in the ability of the innate immune system to recognize B. burgdorferi and/or that these components can activate pathways that produce anti-inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-10. During later stages of infection — namely, stage 2 (in humans known as early disseminated infection that is manifested by inflammation at multiple sites) and stage 3 (in humans known as late infection, typically involving arthritis in the United States) — the anti-inflammatory effects might be the more important function of TLR signalling79,80.”
The contents of above report is a backhanded way of saying, “TLR2 agonism is the more important driver of the immunosuppression – and-not arthritis- disease we call “Lyme Borreliosis” or that “it is the Osps and probably the TLR2-agonist glycolipids, which are fungal triacyl lipopeptides and TLR2 (and TLR1) agonists that are how Lyme and LYMErix cause an AIDS like disease that we usually call post-sepsis syndrome [or we have in the past called Chronic-Fatigue/Fibrohysteria/Catastrophizing-mental-illness-please-check-if-the-patient-is-female, then-discount 99%] with the reactivated EBV and all…”


Is this man, Gary Wormser, qualified to even be in the presence of other humans? Such dangerous insanity is the criteria for commitment, at best. He and his crazy cronies are “insane and dangerous to others.” Clearly in 2016 Steere and Wormser and the criminal gang have concluded that we,, were right and that Lyme and LYMErix diseases are diseases of immunosuppression – the exact opposite of the Dearborn-And-LYMErix definition.


Why aren’t they in jail right now? This is what we cant get over.   Why are we even discussing this as if it is a “controversy,” still? Is the HHS not aware of what their own scientists have said (Martin and Marques)?   It absolutely and certainly has to be admitted as evidence to this commission that the NIH themselves have discovered that Lyme and LYMErix disease were about global immunosuppression with chronic brain inflammation [which is not the Dearborn or the Color of Law Abuses definitions of ____ (fill in the blank derogatory term used by the]. Here is what they say:

2006, NIH: ”The spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi is the agent of Lyme disease, which causes central nervous system manifestations in up to 20% of patients. We investigated the response of human brain microglial cells, glial progenitors, neurons, astrocytes, as well as peripheral blood monocytes to stimulation with B. burgdorferi. We used oligoarrays to detect changes in the expression of genes important for shaping adaptive and innate immune responses. We found that stimulation with B. burgdorferi lysate increased the expression of Toll-like receptors (TLRs) 1 and 2 in all cell types except neurons. However, despite similarities in global gene profiles of monocytes and microglia, only microglial cells responded to the stimulation with a robust increase in HLA-DR, HLA-DQ, and also coexpressed CD11-c, a dendritic cell marker. In contrast, a large number of HLA-related molecules were repressed at both the RNA and the protein levels in stimulated monocytes, whereas secretion of IL-10 and TNF-alpha was strongly induced. These results show that signaling through TLR1/2 in response to B. burgdorferi can elicit opposite immunoregulatory effects in blood and in brain immune cells, which could play a role in the different susceptibility of these compartments to infection.”


That means in 2006, the US Government – employees – published that the Yale, IDSA, CDC, and version of “Lyme disease” is a lie. Nothing was done about these criminals.


The IDSA “Guidelines” are based on the Klempner and Hu report from 2001,
which was based on Dearborn, or FRAUD.   And Wormser stands behind them, when we clearly know he knows Lyme and LYMErix disease are not about spirochetes but is more an AIDS like disease?


Now Linden Hu says these shed borrelial antigens are indeed, TLR2/1 agonists, which means, no, Lyme is not a bad knee, or a simple bacterial infection cured by antibiotics:

“We have successfully isolated phagosomal fractions using this technique and have been able to analyze by western blotting the presence of TLR signaling molecules at the phagosome. Our magnetic beads coated with TLR2 ligand mimic the internalization of the pathogen Borrelia burgdorferi. This process could easily be adopted to the study of other TLR ligands or organisms. We hope that the description of our procedure will help other investigators in answering similar questions about cellular trafficking and phagosomal signaling.”

Wormser needs to go straight to jail instead of being in the presence of other scientists and Lyme victims at the We find his presence to be not only frightening and embarrassing to the Republic, but we object viscerally, if one is allowed to say it.


This is what we are requesting: Allow this first meeting, watch what other fraud or fraud-by-omission Wormser commits, then immediately call the federal cops, the FBI.
The soon to be non-profit and associated medical rights (actually, “anti-cryme”) bloggers, submit these complaints against 1) the very notion that we should have this committee, a bill designed in 1998, 2) *** a year before we all knew *** Lyme was crime as exposed by the Dearborn conference booklet and 3) soon after, in 1999, LYMErix came on the market and gave people the very same “chronic Lyme like,” “neurologic Lyme-like” disease that was written out of the Dearborn case definition. The complaint, the greater complaint we all have, is that these crimes all revolve around with the fake vaccines, the rOspAs (LYMErix or ImmuLyme).


The cryme is the disease.   The cryme is saying OspA was a “vaccine,” when, as a fungal, triacyl lipoprotein and endotoxin, it was the very thing that caused the chronic AIDS like disease we call “chronic neurologic Lyme,” via immunosuppression and the reactivation of l;atent viruses. It is surprising that Anthony Fauci has a patent to treat this same “fungal diseases cause immunosuppression and then the reactivation of latent opportunistics like Epstein-Barr and Cytomegalovirus,” while the HHS pretends to not know anything about fungal antigens, immunosuppression or AIDS:

“….Illustrative of specific disease states in treatment of which the present invention can be applied are HIV infection and *** other diseases characterized by a decrease of T-cell immunity, for example, mycobacterial infections like tuberculosis and fungal infections such as cryptococcal disease. This method also can be used in the treatment of secondary infections that occur in patients with suppressed immune systems, such as the opportunistic infections that occur in AIDS patients.*** …”,696,079.PN.&OS=PN/5,696,079&RS=PN/5,696,079


We Don’t Need on this Committee:

There is no “National Institute of the OPPOSITE of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Immunosuppression.” This, while nearly all non-viral tick borne diseases are bearers of fungal antigens-like endotoxins: Tularemia, Mycoplasma (obviously) the Plasmodia, Borreliae, and the Ehrlichia.   We don’t need anyone from ILADS on this committee because none of them understand this basic science the science everyone reading this can discover right now by going to pubmed and entering the name of the tick borne pathogen and “TLR2.” Anyone can use their “Google Machine” to discover not one single member of ILADS have ever published that Lyme and LYMErix cause disease by shedding-, or are fungal antigens. ILADS knows nothing about Lyme or TBDs.

This, while the corrected-for-the-Dearborn-fraud-case-definition, which detects only 15% of all cases (it was only intended for surveillance or to track the spread of the disease by looking for a certain subpopulation), yet was used in the vaccine trials and in the 4.7 million dollar Klempner long term non-retreatment “study” (which became the essence of the IDSA “guidelines”) means the real number of tick bite cases resulting in permanent disability is “half” (you’ll see who we quote later, ie., Dattwyler and Aucott) of the 2 million or one million.   You NEVER hear or heard talk about the falsified case definition or how it was falsified. You NEVER hear argue the science – any science.

We, in this country have one million cases of disability per year from tick bite sepsis and the AIDS like outcome…. and there is no NIIID or National Institute of Immunosuppression and Infectious Diseases.   No disease is bigger. This speaks to USA “leadership” in general, as predicted by Winston Churchill in 1932 in “50 Years Hence.” Our morality would not catch up with our technology. ILADS merely takes advantage of our desperation. They NEVER fight for it. To Wit: Richard Horowitz is on this commission instead of at the demanding it be prosecuted. Why. Horowitz famously loves to move the goal posts every time it is shown that antibiotics don’t cure late neurologic Lyme. Soon we will hear from Horowitz, et al, that treatment fails because it has to occur only under certain signs of the Zodiac.
Crime, you prosecute. You don’t meet every 2 years with the criminals for tea and determine who has become unhappy with the results of the crime by arguing the same false dichotomy (spirochetes vs no-spirochetes). We know from the Blumenthal antitrust lawsuit (insufficient charges, it should have included FRAUD charges and Color of Law abuses against CDC officers) against IDSA (wrong target, it should have been the including CDC officer patenteers), that, yes, this is organized crime.   Inviting these criminals to sit at the table is an insult to everyone who tried to have this gang prosecuted for the last 18 years and especially, to all the victims, in their millions.






Pat Smith (of the NJ, who authored this bill, knows that Lyme is crime because she paid to have plagiarized the Conflict of

Interest complaint of 1999,   and a year after ActionLyme exposed the fact that Dearborn was not a consensus and that OspA caused immunosuppression (Dattwyler on NK cell activity suppression and Philipp re OspA inducing the immunosuppressive, anti-inflammatory cytokine, IL-10) at the FDA, took Donald Marks, MD, an ImmuLyme OspA vaccine trial administrator, to the FDA in January 2002, to have him reveal to the FDA that OspA caused a neurologic disease like what we call chronic Lyme:
(Pat Smith and the Truthcures crew could have a TV show called Pete and Re-pete.)

However, Donald Marks got that wrong. OspA caused neuroLyme via immunosuppression not via any inflammatory or autoimmune mechanism. The neurologic infectious diseases at work are really Epstein-Barr, etc.


The Bottom Line is that Pat Smith made the same claims (after the facts) made by ActionLyme/Truthcures in 2001 and 2002: Lyme is crime; Fraud, Racketeering and a Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law charge. Therefore, why do we have this committee at the HHS instead of the criminals – including the CDC officers who falsified the testing at Dearborn on behalf of their own intended bogus patented vaccines and test kits — having been in the slammer since 2002? Why wont Pat Smith work with the victims? members were told in 2003 that this was crime and belonged to the by U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal’s (D-CT) staff when he was Connecticut Attorney General.   Blumenthal sued them himself under CT civil law for antitrust as we all know. But he did not have the experts from among the “Lyme literate physicians” (speaking to how expert ILADS is) to speak to the FRAUD part of the Dearborn case definition, in 2006 and as such, it could not move forward. The whistle was blown at the FDA in January 2001 at the FDA with pages out of the Dearborn booklet showing that none of the participants agreed with the Steere proposal – by far (the average accuracy of this method was 15%), and proposed that Lyme and LYMErix cause disease via immunosuppression (Dattwyler and Philipp) and reactivating latent infections of some sort. The FDA has that evidence from the Dearborn booklet:


Nothing was done.   Here it is 2017 and now we’re going to have a Mafioso-esque “sit-down” with the two/three sets of criminals: the LDA, ILADS and the It’s embarrassing to be a citizen of this country.   It’s now over 40 years since Polly Murray discovered Lyme disease, while anyone can go to Wikipedia or PubMed and discover that Allen Steere is still looking for what causes his imaginary autoimmune T cell disease that attacks only joints. “After 30 years we have nothing,” said Willy Burgdorfer in 2007. He in the same recorded discussion said to re-examine the testing fraud and that this all had to do with the fake vaccines giving people “Lyme disease.”


Why does the HHS have no clue what the left hand and the right hand are doing? The CDC claims fungal antigens – Borrelial Osps – can be vaccines while also saying Thimerosal prevents these same very dangerous fungal antigens because they’re BAD to have in the presence of live viruses (the viruses become reactivated due to the immunosuppressing fungal antigens), … while Fauci claimed on the CNN Lou Dobbs show in 2003 about LYMErix, that “we have a scientifically valid vaccine, it is just not well used,” a year and a half after it was ordered off the market by the FDA,… while he himself, Fauci, has a patent to treat OspA induced immunosuppression (IL-2) and the resultant reactivated latent viruses. And this is while the NIH themselves explained Lyme and LYMErix disease (Martin and Marques, Dave Dorward) revealing that Lyme – via shedding or blebbing these fungal antigens -, and LYMErix cause disease via immunosuppression, with chronic brain inflammation, in 2006.


  1. Two Thousand and Six. Eleven years later, the wants to have a sit down and discuss Lyme… what, “issues?” This government is like a cartoon. It’s like the “Trailer Park Boys” have started running the FDA. It’s “Goodfellas” running the U.S. Patent Office.   Joseph Mengele-like NAZIs have taken over the CDC.



IDSA or Before the


What we knew about treatment failure in 1989, by and a year before the criminal enterprise the was founded, published in the’s journal in 1989 by Dattwyler and Luft at SUNY-StonyBrook:
Rev Infect Dis. 1989 Sep-Oct;11 Suppl 6:S1518-25.

A perspective on the treatment of Lyme borreliosis.


“ … However, of patients with severe neurologic signs, such as spastic paraparesis, more than 50% will continue to suffer from disability from this disease for months to years after treatment (44, 45). It is not clear whether this long term effect is due to persistent, smoldering infection; to immune autoreactivity triggered by the infection; or to pathologic changes that occur prior to treatment.”


Oh, treatment fails in half the chronic neurologic cases, says the in 1989.   And more recently, in 2016, we hear from Aucott (of saying he’ll help Lyme victims “cope” with not having a real disease at his stupid-Lyme non-non-profit funded “Lyme Clinic” at Johns Hopkins infamy) and Chiu about pathological changes that happen early in disease, meaning, again, even the treatment of EARLY Lyme fails in half the cases:

“Early Lyme disease prior to antibiotic therapy was characterized by marked upregulation of Toll-like receptor signaling but lack of activation of the inflammatory T-cell apoptotic and B-cell developmental pathways seen in other acute infectious syndromes,” wrote the study’s authors. “Six months after completion of therapy, Lyme disease patients were found to have 31 to 60% of their pathways in common with three different immune-mediated chronic diseases. No differential gene expression signature was observed between Lyme disease patients with resolved illness to those with persistent symptoms at six months post-treatment.”

“Six months after treatment, 15 of the 29 patients in the study had fully recovered, while 13 had persistent symptoms, and one had dropped out.”
13 of 29 did not recover fully with early tick bite treatment.   Hmmm, something we obviously knew in 1989 before the lie factory of the was founded (in 1990).   Hmmm, and here we are in 2017 having a sit-down with the 2 Lyme Mafias (ILADS and the or IDSA) as if to start all over again.   As if it is 1975.


Why is this, this “treatment fails in half the cases” business? You’d think that question would have been asked in the 1980s when it was well known in the infectious diseases medical community. But no, we had to have fake fungal vaccines instead.   It was the era of the Bayh-Dole Act and the world changed. Nothing was discovered for discovery’s sake alone, again.   Now the whole medical science community thinks like the US Military :“How can we turn this new technology into a weapon,” either actual or real,… or something to drive stock prices up and whisper rumors of a new “blockbuster” that “corners” the market. Vaccines for vector borne diseases? Hello, spirochetes are not regular bacteria with typical LPS membranes.   They’re 2.5 billion to 500 million years old, bear and shed fungal antigens, and are their own phylum. They have no known ancestor. They were here before Ehrlich and Fleming, Leeuwenhoek and the Conquistadors.   They were here before Adam, nevermind no frozen mummy in the Alps.


In 2017, the U.S. Government wants to take a look and have a sit-down with the Bahy-Dole DNA patenteers and who clearly are the same gang Putin alleges is pharming human HLAs.

“IIIIII love America, her secret’s safe with me…IIII know her wicked ways, the parts you never see…” (David Byrne, “Miss America”).

Well, that’s not true. This is going outside the USA to other countries who have been victims of American greed and selfishness and it will have gone there, first.
Kathleen M. Dickson


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