Faktivists and the Consequent Desperation; I wish I could help you.


I should start with the Good News:

“It is important to note that PSS does not happen only in older patients or in those who were already ill. An editorial published in JAMA in October 2010, addressed PSS. In “The Lingering Consequences of Sepsis,” the author wrote, “The new deficits were relatively more severe among patients who were in better health beforehand, possibly because there was less room for further deterioration among patients who already had poor physical or cognitive function prior to the sepsis episode.”

“In other words, healthy people may be expected to rebound quickly from such a serious illness, but healthier people may actually have the opposite experience.”


^^^  That is your ICD-10 diagnosis code (see at the end of this blog too).  It has been listed on ActionLyme.org for quite a while as the correct one, based on the science (see truthcures.org/charge-sheets); both the Occams’s Razor and the Common Mechanisms criminal charge sheets show you the disease and in parallel, which is what “The Scientific Method” requires of you.

“Common” “Mechanisms.”  Get it? “Occam’s Razor.”  Get it?  All roads point to this dynamic of tolerance and cross tolerance, or meaning, dual-, poly-, fungal infections cause immunosuppression and nearly always the same outcome – more infections and less ability to fight them.

Doesn’t that description of post sepsis syndrome fit you, the Lyme or ME/CFS survivor?  It used to be called just “the sepsis syndrome” – no “post.”  You can use pubmed to discover that on your own.

OspA alone caused the same disease, please read this carefully.  It is SHORT:

It’s the truth.  You suffer greatly and have all kinds of problems.  You feel BETTER knowing this is really real.  There is your proof.  You feel better now, since your suffering has been validated.  I call it the Reverse Placebo Effect.



Maybe you’re new to this Lyme “Activist” Kook-arama, but most of you reading this are not.  If you are here on my blog site, you probably know Truthcures and our “posse,” the TruthCures “gang.”

By the way, “gang,” “posse” – I don’t know what we could call our loose association of independent bloggers who reveal the truth about Lyme – how LYMErix caused the same AIDS like immunosupression disease also known as post-sepsis syndrome.  Maybe because the Truth does not need a gang or a posse, just like it does not need the faktivists and the charlatans of ILADS or “LLMDs.”

Recently, Vidar, Lori, Jerry, Beaux, Jena and Kelly (and a while ago, Gabby of May12.org and MEAdvocacy.org) have blogged about all the attacks from our own side  – the astroturfers, or the ones who have a form of Stockholm Syndrome. These are people who are captives to the fake “Lyme Docs” or ILADS who insist, as Beaux says, on the “false dichotomy” (Persisting Spirochetes vs No Persisting Spirochetes) who boot our team out of all the Lyme groups on Facebook.  The ones managed by Queens.

What’s a Lyme Queen?  The ones who are famous (or would have you think they are) because they know or heard a nano-percent of this whole crime or say big words like biofilm or bacteriophage and think the rest of the patients should bow down.  They’re also the ones who say they are “helping others by telling my own story.”  I personally don’t know where in the world the idea could come from, such as to say YOUR misery solves the crime and dissolves away all the abuse and denial of access to healthcare.  That does not compute.

And all the bloggers say it;  they all say it:  Why are these Queens so… I don’t even know the word, since I can’t comprehend wanting to sit on top of the world because a tick bit your ass and you’re suffering from it, still.  You don’t see the phenomenon anywhere else in medicine really.  It must be the fact that mud and sludge fills a hole in the ground and dirt flows in a gutter.  There is a void.  One created by the CDC criminals we all need prosecuted and the ILADS & and LDA dingbats who KNOW about this crime, but vowed to cease explaining it, after they did in 2002:

Lyme and LYMErix cause the same chronic neurologic post-sepsis syndrome.  Pat Smith of the LDA wanted to take credit for Deep-6-ing LYMErix, after I already did for the FDA in Jan 2001:

LYMErix caused a disease indistinguishable from late, chronic, neuro-Lyme.  I call that a clue.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


“We continue research that’s been done and proven 1,000,000 times that spirochetes persist. We already know this and so does the CDC crooks. Spirochetal diseases are not curable and un-eradicable ie; Syphilis. But we also know by the CDC’s own published research it’s not about persistent infection, it’s the outcome of post-sepsis syndrome from Pam3Cys or OspA triacyl lipoproteins shed by Borrelia spirochetes. It’s a non-HIV B-cell AIDS illness.

“We don’t need anymore research nor funding or “awareness”. What we and all activists, non-profits and humanitarian organizations need to be doing is focusing all efforts on demanding justice. Instead of funding research and promoting awareness we need to be standing for truth, working together on supporting and sending our warriors and activists who aren’t bedridden or completely housebound to DC to occupy justice. We need an army of warriors. We need TRUTH, JUSTICE AND PROSECUTION. Nothing else matters until then, it never has it never will. This is a political crime.”

AND … Jena

“We have chronic denial in Lymeland.  It’s like being swept away in the river and you keep going under.  Meanwhile we have ILADS and the LDA standing on the shore telling us that we need to give them a donation or cash before they will pull us out.  Then we fulfill their requests and they merely toss us a straw to try and breath better and by then our heads are under the water and our lungs are starting to fill up.  If you don’t have the cash, then you’re on your own.  This same metaphor works for our friends, families and doctors.  They shout at us from the safety of the shore “I love you, I’m sorry, think positive and this will all stop!” instead of jumping in to pull us out.

“We are chronically abandoned, abused, demoralized and hopeless.  This disease is not a chronic bacterial infection.  OspA is Pam3Cys.  Lyme patients are victims of a prosecutable crime.  Why are the self proclaimed good guys refusing to talk about this?  We have all been lied to.  Half truths will not save us, look at what good keeping the focus on persistence has accomplished the last 40 years.  Nothing.  It has achieved nothing but prolonging suffering, financial ruin and ultimately death.

A solution to all of this exists.


AND … Beaux/Laura

“People need to understand that at the root of the problem is a crime of scientific fraud, and that the reason we never get anywhere is because the criminals have all the power, hold important positions at universities and federal agencies, and maintain the FALSE DICHOTOMY argument of persistent infection or not, through controlled opposition, bought media, crooked journal editors, pharma funding, medical societies, political influence, and disinformation campaigns within the patient realm.”


AND … Joni and Gabby

Hat Tip here to Joni Comstock & Gabby Klein (May12.org) on the Strategies of Tobacco Science and how they work our phony activists, like the non-non-profits of Lyme and ME/CFS:

“Mongoven, Biscoe & Duchin: destroying tobacco control activism from the inside”

[Describing the various types of activists]:

“Opportunists, those who are motivated by power, success, or a sense of their own celebrity, will be satisfied merely by a sense of partial victory.” 

We call them queens.  And that idea, to call them queens, comes also from the bible, Revelation (18):

“7 As much as she hath glorified herself, and lived in delicacies, so much torment and sorrow give ye to her; because she saith in her heart: I sit a queen, and am no widow; and sorrow I shall not see.”

Translation: “I am a queen, and do not suffer empathy or sympathy for another’s misfortunes. It’s All About Me!

AND … Lori

“‘… My question to support group leaders is this: How do you propose to do your job as a support group leader and help those who are most in need, when hope does not lie in a treatment, a prayer, or a gentle hug? Hope lies in people caring enough about the sickest among us to take a stand and force real change. It is extraordinarily cruel to banish those who see only two alternatives to their suffering: prosecution of the Lyme crooks, or death.

“’Stuff happens when people are properly informed and angry enough to make it happen. Where is the anger? Where is the outrage? Where is the real activism? This is a war. It will not be won with gentle hugs or doctor protection bills. It cannot be won by supporting anyone who denies the undeniable science of the disease. It will be won by those of us who are mad as hell about our sisters and brothers being tortured to death. I refuse to let this continue another 20 years, or 10, or even 5. I intend to get this done,” she says.'”

AND Vidar in Norway:



Jerry —

It is not “negative” it is called thinking.

“Some activists who analyze what activists do are called “negative” by some in the ME, ( the Medically Abusive Definition ) CFS, and Lyme community. This kind of analysis is not negative.

“When you see something which does not work you state it and analyze it. The process is called “thinking”. Claiming it is “negative” dumbs everything down. It puts up a block to further analysis. It turns activism into nothing more than follow the leader. Activism becomes stagnant, and no one learns from their own and others experience. We need to think, analyze, and learn to adapt to get better at what we do. Different ideas are awesome. Anyone who claims different ideas are “negative” are not engaged in analytical thinking. They do not learn from history and therefore they do not adapt. If they understood this they would not use a trivial term such as “negative”



And …  RJ —

“One of the most important things to understand about activism is exposing the REAL truth about the matter.  For example, when a disease is politicized, false truths often leave sufferers with misleadingly false treatment options that are set in place by governing bodies that claim come from evidence based practices. The problem here is that, people who are desperately ill will do any thing to get better. However, little do they know that these treatments are merely a wolf in sheeps clothing. To elaborate, the cozy fur is used to keep patients warm and comfertable, however once the outter layer (of the matter)  is all used up, the painful truth (about misleading treatments) bears its sharp teeth.

“Enter Lyme Disease. One of the greatest conspiracies to ever hit western medicine.  Prior to the 90’s, Lyme Disease was recognized as a neutologic, arthritic, and immune suppressing disease. However, after  after a Lyme Disease vaccine (LYMErix) was developed by CDC in the 90’s, many people were given OspA, a fungal antigen which gave them the same symptoms of Lyme Disease without them being exposed to the Actual Spiroche. As a result, The CDC/IDSA falsified the testing so that it would omit people who became sick from the vaccine. Subsequently, A Lyme Disease diagnosis reduced to solely an arthritic disease (ommiting 85% of all neurologial LymeDisease cases). As a result of vaccine injuries, the CDC/IDSA changed the standardized testing to omit OspA (what caused the vaccine injury and the real cause of post-sepsis syndrome in Lyme patients) from the diagnostic criteria in order to avoid being prosecuted for the lyme cryme. Meanwhile, today hundreds of thosusands of people a year arw becoming ill each year. In addition, millions continue to suffer and/or die a slow painful death so that the CDC/IDSA can hide the Lyme Cryme.

“As a side affect of the corruption caused by the CDC/IDSA, the wolf in sheeps clothing come to comfort the oh so desperately sick Lyme Disease patients. Millions of sufferers believe that killing the spiroche will save them from this dreadful disease. The problem is, once the treatments are stopped, the real B-cell aids, post- sepsis like disease bears its teeth and leaves Lyme Disease patients struggling with an AIDS like disease caused by the fungal shedding (OspA) antigens caused by Lyme spirochete and the LYMErix vaccine…”


. . . . . . … . . . ..  . .

What’s all the fuss about !! ??

LYMErix caused the same disease some would have you believe can be cured with antibiotics.  And this has been going on, this false dichotomy (and truly FALSE, now, as you have seen) since 2002 (LDA and the FDA over LYMErix).

Why do they want to harm you further, all of them?  ILADS, LDA, and the Facebook Lyme group queens?   WHY do they want you neglected eternally, and continue to suffer the trauma of trying to fight for Social Security Disability too?

Why wont they let you see what is available to treat Post-Sepsis Syndrome (the treatment appears to be the same for lymphoma: A B cell depleter chemo plus antivirals plus stem cells – find out for yourself) ?  Why wont they REALLY validate your illness?

How could anyone who has Lyme or ME/CFS be as cruel as the CDC crooks of the ALDF.com ??

And now they, the LDA and ILADS, are under attack again by the bad guys and we’re facing a new Lyme vaccine with Pam3Cys on it.  They have no defense against this onslaught because they CHOSE never to talk about the real issues; what is the disease/cryme?

If people have any doubts about our motivation and I have heard some gossip to this effect for years over the same stupid issue, read this:

“Q. What kind of evidence must a whistleblower have?

“A. A whistleblower need not have witnessed the challenged fraud or misconduct but he or she must have concrete and specific evidence of the fraud. Mere suspicion or belief is not enough. Documentary evidence is not necessary but greatly supports a whistleblower claim. So does being able to identify the who, what, where, when, why and how of the challenged fraud or misconduct. Excluding certain narrow exceptions, the evidence must also be original, meaning it cannot be based on information found in publicly available sources such as the Internet, a newspaper, television, a court or Congressional record, or a government agency report.”


There will be no whistleblower payout for me, since I made all this information available to you, the whole time.

I only claim to be the whistleblower so you can know the whistle was blown in front of the FDA in Jan 2001 (I showed them pages out of the Dearborn booklet, but these pages were not scanned in by Nancy Cherry of CBER, FDA, showing none of the participants of the Dearborn event agreed with Steere’s falsified testing proposal).  I also talked about Dattwyler and Philipp publishing that Lyme and LYMErix cause immunosuppression:


The Govt did nothing about this crime, officially, at the time, Jan 2001.  THAT is what you need to be furious about.  The GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES did not do their jobs!!   NONE OF THEM!!!   They still have not, to date, August 2017.
Around the same time,  the LDA tried to swoop in over a year later, say the same thing, and claim victory over the fake OspA vaccine, LYMErix:

Be pissed about that, too.
Everyone can relax their sphincters.  I will not be getting a whistleblower payout.  The Truthcures bloggers and I care enough about you to tell you the truth.  Over and over and over again…. and now we have to analyze the motivations of the Obfuscators?


It ain’t about us, it’s about you.

Oh, and we could use another 99,980 bloggers.  So, holla if you’d like to give it a shot.  Wix and WordPress are free.  And here we have shown you that the Lymediseaseassociation.org, lymedisease.org, and ILADS.org don’t care to tell you what is true about Lyme, despite knowing all about it since at least 2002.  LYMErix alone causes the post-sepsis syndrome that seems to make the healthiest people sicker, long term.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  .
The ICD-10 Diagnostic code for post-sepsis or the sepsis syndrome or the Lyme Sepsis Syndrome is this (and has been on my ActionLyme website for a while now):

Lyme/LYMErix/OspA-ish exosomes traveling to the brain causes post-sepsis syndrome from the immunosuppression, with chronic brain inflammation

icd10 billing codes for Lyme and CFS/ME

Post Lyme sepsis very disabling- Medscape

Survivors of Lyme Sepsis very disabled, JAMA

OspA causes post-sepsis syndrome, says NIH, etc

Spirochetal Dementia, legal term

Exosomes (blebs with fungal Osp on them), spirochetes cause AIDS like disease.









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