Mayday Explains (Episode 52, False Accusations)

Not what we said (see below).  We said the plasmids were formerly bacteriophages, as Barbour and Burgdorfer talked about in 1983, and as Barbour explained were “reminiscent of pox-viruses” – alluding to the fact that the phages were the source of the plasmid DNA.  We also said the GENE PRODUCTS (something Mayday still does not understand) are the likes of the Osps, which are “virulence factors” or cause disease.  The Osps are ligands for certain aspects of tissue.  For example, OspA and chitinous tissue, and OspC is a ligand for something on red blood cells, that helps carry the Borrelia away from the infection site to the likes of the brain and lymph nodes.

Anyone can use PubMed or other sources to see for themselves that the plasmids are thought to be phage vectored, and that the GENE PRODUCTS cause all the trouble.  Bacteriophages PARASITIZE bacteria, like viruses parasitize humans and most do not kill the organism.  For example, you are not dead from cold viruses or EBV or other common viruses.  So, we never said phages KILL bacteria.  We said what the science says, that the phages are thought to be the source of the plasmids.  You can check this on your own., myself, we have actual science backgrounds and worked in the field.  Mayday has nothing more than high school with a strange ability to misinterpret everything,… and with a willful attempt to distract Lyme victims to no purpose – no goal.  She does this merely to bring attention to herself, whereas is always looking for new bloggers and for people to come forward and be a Lyme Truth leader, on their own.

Here is a short explainer of the same thing I just said -CHECK THE REFERENCES!!

“The population structure of B. burgdorferi reflects the contributions of mutation and recombination and contains both clonal and nonclonal elements (4172325). Traces of lateral gene transfer and recombination were evident in the plasmids of this species (172326). While the ospC gene is heavily marked by the recombination process (2729), this locus was reported to have phylogenetic consistency with chromosomal loci for strain collections largely limited to the Northeast (42330). When more strains from the Midwest were included in the analysis, exceptions to strict linkage disequilibrium between ospC alleles and chromosomal markers were observed (24).”

The plasmids are phage-vectored DNA, and there is lateral gene transfer, something I told the Albany legislators at the Nov 2001 hearing, duh.  Craydays are not discovering anything new but mangling something everyone already knows.



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