Mayday Explains (Ep. 54; Does not know “lateral” means the same thing as “horizontal” gene transfer between genera/kingdoms.)

Does not know that phages are responsible for plasmids, or that these plasmids are shown to come from the likes of “pox viruses” (per Alan Barbour).  A pox-virus would not come from the Phylum Spirochaeta, thence, we see lateral or horizontal gene transfer.

See the Primers Shell Game criminal charge sheet on for a complete understanding of the meaning – the practical meaning – of plasmid DNA in terms of the crime.

By the way, now they call it “intrabacterial” plasmid DNA transfer.  Use PubMed.

You dont need to listen to this nut.  Do your own research.

Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) or lateral gene transfer (LGT) is the movement of genetic material between unicellular and/or multicellular organisms other than by the (“vertical”) transmission of DNA from parent to offspring.



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