On Hanging all the Lyme NAZIs


After the last Holocaust, a lot of the NAZIs were let off the hook so Germany could be a bullwark against advancing Russian Communists. Yes, the Communists tried to take over Poland in 1920, so some the complaints of the NAZIs were legitimate regarding Bolshevism.

This time around, Russia is Christian and Reality-Friendly. But SOME NAZIs were HUNG for mass murder. Others died in prison. I have some reason to think the trial of the Lyme criminal NAZIs will not be held in the United States, but regardless of where it takes place, one of the shortcomings of the last Holocaust trial was that they did not nail every last culprit or every last “Collaborator.”


We’re not going to allow that to happen this time. We’re getting all the Collaborators hung, too, at this Crimes Against Humanity trial of the ALDF/CDC Lyme criminals.

And then will come more trials – those who harass us because we quote IDSA, saying, “Too many vaccines, not properly vetted, cause SIDS and brain damage, and suit the manufacturers and not their pediatric victims.”


More about the first NAZIs and their fear of Bolshevism:



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