170619, Email to Jud Com, re CDC attack in WaPo.

To: Senate Judiciary Committee and Others

Cc: The TruthCures Lobbyists

Subject: Latest Attack by CDC criminals on Lyme victims and Treaters in WaPo last week (June 16, 2017)

Jun 19, 2017 6:29 AM



Hopefully you all will have seen the attack on Lyme disease “treaters” AKA “Lyme literate MDs” or LLMDS or ILADS.org last week by WaPo: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2017/06/15/dangerous-unproven-treatments-for-chronic-lyme-disease-cause-are-on-the-rise/


This is another one of our complaints: all these charlatans and carpetbaggers capitalizing on our misery, stealing our last bucks promising a lie about recovery from post-sepsis active viral infections with antibiotics and etc (crazy nonsense). We agree these ILADS nutcases have to go, and as shown below, in my previous email, this is not about a “spirochetes vs no-spirochetes” argument.


This crime and disease (they are the same) is not about persisting infection and antibiotics use. It is far worse. *And* the chronic disabling disease was also caused by these criminals fake vaccines. Please see us quoting the criminals themselves saying you cant tell the difference between late “Multi-System” Lyme and LYMErix disease here: http://www.actionlyme.org/170526_CRIMINAL_CHARGE_SHEETS_ALL_PDF.pdf or here: https://www.truthcures.org/charge-sheets


I am a scientist and only quote the bad guys where they admit OspA or LYMErix and Lyme disease is a lie. I also show the mechanisms of disease in parallel. For instance, there is no Tuberculosis vaccine because all attempts at a Tb fungal vaccine failed in the same way LYMErix failed – caused immunosuppression and made people “more susceptible to disease” or opportunistics like Epstein-Barr and fungal infections. There is no disputing this, there are only distractions and victim-blaming by the perps.


HOPEFULLY you will have seen through this attack by the very CDC criminals we want prosecuted (per the nature of our campaigning in Washington the week before last).


This oddly timed counterattack in WaPo by the CDC criminals who committed the Lyme disease crimes, pointing the finger at the lesser perps in order to call your attention away from the fact that these criminals, the ALDF.com, as we showed you with an IRS 990 tax form showing the CDC criminals donated 300,000 CDC tax dollars to their own fake non-profit/PR firm, falsified the case definition to pass off their bogus patented DNA products (vaccines and test kits), defrauded the govt with grant applications, are a racketeering organization (as Blumenthal showed with his anti-trust civil suit), and libeled and slandered their victims (a “Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law” charge).


Do we need a hearing in the Judiciary Committee over all this evidence?


Is the DOJ really that dumb that they cant figger out who owns all the vaccine patents?


Do DOJ lawyers really not know to follow the money? Cant we find any DOJ lawyers who aren’t dummies?

Maybe we are asking for the wrong thing, a hearing in the Judiciary Committee.

Maybe we should import some intelligent people instead, like from India or China to work at Justice.gov. Oh, and maybe we can import intelligent people to work at the NIH and CDC, too.

Kathleen M. Dickson
Former Pfizer Analytical Validations chemist
ActionLyme.org TruthCures.org



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