170613, Email sent requesting Hearing for Prosecution, bi-partisan, bi-cameral

To: Nick.Moore@strange.senate.gov, mike.albares@mail.house.gov, sandeep-prasanna@judiciary-dem.senate.gov, josh_flynn-brown@judiciary-rep.senate.gov, sarah_reingold@gillibrand.senate.gov

Greetings, As you know, Truthcures.org healthcare justice advocates visited DC last week to campaign for a hearing in the Judiciary Committee (per the advice of Jeff Session’ staff in 2015)to refer to the USDOJ for prosecution. The criminal charge sheets can be also be found here in addition to truthcures.org



They contain interesting information about Paul Auwaerter at Johns Hopkins and Stanley Plotkin at NYU, who slander and libel Lyme victims,… yet you will find them in those charge sheets saying the pediatric vaccines fail by giving the children the very brain damaging viruses these vaccines are intended to prevent (by the same mechanism Lyme and LYMErix cause chronic disease – immunosuppression).


The handout we gave initially to the legislators’ staff last week showed some of the history of attempts to get the Lyme crimes prosecuted by myself and Senator Blumenthal when he was CT Attorney General and more recently in 2014 with other Senators (Brown, Warren, Durbin, Markey). Below is a model or a draft of a “Dear Colleague Letter” *** which we would like you to read, as we need to get one going on the Senate side as well as the House (advice of Matt Scott in Lee Zeldin’s office as well as Lauren Hernandez, legal counsel for Senator Durbin).***


My friends and I hope we can get this going as soon as possible since it has been 18 years since I obtained the Dearborn booklet and discovered the FRAUD of the CDC employees owning patents for vaccines and test kits while also holding this Dearborn farce of a hearing where these CDC staffers blew off all the contributions to their “2-tiered/arthritis-only” proposal by the invited labs. I had scanned many pages of this Dearborn document in, when I testified in front of the FDA as an analytical chemist in 2001, but the FDA’s Nancy Cherry (at CBER) was kind enough to exclude all that proof and make me look like a fool. Here is the link: http://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/ac/01/slides/3680s2_11.pdf


Another year lost is another million people rendered disabled by a tick bite, if we dont get this going asap. If we look at the scientific truth about it in a trial, we will see what treatment this points to (something like for leukemia, see the charge sheets).


The bogus OspA or Lyme vaccines caused the same chronic fatiguing disease the perpetrators wrote out of the case definition at Dearborn in 1994. Therefore this disease is not about spirochetes and antibiotics, regardless of what you have heard before by charlatans who call themselves “Lyme Literate Doctors,” or any of the fake non-profits who have done nothing but waste everyone’s time and lives for the last 25 years.

Thank you.

Kathleen M. Dickson Former Pfizer Analytical Chemist

ActionLyme andTruthcures.org



Here is the Dear Colleage Letter Draft: The following is a draft outline, “Dear Colleague” letter proposed by TruthCures, which has been provided to members of both Senate and Congressional committees of Judiciary and Oversight, seeking bi-partisan, bicameral support for hearings.


Dear Colleague: I urge you to join me in a call for hearings led by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, regarding a plethora of evidence revealing wrongdoing, brought forth by the health advocacy group, TruthCures. This evidence exposes certain officers employed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF), and National Institute of Health (NIH), as being complicit in maintaining a continuing illicit enterprise, which has endeavored to manipulate and capitalize on the spread of vector borne illnesses, particularly “Lyme Disease.”


TruthCures provides copious documentation, outlining criminal activity including research fraud, with alteration of case definitions and diagnostic protocols, which preclude and therefore deny 85% of individuals actually infected with “Lyme,” from correct diagnosis. These individuals hold patents and trademarks intended to manipulate and monopolize facilitation for diagnostics and treatment, in clear conflict with good moral and ethical standards.


TruthCures also provides evidence that these fraudulent testing standards and case definitions were created in an effort to qualify and advance the ill-conceived and failed vaccine, LYMErix. LYMErix, in phase I and II trials, caused adverse outcomes identical to “chronic, neurologic Lyme disease,” better defined as “Post Sepsis Immunosuppression Syndrome” or a new and further devastating AIDS. And as opposed to admitting the abject failure of this “vaccine,” the bad actors involved in this scheme have maintained a campaign of misinformation intended to cover their crimes.


This misinformation includes the suggestion that LYMErix was removed from the market due to low sales, or that “Anti Vaccination” groups forced its removal, and persecution of victims. Whereas in reality, the FDA via ultimatum demanded its withdrawal causing toxicity. The fraudulent case definition, testing standards, and treatment guidelines, shaped to suit the LYMErix vaccine, remain, thereby continuing to preclude the sickest “Lyme” patients (85% of nearly 2 million per year, based on CDC estimates) from accurate diagnosis. This stymies research, disallows doctors to provide adequate treatment, and causes denial of insurance and other benefit coverages.


This matter has been considered for prosecution in the past for scientific fraud, racketeering, slander and human rights abuses under color of law, with the following actions ensuing, to no enduring avail: Senator Richard Blumenthal, while Attorney General for the State of Connecticut, sued Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) for antitrust regarding inaccurate “Lyme” testing and diagnostics, in 2006, finding significant flaws in the IDSA guidelines development process and significant conflicts of interest among the guidelines panel members.


In 2014 Senators Blumenthal, Durbin, Markey, Warren, and Brown asked the FDA to ensure scientific validity of testing, which generated correspondence from the FDA confirming the current CDC testing, diagnostic and treatment standards for Lyme Disease, would be invalid. During lobbying efforts in Washington, DC in June of 2015, TruthCures advocates were advised by the legal staff of then-U.S. Senator (now U.S. Attorney General) Jeff Sessions, to pursue hearings by the Senate Judiciary Committee, for ultimate referral to the DOJ for prosecution.


Vast legal discovery and source material for study of this matter, including documentation of related patents owned by CDC officers, revelations of ethical breaches, conflicts of interest and outright fraud, can be found at www.truthcures.org/charge-sheets.


And the most respected scientists and therefore best potential witnesses, are recognized within the “Occam’s Razor” chapter. Everyone knows someone among the millions who are adversely affected with Lyme Disease.

We understand its devastating effects on the victims, the most susceptible being children. And it is on their behalf that I thank you in advance for your consideration of this urgent request. Lyme Disease is the fastest growing vector borne disease, with the CDC estimating over 300,000 cases each year. But due to the false testing standards, this figure jumps to nearly 2 million per year in the US alone.

 Lyme is the most frequently suspected vector-borne disease acquired by military personnel, and is the most prevalent vector-borne disease in the US today, accounting for 90 percent of all vector borne illness.

Mothers infected with “Lyme” must endure the guilt and suffer grief for having passed this dreaded disease onto their babies in utero, thereby creating an entire group of cradle-to-grave, chronically ill citizens, unnecessarily.

The criminal activities of these few have caused devastation to millions of lives and even broader damage to society, draining the “health care” system, raising frequency of suicide, fueling the opioid and heroin epidemic, leading to even more increased demands on public services, while causing unnecessary disability and homelessness to befall innocent victims.


The vast numbers of “Lyme” patients that go undiagnosed notwithstanding, there are also millions misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, CFS, Alzheimer’s etc., giving up their life savings for treatments leading to no resolution of their painful symptoms.


The entire world relies on the U.S. medical community and the CDC, IDSA, and NIH for guidance in all areas of healthcare. And to allow this fraud to continue in the face of the global pandemic that is Lyme Disease, is inexcusable and a national embarrassment.


The crimes committed by these few who have harmed and continue to victimize so many, demand hearings and ultimately prosecution. And only prosecution can provide validation and justice leading to adequate treatment, for their millions of victims.


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