Eric Traub and Experiments with Immunosuppression and Syphilis

Aside from the fact that the USA-acquired NAZI Bioweaponeer Eric Traub seemed to have been a little obsessed with lymphocytic choriomengingitis
which transfers devastating human disease from mice (hint hint, you can google that)….

And the next obvious question is do ticks transmit this lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus?


Remember, after all, the CDC says Lyme or spirochetes dont cause disease or illness.  That is because something else does, after a tick bite and after spirochetes deploy their fungal antigens, turning off the immune response.  Since Lyme causes MS, Lupus, CFIDS, Fibro, chronic mono, and since everyone has EBV, well, that’s an Occam’s Razor, not to mention there are direct experiments where Borrelia activate EBV…


The bad guys are FANATICAL about insisting that Lyme does not cause chronic disease, to maintain the Dearborn lie that Lyme only causes a bad knee.  But obviously if they wanted to sell a vaccine on account of how disabling Lyme is, they know better.  There is something else happening and they know it.  They just dont say what it is.

One can assume that since the IDSA/CDC/Yale/NYMC criminals insist no one should have antibiotics for this disease, it is probably viral.


But, since we know IMMUNOSUPPRESSION or TOLERANCE is how Borrelia cause all the New Great Imitator diseases like MS, Lupus, RA, and ALS (the first two by reactivating latent herpesviruses or immunosuppression and the last two via the fungal antigens; use pubmed to see if there are fungal pathogens found in ALS patients – yes), we can wonder if there were any old experiments studying whether or not Syphilis, the First Great Imitator causes disease via immunosuppression too:

Unfortunately they were using rabbits, which are immune competent to spirochetes and always produce antibodies.

One article in particular should catch your eye:


Rabbits are about the only animal that is immune competent to spirochetes or will always reliably create antibodies, so they are a terrible human model of spirochetal diseases.

I just find it remarkable that Traub was interested in immunosuppression or tolerance in the 1930s.

I am quoting from the above screencapture:

“Traub (1938) produced tolerance by infecting embryonic mice with lymphocytic choriomeningitits virus, and his work has been confirmed by Hotchkin (1958).
“In most experiments in which deliberate attempts to induce tolerance have been made, a single manifestation of the specific immune response such as suppression of antibody formation or hypersensitivity [the 2 kinds of Lyme, immunosuppression or bad knee – added by KMD] phenomenon of the delayed type was chosen as a criterion, in terms of which the results were interpreted… ”

Published in 1960, people….


The Lyme crymes contain a bahzillion amazing facts, but the most mystifying is that there are no persons with “MD” after their names who are interested in how spirochetes cause disease.  None.  There are the ILADS or “LLMD” carpet baggers and charlatans of all flavors but I have never once come across a “doctor” who was the least bit interested or even questioned how the OspA/Pam3Cys vaccines could have caused the same immunosuppression disease, also known as post-sepsis syndrome.

That is the ONE FACT, people.  No “doctor” ever questioned this controversy, except as in regards to their spinning it to take advantage of rich people only.  People already disabled and on Medicare are not allowed to have any sort of treatment for Chronic Lyme Sepsis.  None.  Think about it.  The LLMD carpetbaggers only take the cash-paying patients and entice them with the lie that they will get better.

They wont.  They dont.  They just go broke and then the LLMDs give them the boot, too.

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