The “Intellectual Elite” will make themselves extinct, according to Darwin

People voted for Trump because they’re not happy in America. If people are not happy, it is because their social system is based on falsehoods (not fair, serves a minority). Like, you never see happy Muslims. The men are all angry and frightened and the ladies are all sad.

Therefore *IF* your system sucks, you have to do something, physically, about it. You cant just whine, you cant just emote, you just cant stamp your feet and say “NO MORE VACCINES AT ALL !!!” and then unfriend people who think it might be smarter to get a precedent case of a falsified “efficacy” report (or several), for what you found to be a primary example – empirically and statistically observed by all -, such as the MMR. You have to DEMONSTRATE that the minority served are not the deserving ones, because cleverness is a different thing than intelligence, and the greedy and the immoral ones will never have access to true intelligence.

The word INSPIRE comes from the root word Spirit. The ones who conspire to design a negative system based on the short term rewards for the few, dont even have in their OWN minds a grand picture of what their own happiness looks like. Their goals keep changing.

What’s the most you can do with the earth to cause yourself personal satisfaction? Drive a boat? Visit exotic islands? Eat unusual fruits? Make a pretty livingroom? Wear a Rolex?

What if you killed off all the witnesses (Grand Plan 101 of the NWO, “Get rid of the poor and the ones who cause usage of the world’s resources;” Henry Kissinger straight up said it, these “are useless mouths to feed.”)?

Who’d be around to admire you and all your fancy *things* and adventures?

No amount of money guarantees one’s own progeny and we’re talking about the class of “clever” and not “intelligent” who intend to be the Survivors. What you have then is extinction, according to Darwin.



We’ve never seen any evidence of “intelligence” from among them.  Everyone knows even the Wall Street Fed does not know what they’re doing.  They’ve admitted it.













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