Smoking Weed and Lyme – Quintuply Unrecommended

There are over 2000 articles in pubmed about weed and psychosis or cognitive impairment (note that the latter is one of the triad-ers of Lyme: Neurocognitive impairments, musculoskeletal signs and symptoms and mainly, PROFOUND FATIGUE);
If you, the reader, are not a coward, go ahead and look at those articles. 2000 is not a lot, considering how many you have to get thru to get to the truth about the Lyme crymes or the disease caused by OspA injections alone, according to even the NIH (Martin and Marques)
150 articles on weed and immunosuppression;
Robert Bransfield (Lyme Shrink) Rx’s the opposite of weed (ProVigil);
CNS-depressing drugs are formally contraindicated according to’s guidelines in the Treatment of a Delirium (all the subjective Lyme/post-sepsis/ME/CFS signs are of delirium, but see crooks own CNS Biomarkers – charge sheet on;
They say – negating everything else they have said previously – stupidly enough, but then shrinks are not scientists:”A. COMORBID PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS
Delirium is often misdiagnosed as depression or dementia. These disorders can be diagnosed during a delirium only when the patient’s history reveals symptoms that clearly existed before the delirium onset. When delirium is comorbid with other psychiatric disorders, the delirium should be treated first and the treatments for these other disorders, such as antidepressant or anxiolytic medications, should be minimized or not begun until the delirium is resolved. Medications for psychiatric disorders can both be the cause of delirium and exacerbate or contribute to delirium from other causes.”

In other words, it is malpractice to treat a medical delirium like Lyme or CFIDS with CNS depressing agents, because they make the organic delirium WORSE.
Ely Lilly has been sued over Rxing CNS depressing drugs to old people ($$$$ 1.4 Billion) with dementia, which is MALPRACTICE even according to as you just saw:

“American pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company today agreed to plead guilty and pay $1.415 billion for promoting its drug Zyprexa for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Justice announced today. This resolution includes a criminal fine of $515 million, the largest ever in a health care case, and the largest criminal fine for an individual corporation ever imposed in a United States criminal prosecution of any kind. Eli Lilly will also pay up to $800 million in a civil settlement with the federal government and the states.

“Eli Lilly agreed to enter a global resolution with the United States to resolve criminal and civil allegations that it promoted its antipsychotic drug Zyprexa for uses not approved by the FDA, the Department said. Such unapproved uses are also known as “off-label” uses because they are not included in the drug’s FDA approved product label.

“Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division Gregory G. Katsas and acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Laurie Magid today announced the filing of a criminal information against Eli Lilly for promoting Zyprexa for uses not approved by the FDA. Eli Lilly, headquartered in Indianapolis, is charged in the information with promoting Zyprexa for such off-label or unapproved uses as treatment for dementia, including Alzheimer’s dementia, in elderly people.”

“The company has signed a plea agreement admitting its guilt to a misdemeanor criminal charge. Eli Lilly also signed a civil settlement to resolve civil claims that by marketing Zyprexa for unapproved uses, it caused false claims for payment to be submitted to federal insurance programs such as Medicaid, TRICARE and the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, none of which provided coverage for such off-label uses….”

the bad guys call us crazy and not sick, setting us up for even more contraindicated by brain damage;


And the bad guys ( say we’re “drug seekers,” in an era of great awareness of drug seekers (Oxy-World)… the weedsters make that even worse for us, associating weed with Lyme.
People who promote weed use with “chronic Lyme” dont care about how they ruin the reputations of the rest of us, since that’s one of the qualities of people who think they have a right to get high and on the Government’s Dime.  They dont care.  It’s all about THEM, and that is the only situation in the Lyme activists arena where you see those same people get loud.  Weed or Guns.  But none of them know anything about chronic Lyme or would put the time into creating a blog explaining the science as a associate.  Think about it…..  really….. think about it.  These are all selfie-centered people who screech and holler over their weed, but they never show up at a protest at the DOJ or Occupy or Lobby Week in DC.  Nope.

If you can smoke weed with post-tick bite sepsis, you simply do not have the disease we are talking about in the criminal charge sheets, with the verifiable, verified delirium (SPECT scans and the like), as well-described by the criminals themselves, especially when trying to promote LYMErix (eg., Robert Schoen, Yale, on glial fibrillary acidic protein in the CSF which is a sign of brain and never degradation in Lyme – see the charge sheets on; this Schoen link and report is in the Biomarkers one).

And Not Exercising:


“Long-term pot smoking and even halting exercise for a few days show similar effects on brain blood flow. **** A 2016 study found reduced blood flow to the brain can occur in people who stop exercising for 10 days. **** The resting cerebral blood flow significantly dropped in eight brain regions, including the areas of the left and right hippocampus and several regions known to be part of the brain’s “default mode network” — a neural network known to deteriorate quickly with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Go ahead and use your Googler to find out more on this topic.

People who advocate for weed use in Lyme, really make us look Not Very Credible, either, when we complain of brain fog.  Think about it (if you’re still able).


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