Smoking Weed and Lyme – Doubly Unrecommended

And Not Exercising:

“Long-term pot smoking and even halting exercise for a few days show similar effects on brain blood flow. **** A 2016 study found reduced blood flow to the brain can occur in people who stop exercising for 10 days. **** The resting cerebral blood flow significantly dropped in eight brain regions, including the areas of the left and right hippocampus and several regions known to be part of the brain’s “default mode network” — a neural network known to deteriorate quickly with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.”
Go ahead and use your Googler to find out more on this topic.

People who advocate for weed use in Lyme, really make us look Not Very Credible, either, when we complain of brain fog.  Think about it (if you’re still able).


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