Occupy “Justice” and Lobby Week, details (June 2017)


Greetings, fellow Cryme Victims and Autism Parents, GWI Vets, and Chronic Fatigue/ME Abusees.


Thanks to yours-truly who messed with the new “Truthcures.org” website and broke it, the details of these event are not available on that actual page, to which the new T shirts refer:



As you know, our graphic artist (we have more than one), good friend, serious and generous Lyme activists, videographer, the multi-talented Beaux Reliosis (Laura Hovind), is creating this new page and sun-with-a-bullseye logo (TruthCures.org) to which we will add all the necessary documents you need to carry with you to DC to lobby the Senate and Congress for a hearing, and then to the DOJ for a protest over their lack of competence and willingness to do their jobs protecting us from Yale and corporate criminals.

The previous post I issued today on this blog about “It’s not about spirochetes – think ‘BAD BLOOD'” which was performed because Caucasians get the dementia from spirochetal diseases, whereas Africans, not to much, shows you that the disease was KNOWN by 1989 and was published about by the Infectious Diseases Society of America in 1989 in a Special Supplement on Lyme and Spirochetal Diseases…

… and in which US Army Ft. Detrick and former Yale pathologist Paul Duray explained that the lymphocytes in the spinal fluid of chronic Lyme victims “look like Epstein-Barr transformed or immortalized or immature-looking B cells.”  You’ve already seen this a million times in the various mutations and derivatives of the Occam’s Razor reports.



Then, we know Lyme is not about spirochetes. It is far worse.  It is post-sepsis syndrome and all the pretty much irreversible damage and ongoing infections of all kinds.

You may say then, well if there is no cure, what are we doing?  Welp, see the latest Lobbying Booklet in the Occupy “Justice” Facebook page for exactly what criminal charges we want prosecuted, especially having to do with all the slander and libel of sick people by the CDC staff and Yale of the ALDF.com.

Denial of Rights via Color of Law…

and even more importantly, the issue is that these mechanisms of immunosuppression parallel what is happening in the Autism-from-vaccines pandemic, which you have also read about extensively in these pages, especially the lead article which features Anthony Fauci and his patented treatment for fungal immunosuppression diseases that result in reactivated latent viruses of all kinds (same thing as Lyme or post-sepsis syndrome).

So, what are the logistics of the event?


The first full week of June, we meet up on that Sunday night, and we go through the lobbying booklet, making sure all lobbyists or presenters are competent to the project.  We do not have that meeting place decided yet, as we will wait and see how many people sign up.  Preferably 100 people, and even just 50 speakers are needed.

Monday is a dry-run around DC, gaining experience using the Metro and the maps and finding out where all the buildings are.  We may visit the embassies and tell them to boycott American products, especially American Pharma.

Tuesday through Thursday is the actually lobbying, we will address appointments first (would be great if we got someone from every state to address their own representatives).

Friday is the actual OCCUPY JUSTICE where we will surround the DOJ building and hand out pamphlets about how incompetent Justice is, given that there are a million new DISABLED people from LYME alone every year, and all of us are kicked to the curb and treated like trash.

THAT is a deprivation of Rights due to Color of Law committed by this cabal for the purpose of FRAUD and RACKETEERING, in the entity the ALDF.com which intended to commercialize vector borne diseases, which are mostly fungal bearers and um, see Bad Blood again.  

You cant inject especially white people with fungal antigens and not get a SEPSIS outcome, and we’re wondering if the truth is that more WHITE kids get dementia from vaccines failing, … since we know of these clear sensitivities of the Caucasians,… and CDC loves it when the campaigners have the wrong argument.


In any event, the CDC are 200% criminals and everyone knows it.  The Justice.gov has to protect us or there will be hell to pay.  Not from us.  The real kind.  You cant injure so many children and get away with it.

This is a higher offense, this damaging children.


We’ll ask all the foreign embassies we visit on the first day to follow what happens, especially with “Justice,” and whether or not they are there to protect Commerce or the “Children and Families…”


We’ll say:

“The CDC is rendering mental disabled the seed corn of the nation.

“What do you think Washington thinks of YOUR country and people?”

So, please buy a T shirt and Facebook private message me if you want to be there.


http://www.actionlyme.org too


















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