“Bad Blood” is about NOT-Spirochetes, but everything else, like EBV, mycoplasma….

“If you want to torture someone, give them Lyme disease.” – Dr. Sam Donta in a Massachuseets newspaper.


NO, you cant get rid of spirochetes, but they are not what is causing disease. It’s the other infections. Surely this was learned by the Tuskegee experiment. Why do white people get dementia and black people not so much? White people cannot handle fungal infections, I guess, more often, and end up with the Epstein-Barr Variety Show. I keep having to refer to this. It’s not the spirochetes causing disease, it’s the post-sepsis outcomes. From fungal antigens.

How early did the crooks know this was more about EBV? Probably 1989 (See the”IDSA Reviews”).

A year later they – including CDC officers Barbour and Johnson – “handled” that outcome with the ALDF RICO organization, and then the Dearborn stunt. No one is allowed to be treated with antibiotics for Lyme.

Why? It’s not about spirochetes, it’s about Tuskegee Bad Blood. White people get dementia from the AIDS-like secondary opportunistics, most of which are the herpesviruses, reactivated.

And Borrelia are much more virulent than Syphilis, which has only a human host. Borrelial antigens are FUNGAL-ish, sticky, and are meant to aid the spirochete in attaching to a wide range of tissues. Right adjacent to OspA, for instance, is a porin, P66.
OspC attaches to something on red blood cells which enables it to disseminate into the brain within the first few hours (if not sooner) of a tick attachment.
It’s about spirochetes going immediately right to the lymph nodes, permanently damaging the B cell formation (means, blankish-B cells mature into competent ones) centers.

Lyme is not about the presence of spirochetes. It’s what happens afterwards. It’s about the fungal antigens. It’s about ruining immunity. The niches of spirochetes and ticks in nature is basically Illegal Immigration of pathogens by the truckloads.


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