Money For Nothing


You maybe don’t know this, but there are plenty of ways to make money doing nothing – just writing, making up words.  ‘Writing books with absolutely zero content (fiction or personal stories), writing screen plays about funny things that never happen (sitcoms).   Writing about things no one really cares about like how to prepare food. Writing about what people even care less about such as reviewing entertainment, which is nonsense most of the time in the first place. (Critiquing someone else’s imaginary, made up output and charging people for that, too, amazing. Talk about doing nothing.)


‘Writing about how you conducted an experiment allegedly in Germany with bizarre strains of spirochetes. If published outside the United States, you don’t even have to show anyone this imaginary data, do you?   Then you can later get together with a bunch of friends and publish together more nonsense on the thing that never happened in Germany and you might get paid then again as an expert for an insurance company who wants to take money way from a sick person (and give some to you!!).   Or, you could be paid as a consultant to a Big Pharma company on the basis of this thing that never happened that you wrote about allegedly in Germany.  I think they call this compound interest.  I don’t know.  It is certainly compounded something.

You could also stay home and sit on your ass by declaring yourself a non-profit for some allegedly controversial medical condition.  There are no laws dictating a competency requirement for this, are there?  PROCLAIM your loyalty to the pitiful masses you allegedly serve and represent but never actually do anything such as to relieve their suffering, right?  Don’t even bother to discover the essence of the medical condition.  Just be a cheer-leader, an expensive one.


Or you could be a main stream media journalist and publish the NAZI, Soviet, US Corporate Fascists or CIA (the latter two are the same thing; I am being redundant; words are free; you can just make them up and charge for them; here’s some extra ones) party line.  Take dictation from the current dictators and call that original thought.  Copyright this.  Advance to better newspapers and magazines.  Get a better position based on the re-worded nonsense from the Government.


Facts are free, though.



















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