Dealing with cowardly ILADS, cowardly Yale, the cowardly and their cowardly supporters.


And here is a response to that from January 20th, 2017:


I mean, it’s obvious that ILADS does nothing for us but rape us of our last bucks and them dump us.  I was a member of ILADS when I blew the whistle (at the FDA, with a 30 page booklet – 19 out of the Dearborn booklet – but FDA’s Nancy Cherry did not scan the last 19 pages in) on Dearborn,…
and OspA causing immunosuppression (Dattwyler and Philipp), which was the key to the disease, really.
The whistle was blown officially at the FDA showing there was no consensus at Dearborn, that the diagnostic standard had changed from 1990 to 1994, that people with LYMErix Disease had the same disease as Chronic Lyme, that OspA caused immunosuppression.
What else is there to know?  Oh, how exactly Steere falsified the testing in Europe in 1992-1993.
OspA disease is post-fungal toxic shock.  Just use PubMed and find what Pam3Cys or triacyl lipopeptides (TLR2/1 agonists) injected into the blood stream does to humans.  

It’s not even news or novel any more like it was in the late 1990s.Even the NIH says OspA or spirochetal fungal lipoproteins shut down the humoral immune system yet causes chronic brain inflammation (Martin and Marques).  That is what happens in sepsis.  Leaky Blood Brain Barrier, Leaky Gut, chronic activated viral infections of all kinds, and an inability to fight off other infections…

Lyme is a stealth disabler (creates no antibodies identifying the original infection).

It has all the properties of destroying the immune system, since spirochetes (their own phylum) go directly to the lymph nodes, destroy the B cell germination or maturation zones, live there and in the brain permanently, no antibiotics have ever dislodged them,…. but all the damage was done in the first month.

Think about it.  Almost every disease, be it an autoimmune or a non-immune outcome like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or the other allegedly somatoform (means “real illness signs without a real illness or is the result of paranormal influences like Voodoo or occult brain-wave magic”) starts out with a severe illness.  Go investigate that and find this happens in CFIDS or MS.  THAT is a fact.  All the websites say it, be it a Govt website or a patient run non-profit.

Really whacked ILADS and LDA groupie statements.  Oy.  So dense.  So myopic.  Only thinking about themselves and never about the ones who got sick from LYMErix, or were ILADS victims too.  Never noticing the obvious:  ILADS and the LDA have never helped us.  Never tried to sue IDSA or the  (Blumenthal did).  Never tried to have this case prosecuted by the USDOJ.  They expect us to protect their right to rape us and be incompetent to the science.  The LDA even says anecdote and personal stories are “data.”  And this is from a LAWYER who, you’d think would know what hearsay is.


Yes, “Dr.” Shapiro  (below, in PBS’s Life on Earth series), there are 2 forms of the disease, the Dearborn Fraud allergy “bad knees, the ~15%,” …

and everyone else, the 85% who have an immunosuppression outcome to these non-bacteria, Spirochaeta, which shed fungal antigens.
It only makes sense if you know what OspA is and how it caused the same chronic disease.
You never hear ILADS talk about what OspA is, though right?
NEVER ONCE, and neither has Lymedisease dot org …or else they would not Rx long term abx, would they?
You may wonder why the LDA and ILADS never try to end this crime and expose all these lies.
It is because they are not mentally or psychologically competent.
They choose not to act like grown ups and expose the crime.
How do you know this is true?

They say they can TREAT post-sepsis syndrome, whereas no one else ever does.

NIH says maybe stem cells.  Others say Rituximab, but after all, how was Rituximab discovered as a treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

These post-sepsis victims developed CANCER from the reactivated Epstein-Barr (a typical and predictable outcome of sepsis)…

Think about it.
It all makes sense if you ask the simple question.
What is OspA?  How did it cause the same disease we know of as Chronic Lyme?

The answer is, “WHAT IS IT?”

This is also the answer to all the lies and scandal by Yale, IDSA,, the CDC, the NIH, the,…

Asking the simplest and first question, “What is OspA and how did it cause the same disease as Chronic Lyme?” (which is the same question), explains Shapiro’s mystery of the 2 diseases, one not causing a classic, autoimmune, chronic inflammatory bad knee disease.
But who is competent to asking it?
Not a single person with “MD” after their names except for the ones you’ll find in PubMed, discussing what goes on with triacyl lipoproteins in humans.
There is no excuse at this point in time.
In the late 1990s, yes, there was not much information out there about Pam3Cys or TLR2/1 agonists and what they are/do, but in 2017?  No way.


  1. Haven’t seen OSP-A info anywhere, book or article except for your fine work. Could they still be trying to avoid Lymerix lawsuits by burying info on OSP-A? Whatever the real reason, it is a worldwide pandemic capable of destroying families and whole communities.

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    1. Anyone can find OspA is Pam3Cys or a triacyl lipoprotein using PubMed like we do. The reason ILADS does not is because they are then treating … what? if the vaccines caused the same immunosuppression disease?
      The LDA and ILADS also have sworn never to talk about Dearborn (how the case definition was falsified and not even a consensus) or about how OspA alone causes the post-sepsis, systemic disease, they said (and someone forwarded the email), they “did not want to appear to be Kathleen Dickson’s parrot.”
      So, because this is all true…- what happened at Dearborn and how OspA caused the same disease -, and discoverable and uncoverable, but none made the effort in ILADS and the LDA, well,… anyone can figure out what they means, and what that says about the major players on our own side.
      They never cared to make any real effort into discovering why people were sick. They just wanted to sell something or sell themselves, which is nearly as evil as the ones who performed the crime.


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