Frankenmice will scare you into submission (Auwaerter)


Notice how the claim that Dearborn was research fraud and the fact that OspA is a fungal toxin – a triacyl lipoprotein that causes sepsis and immunosuppression, Pam3Cys -, gets twisted into “political” arguments about “unknowns.”

Completely the opposite of what’s true.

We know what OspA is, and we know how the testing for Lyme was falsified to detect only the HLA-linked arthritis cases.

These guys must be scared of the impending prosecution since we have an overwhelming about of material about their various crimes [RICO, Denial of Rights via Color of Law, Defrauding the Government, and Assaulting Czech children with a vaccine that not only was not a vaccine, but there is none of that kind of OspA in Europe] and show how other vaccines of the same type failed and how this is all related to the Autism pandemic.


THIS IS PAUL AUWAERTER, the one who trashes Lyme victims as psychiatric, and who lists on his website that his expertise is in Lyme and Epstein-Barr. Here is is talking about pediatric vaccines given to children who are immunosuppressed and how that results in reactivated vaccine viruses. So, the theory we had, that GWI, ME/CFS, and Lyme victims are trashed because the mechanism of illness betrays the AUTISM PANDEMIC is correct. And BTW the stupid rich Lyme activists of Greenwich give all kinds of money to Johns Hopkins to continue to calls us psychiatric.
(Also, one has to ask if Lyme reactivates our vaccine viruses, too, since there is also more data on that too, when you study reversion to wild type data – they’re saying everyone basically has a mild form of the vaccine viruses-“disease”.
“Subclinical infection is not uncommon after all three vaccines…”PubMed ID: 5109566)

“To understand the molecular determinants of measles virus (MV) virulence, we have used the SCID-hu thymus/liver xenograft model (SCID-hu thy/liv) in which in vivo MV virulence phenotypes are faithfully duplicated. Stromal epithelial and monocytic cells are infected by MV in thymus implants, and virulent strains induce massive thymocyte apoptosis, although thymocytes are not infected. To determine whether passage of an avirulent vaccine strain in human tissue increases virulence, we studied a virus isolated from thymic tissue 90 days after infection with the vaccine strain Moraten (pMor-1) …

and ****a virus isolated from an immunodeficient child with progressive vaccine-induced disease (Hu2).****

These viruses were compared to a minimally passaged wild-type Edmonston strain (Ed-wt) and the vaccine strain Moraten. pMor-1, Hu2, and Ed-wt displayed virulent phenotypes in thymic implants, with high levels of virus being detected by 3 days after infection (105.2, 102.8, and 103.4, respectively) and maximal levels being detected between 7 and 14 days after infection. In contrast, Moraten required over 14 days to grow to detectable levels. pMor-1 produced the highest levels of virus throughout infection, suggesting thymic adaptation of this strain. Similar to other virulent strains, Ed-wt, Hu2, and pMor-1 caused a decrease in the number of viable thymocytes as assessed by trypan blue exclusion and fluorescence-activated cell sorter analysis. Thymic architecture was also disrupted by these strains. Sequence analysis of the hemagglutinin (H) and matrix (M) genes showed no common changes in Hu2 and pMor-1. M sequences were identical in pMor-1 and Mor and varied in H at amino acid 469 (threonine to alanine), a position near the base of propeller 4 in the propeller blade/stem model of H structure. Further study will provide insights into the determinants of virulence.”






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