Guest Blog, Vidar Gustad, Norway: “What is OspA? Sums up 9 points”

By Vidar Gustad,, and , Norway


So, what is ospA? That explains a whole lot and in many ways sums up these nine points mostly;

1. Lyme (OspA) is immunosuppressive because it is a fungal antigen; ) There are plenty of studies showing this):

2. It is well known that fungal antigens are immunosuppressive, as evidenced by the failed TB vaccines. (See Section 5. Four Failed Fungal Vaccines types, all failed through immunosuppression);…/11/big-picture-and-fa…/

3. Therefore erred Lyme vaccine. It could never have been a vaccine, and those who introduced it knew it. (OspA simply says why)

4. They did a complete 180 degree turn in all their investigations, so that they could sell a non-vaccine for a non-disease … an illness that they showed was terrible. See gladly Denen video. The evidence is MASSIVE;

5. Several herpesviruses being reactivated by immunosuppression, which leads to cancer and “the new great imitator” neurological disease, as demonstrated by several researchers that we cited;

6. Not only do we have to do with immunesupressions teqnices (fungus tolerance – no antibodies) and reactivated viruses but fungus immununertrykkings techniques spreads (cross-toleration) to other immune receptors so that you can not produce antibodies for herpes virus or other opportunistic infections.

7. OspA and EBV also inhibit apoptosis of infected cells, such that the mechanism for controlling infection is broken.

8. Fungi Favourable ( “sticky”) antigens (OspA, mycoplasma, etc.) adhere to the red blood cells which makes them unable to transport oxygen, but the oxygen there, in the blood, making it the standard laboratory tests not shown anemia . See interview with Kathleen Dickson into the discovery of pathological mechanisms in ME;

9. Therefore, chronic Lyme is not about persistent spirochetes (although it is), biofilm or “co-infections.”

Bad news for clinicians who have neglected to tell about these mechanisms. There are in fact no treatments that are proven to be able to reverse these mechanisms.


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