Who Failed to Keep a Lid on the Great Detonators (Lyme and LYMErix)?

Roland Martin Jumped Ship [found out he was being used and went home to Germany; there is NO “autoimmune ” MS outcome to Lyme (no “cross-reacting antigens”), there is only the autoimmune outcomes to the opportunistic herpes – MS, and the NON-AUTOIMMUNE NeuroLyme which is really post sepsis and is caused by OspA alone, he found].

Pat Coyle Jumped Ship (and is now a bitch to us), now does only MS. Never even mentions Lyme in her bios.
Adrianna Marques Turned Coats (and is now a bitch to us), now has a job at NIAID working for the crooks; co-discovered with Roland Martin that Lyme – AND LYMErix – are Great Detonators.
Joe Breen Was Demoted (now heads a silly clinical for CFS/ME).
Ray Dattwyler Turned Coats (now says Lyme is only a knee).
‘Which pretty much says they all were threatened or admonished for not keeping a lid on the New Great Detonator.
Something to think about.

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