The Exceptional Farce and its Vacancies.



The Exceptional Farce and its Vacancies.



It should be clear to all by now that the global hegemon, Corporate America, which worships the Almighty Dollar to the extent of eliminating life wherever that life is inconvenient:
“’I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil,’ he says.

“Greenspan, 81, is understood to believe that Saddam Hussein posed a threat to the security of oil supplies in the Middle East.”
is a warcrime nation.
But this is not news to us because Bush Junior said he would “handle” Saddam Hussein in his debates with Al Gore in October 2000, moderated by Jim Lehrer. And Bush said in those debates that that intent had to do with “energy.”


The NAZIs had the same intent. They needed resources, so, the untermensch were given such a label (see “terrorists”) because they, too, lived over some oil and say, good farm land. Later the idea expanded to getting rid of the leaders of the Communist party to the east, and then, to, well, simply declare that those leaders were also Jews. And then on to very-very-small Jews and Jewish women.



Similarly, in Corporate America, under Nixon, some entities farcically called HMOs (“Health Maintenance Organization”) were allowed to operate. That’s where the insurance companies practice medicine without a license for the intention of making money by denying humans health care. That is, beyond “Lyme disease,” insurance companies are involved in creating “diagnostic” and “treatment” guidelines.
The HMOs work like this: Rich People (Ripes) “buy shares” of an HMO, while the end game of the HMO is: A) to take regular fees from the Ignorant Masses (Igmas), B) deny those Igmas medical care, C) and then give some of that Igma money to the Ripes. And from there, the program, well, expands, since after all, one has to make more and more money every year, otherwise what is the point. This is America.


And where this model potentially fails, such that too many Igmas fall off the map, die, or go on U.S. Government Disability, where the U.S. Government takes over the non-care [and no “doctor” wants a USD (US Disabled)-] Igma, the HMOs have no plan.   No plan for when they can’t rely on the Igmas because too many of them are no longer paying in to the HMO. No plan except … the same people we’re talking about, here, HMO-ites, or their co-partners, run the Fed and just go ahead and print more fake petrodollars. And DEMAND other countries take them, or else. Or else 911-like events (or Assad’s alleged poisoning, etc.) and Saddam gets hung, Gaddafi mutilated, and their countries trashed.


That’s the “New World Order,” as they say: “Take the Monopoly Money or die and we trash your country 😀 “ It’s an “order,” get it?
There is even something called the or “Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality,” which is heavily represented in BigInsurance, BigPharma and “Masters of Public Health” from Corporate America. In short, the goal of this fake dot gov is to limit care and understanding of disease or illness.   After all, what is a “Masters in Public Health?” It’s a bit like going to Walmart to buy the most expensive fishing equipment they sell, and then walking out the door declaring you’re an expert.


It’s a degree in corporate or commercial Kool-Aid. It’s a purchase of corporate myths.


At one point the wanted to pass a LAW saying that no one who is a medical “expert” may give testimony in a malpractice case, where the testimony opposes the standard “guidelines.” That is, they wanted to make a law saying “the expert cannot actually give his expert opinion in a court of law, if his expertise differs with the Corporate, Big Insurance medical guidelines” – which the corporate “guidelines” writers, the insurance companies (not scientists or “doctors”), wrote (which is practicing medicine without a license).

The corporations, the insurance companies, which not only write the guidelines but who also control all the doctors by denying care formats such as medical testing or trial treatments, but raise the cutoffs for a diagnosis (not just in Lyme, but Lupus too, and probably elsewhere),… and who also TRAIN the “doctors” (see Kaiser-Permanente and their arrangement with New York Medical College ), sought to limit the refutations of their “guidelines” by REAL experts, like legally.


Like, it would be literally a crime to say in a civil court that the HMO’s standards of care are false.


The insurance companies insure the doctors against malpractice and don’t want to pay out.
The insurance companies control the diagnoses and treatment guidelines and don’t want to pay out.
The insurance companies are actually training “doctors” (Kaiser and NYMC)
The insurance companies are even represented at the federal level in the Orwellian “Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.”


And this is all done for the Ripes. The already-rich people.
Dr. Edwin Masters, who discovered that ticks other than Ixodes and Borrelia other than burgdorferi were transmitting Borreliosis outside New England, was famous for saying, “People Over Profits,” as a way to propose a reversal of the current commercial schema where the first order of business is to try to figure out how to say: “No one has any illness other than the emotional illness of wanting to have an illness, and we don’t pay for that, Love, BigInsurance.”
Guess who owns the patent for Masters’ “this is not all there is, Borrelia-wise” idea?


The very same fella who for years, along with his cronies said there was no such thing.
The very same fella who wrote an article trashing Chronic Neurologic Lyme victims, with Durland Fish, one of the founding “entrepreneurial trio” of the, wherein they admit the early Phase I and Phase II trials of his (Alan Barbour’s) own patented OspA vaccine was underway (’93) before they falsified the testing at Dearborn (‘94).
Same fella involved in approving the bogus Dearborn “Lyme disease,” “Two-Tiered” diagnostic criteria which screens out the neurologic, immunosuppression Lyme or Borrelia cases in the first step and was intended to change the definition of spirochetal diseases (always known to be neurotropic and famously so), to just a reactive arthritis.


The same one who owns more patents than anyone for tick borne diseases-related DNA, potential recombinant DNA for diagnosis or vaccines,… but who also wrote an entirely unreferenced book called “Lyme Disease, the Cause the Cure, the Controversy.” The book is about how Lyme is really a psychiatric illness and like Fibromyalgia, which lays the groundwork for all other “doctors” to perceive a chronic fatiguing illness as a women’s emotional issue.


A handbook for misogynists.


A handbook on the psychiatric view of all illnesses, really, by the man who is the author of over 230 scientific journal articles on how Borrelia cause illness and antigenic variation (negating the Dearborn model), and most of all the brain-invasion properties of OspC and the OspC-like Vmps.


All this foolishness by Exceptional America. “Won-der-ful,” the Ripes of Fairfield County, CT, say, with long pauses between each syllable and said with a face that smiles but not with the eyes. It’s no one’s job, apparently, to pay attention to the all shenanigans and word games to which the corporations and criminal government employees are up. It’s nobody’s job.


And why would it be anyone’s job to prosecute corporate crime? After all, we did not elect the war criminal president, who then lost the Middle East to Russia and Iran – hence any future say in what goes on with Petrodollars or energy. It’s not anyone’s job to run this country or be forward-thinking. The corporations run it for short-term profit and rely on their buddies/partners at the Fed for printing fake Petrodollars when they screw up or over-gamble on oil profits from the war crime victim nations.
I’ll tell you a personal story. I grew up a distant cousin of the Rockefellers where the family creed was and is still (check Jay Rockefeller, you’ll find he says this, too) that “you’re no good unless you’re working all the time,” and “academics are only academics to get out of working for a living.”


No, really, the old great-grandmother whose mother was a Rockefeller cousin, lived with us and raised my “mother” from the time she was 10 and until I was almost 5. That is the creed.


This, now, from the founders of Exxon. Standard Oil, the first Anti-Trusters. The first Globalists. The First Family of “All-Of-It-Isn’t-Enough, so now let’s LOSE it all, because we’re greedy short-sighted assholes and don’t mind killing for a living, and killing the ones who don’t like our Funny Petrodollar Money.”


Good One. Good Job. Good “Work.”


Exceptional Self-Ass-Biting.


You’re no good unless you’re working all the time, creating nothing but destruction.


You’re no good unless you suck at everything and break everything you touch.
And they call this “Fortune.”

[Definition: treasure, substance, property, means…]

















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