Mayday Explains (Ep. 41; “Pam3Cys is found on the head of the T4 bacteriophage”)

Good Lord, apparently I further scrambled the brainscramble (making that BRAINSCRAMBLE to the 4th power) here.

The authorship of the brainscramble about bacteriophages is Allison’s.


We heard of this crazy claim from “The MayDay Project,” yet another non-non-profit, one who did not even know about the Blumenthal lawsuit against IDSA until the spring of 2015 when I had to tell them, “Yes, this a legitimate Fraud and RICO case, Blumenthal already sued them, as well as Sheller’s class action against SmithKline.”

They know so little, and want to know so little.  It’s a case of “I’m here now, I’ll solve this, every activist who came before me is a moron and does not know what to do, but *I* am MEeee!! and therefore famously talented and effective.”


The illness is caused by the GENE PRODUCTS, like OspA, and not because the plasmids are coming from bacteriophages or are viral based or have remnants of their former owners – viruses and so on with the “hairpin like telemeres” that Barbour said was reminiscent of poxviruses.  None of that matters, other than the newish OspA-B plasmid codes for something that allows the spirochetes to penetrate chinous tissue, like, by hijacking plasminogen it is thought:
‘Something we have been talking about for years:
How is Lyme from different from other relapsing fever borrelia?
OspA allows spirochetes to penetrate the hard bodies of hard-bodied ticks (and you can read this in our charge sheets from early 2015, search for the term “hard-bodied” here:
OspA, the molecule, does this, not the plasmid DNA (which probably came from a bacteriophage, vectoring in DNA from some other organism in a tick, like Brucella, who knows). I cant believe how stupid these people are and never attempted to understand the science.

And no, Borrelia are not particularly “lysogenic” because they like to live intracellularly (but plasminogen may help borrelia penetrate collagen, as it is thought plasminogen  helps this particular borrelia penetrate the hard bodies of hard-bodied ticks).

What the Borrelia spirochetes themselves do, like target lymph nodes, is SHED the gene products like Osps on blebs, which cause the disease (post-sepsis syndrome).


Apparently ***ALLISON*** is thinking plasmid DNA makes the Borrelia antibiotic resistant?  Phyllis appears to ignore Allison’s claims.


Borrelia do not make people sick because you can’t kill them (and you can’t).  They make people sick because they cause immunosuppression, via TLR2 agonist tolerance and cross tolerance.  


Lyme is really post-septic shock syndrome with the reactivated latent viruses of all kinds and other “opportunistics” like fungal antigens, like mycoplasma.


Borrelia SHED (verb) FUNGAL ANTIGENS, and humans typically “have no immunity to them,” or, consider these fungal antigens to be SO TOXIC, that they turn the immune system off completely.  This is a well known thing in post-sepsis.

Spirochetes TARGET the brain and the lymph nodes and damage them (See Nicole Baumgarth  and Borrelia and B cell germinal centers on PubMed or even just Google).

Baumgarth, UCDavis:

“For months after infection, those germinal centers fail to produce the specific cells — memory B cells and antibody-producing plasma cells — that are crucial for production of lasting immunity.  In effect, the bacteria prevent the animal’s immune system from forming a “memory” of the invading bacteria and launching a protective immune response against future infections.

“The researchers found that following Borrelia burgdorferi infections, this process even prevented the induction of strong immune responses to an influenza infection.”

Allison clearly does not what they she talking about.

Nothing has to be FIOA’d, we got it all.

This hysteria caused quite a stir on Facebook.  Allison went so far a to say, well:


That’s all very very funny, and it took us some days to see how MayDay was mangling the science we presented in the DOJ charge sheets and elsewhere over the years.

And if anyone really spoke with Ben Beard, he really took them for a ride.

‘Sold them an old bridge in Brooklyn.


Hats off to the CDC, this is a very funny story.  They did a really good job mangling the fairy tale science to the PERFECT re-manglers, the non-non-profits:


UPDATE 161206, AM:

Later, Allison MayDay claims never to have attacked me and “my work” – which is not my work, I merely quote other scientists and show the disease model of immunosuppression from TLR2-agonist tolerance and cross tolerance to other TLR agonists (See the Occam’s Razor report) and how it occurs in parallel, in other disease models,…

… and then proceeds to do exactly that, LOL


Update 2, 161207, 5:30 AM:

Another Science-Mess-Up.  Here Barbour is talking about Borrelia undergoing lysis (and he is not even sure it is due to the phages; Borrelia go into a cyst or spheroplast form under “serum starvation” or nutrient starvation, and this is how they are typically found in the near-sterile CSF):


It was 1983 that Barbour and Burgdorfer discovered bacteriophages in Borrelia, see more at


It’s bad enough Lyme victims are terribly sick and demented from these brain infections, but then you have these wannabees coming alone, trying to shift everyone’s attention to themselves, and that do all this for that one purpose.  They want to be famous.

There is kind of a rule about famous-ness just like cool-ness.  If you want it, you’ll never have it.










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