Molecules don’t care what you think


The reason IDSA is so dead-set against abx treatment for Lyme is because it becomes mostly viral, due to the reactivation of latent Epstein-Barr, et al. But they cant tell you the why.


Problem for them, IDSA and ILADS: OspA-ish injections alone do this too.

No one can tell you the treatment for post-OspA, or post-tick bite sepsis, since there is none. Go ahead and Google/PubMed your ass around on the subject post-sepsis syndrome. What is it, and what is the treatment for it?

*Dont.* *Ask.* *Me.*

I can only tell you what it is, I have no crystal ball not to mention laboratory. Contrary to popular belief, I am just a analytical chemist, but not a “Unabomber chemist” as the State of CT and Yale have claimed. Analytical Chemists just tell you what stuff *is.*

And as everyone knows from basic high school science, Chemistry is all about finding out what stuff is and NAMING it, based on what it is/does. Molecules and fragments of molecules are an is-do.

What it is, is what it does. Molecules have the elegance of being, basically, a verb and noun at the same time.

And they dont care what you think about what they are/do.

‘Much the same as any creature or naturally occurring thing, like rocks or trees. Gold, diamonds, minerals, water – they’ve never asked permission of a human to be.

Maybe you can see how ridiculous to me, is the opposition to the facts of what Chronic Lyme is about. You have no say in it. Your wishes have no control over it.

Organic, living molecules occurred and lived many billions of years before your self-serving ass plopped itself in the Maternity Ward.

This arrogance that we witness in the Lyme community speaks to how *so* much available information – available at your fingertips, instantaneously – in the 21st century, results in so little human cognitive evolution.

The more you have, the less you “get.”

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