Harvard, Where you can find Allen Steere hiding…

VERITAS = meaning truth.  (Ha-haaaa;  This is America.)



Harvard, where they are hiding Steere in his high-security T cell freezers from us Lyme activists and lobbyists who are in Albany, trying to get that asshole thrown in jail:
“Slow-growing mycobacteria, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis, have evolved mechanisms to evade host immune responses. These mycobacteria have been shown to alter vesicle trafficking and acidification, allowing them to survive for extended periods of time in the phagocytic compartments of macrophages (1,3). They evade host cellular immune responses by modulating type I interferon production (4, 5) and inhibit apoptosis of infected macrophages (6). A number of studies have shown that these mycobacteria can inhibit major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II-restricted peptide presentation (7,10). It has also been suggested that mycobacteria may be capable of evading MHC class I-restricted T cell responses, but the mechanisms mycobacteria utilize to do so have not yet been defined.”

This author ^^, Panas, says fungal antigens like LYMErix cause immunosuppression, and is also a signer of the new, Non-Dearborn, semi-valid test, put out by Dattwyler, Steere and Aucott, debunking all the “if it is not a bad knee, it must not be Lyme,” fraud, slander and libel by the CDC Lyme crooks (below).  People wondered, was there a tie-in between the scientists who say Tb fungal antigens cause immunosuppression, like Hotchkiss, Baumgarth, Radolf, Medvedev, and Harding and the ones who say OspA is also such a TLR2/TLR1 agonist that ALSO causes immunosuppression?  There is your man.  Harvard.  I guess Harvard finally gets a mental competency award of some sort.







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