Be the shiniest star, that’s the end game.


The Information age has been an enigma. For all the availability of science and sources and means for validations, there is an apparent inverse relationship between information and common understanding, or the making of this Information useful by the lay people.


It seems Churchill was right when he pondered in his 1932 Popular Mechanics (“Fifty Years Hence”) article about the possibility of our moral evolution not advancing as fast as technology. At that time few anticipated today’s self-idolatry that blinds so many.


There’s a story in the New Testament about Jesus berating the Pharisees for their self-grandiosity, their allowing the widows and orphans to starve so they could pay their tything to the synagogue, berating the unwashed masses – the poor sinners -, instead of bathing them (well, actually, the Pharisees charged for the bathing, which a person had to undergo to participate in synagogue), and feeding them and forgiving the prostitute while publicly shaming her johns. There was more to that story about the “dirty on the inside cup” and being full of “dead men’s bones” business. But it was along the lines of the johns and their wanting to stone a woman for a shared sin, because men are like that. It has to do with envy and fear. It has to do with who suffers as a creator; it has to do with who suffers.


It has to do with this:
But as useful as hypocrisy can be, it’s apparently not quite as basic as the human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your mind can justify double standards, it seems, but in your heart you know you’re wrong.”


It has to do with anger being the spawn of fear. The fear of appearing less-than the other guy!! (OMG, no.) If someone’s tougher than you because they were dealt shitty lot in life, what’s the response: Belittle that suffering. That makes you BIG.


And we want to be BIG, don’t we? Like the animals. BIG. Wild. Survival of the Fittest!! Be Number One. Ego is God, after all.


Fear also looks like this:

”We can all think of reasons that Israeli culture should have evolved into a reticence-free zone, and that the average behavior should be different here. This is a tough, scrappy country, perpetually fighting for survival. The most emotionally intense experiences are national ones, so the public-private distinction was bound to erode. Moreover, the status system doesn’t really revolve around money. It consists of trying to prove you are savvier than everybody else, that above all you are nobody’s patsy.”


You want to be a cool guy, the one everyone looks up to. The savvy one. The sharpest tool in the drawer. A celebrity. One who knows. A wise one. Be on TV, interviewed as an expert on something. Write newspaper or journal articles. Get your name out there.


Be the shiniest star, that’s the end game.


Content doesn’t matter.




And that’s what we’re up against when it comes to the Government and their shenanigans.   We’re having choose team members for our anti-government corruption army from among the cheerleaders and the loud mouths and the best dressed and the ones who know rich people and the ones whose father was a lawyer !! 😀
Because there are so few willing players.


We’re trying to recruit from this self-grandiose bunch and train them as to the CONTENT, but they argue every step of the way and say, “No, I have THIS information, and science does not matter.”

And they advise: “You have to win the popularity contest first.”


They think that is good advice. And this comes from people who REALLY ARE on the side of the real science, the whistleblowing science, the science that shows the US Government is neglecting and abusing tens of millions in order to protect their not-very complex secret: Children brain damaged from vaccines are getting those very brain-tropic viruses, all at once.

What’s this decade’s number? It is one in 20 now?


So, I find myself window shopping down the main street of an post-nuclear winter city peering in the blackened and dusty windows, hoping to spot an abandoned treasure: “Is there anyone alive here. Do you have what I need at a price of zero cents.”


I am shopping for a real activist. Someone who cares more about the truth than being a booty-shaking cheerleader, shaking her shaky thingy, red and white stripes – I don’t know what it’s called, it looks like it’s made from the same source as confetti. ‘Someone who can refrain from posting about their local weather or is in the ER today!! With the Pain!! Someone who knows it’s tremendously uncool to threaten to “unfriend” people who don’t “Like” their posts regularly (“I’ll find out who my REAL friends are !!” they say, but what they really mean is, “I am famous and superior to most, so everyone should spend half their days anxiously awaiting the pearls that drop from my fingertips.”) ‘Someone who can post serious news articles at least 85% of the time. I am looking for people who know it is outrageously uncool to refute the science I post with their own hearsay, or troll our blogs twisting the science and the commentary because they sell some illegal VooDoo treatments. Or twisting the science ever. As if.


I am looking for people who are not above the truth. I am looking for people, among the Me First! Crowd, who ALSO scour Facebook as well as the news for some useful information EVERY DAY. ‘The rare people who know Facebook is a place where the Arab Spring was organized.


But this is America. And Exceptional America, with her exceptional Americans, well, the truth is we “lead the world” by exporting our culture of It’s All About Me! And Reality TV! ‘Americans who speak about “my TV shows” as if the TV shows ever had anything at all to do with them. ‘Americans who prefer to watch the famous do-nothing whore-wives of Beverly Hills, instead of something sound and serious such as a documentary about Global Pollution or Global Poverty. ‘Americans who know more about TV sluts, famous for sex tapes and various enhancement surgeries, who pride themselves on their dingbattiness.


A dingbatty slut. Yeah, can’t wait for the next “gentlemen’s magazine” cover. Miss America. American Values. Maybe Miss Enhancements, Made Famous By Sex Tapes can be the next spokesperson for Lyme disease. That will be very helpful. Let’s ask Lorraine Johnson. Lorraine was a lawyer for celebrities in Hollywood, who only in the past 6 months learned that anecdote is not data. “Personal testimony” that is legally like “hearsay,” a legal term and inadmissible? Lorraine wants that. Send her your hearsay and she will fight back at Big Government’s Big Data plan!

(“Words. I hate them. They hurt when they get on ya. Especially the big ones. Especially the long ones that sound Greekish and foreign, and have a lot of syllables. Tsk.   They should make Word Control Laws to keep smart asses from firing AK-15 style Big Word Saying on Facebook. We Love You ALL!! So send your donations to PO Box CALDA, and we can FIGHT against Big Words and Those Who Say Them!!, Love, Lorraine :D)


And how about the ones who are going to write books, but have no clue what ANY of the science words mean, or ANY of the History of Lyme Cryme. How about the ones who start non-profits and never knew or know any of the history of activism, what has been done in the past, because why. We, in the past, never existed. This is America, where one is famous simply because they were born and the work done by other people never happened. Automobiles, space flight, World War II, laws that came to be after being fought over for decades – none of that happened, for these people. They just ARE and THEY DECLARE!! There was never any science or history or development or big buildings or internal combustion engines. Those things just appeared or happened through no human effort.


There was no human endeavor before the latest ME! Graced the world with Their Presence.


Those are the ones who fight us all the way. Help? Help for you in your misery?   You don’t exist except to be their groupies.

Pretend you’re a saviour! The world will stop turning now. YOU ARE HERE!!


Start saying your OWN words! They don’t have to make any sense at all. You’re as good as any word scrambler program a person can find on the internet. No training necessary.   This is America. YOU ARE, therefore everyone will bow down.


FROM THIS POOL of Famous Me’s! we have to wade through with our chest-high-shit-boots to look for a mere dozen who pause and wonder if there really is more to this than their own personal experience.


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