“HHSontheCouch” is the YouTube Channel for the scientists exposing CDC’s crimes re Lyme, Autism, ME/CFS…

“HHS on the Couch” is the YouTube channel for the Society for the Advancement of Scientific Hermeneutics (SASH) which is long for “we de-scramble the CDC’s and NIH’s bullsh*t.”
We examine the CDC’s conflicts of interest and fraud and show that the same mechanisms by which children acquire the brain damage we call Autism from the live, “attenuated” vaccine viruses apply in persons with Chronic Fatigue or “somatization” (means, exactly, “brain magic”) “disorders.”
The latter are disabled from post-sepsis syndrome – similar to AIDS -, the real damage is caused by the immunosuppression and secondary opportunistic infections, such as latent herpesviruses and fungal-disease type TOLERANCE.

The CDC claims that no one is allowed to have a “disease,” unless it is an HLA-linked -, autoimmune-, hypersensitivity type.


Associated websites are
Norway’s CrymeDisease.com,
May12.org, and


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