“Pride hates the truth,” that’s why we sepsis victims have been stuck in limbo for 30 years.



“Pride hates the Truth.” You may wonder at our lack of success at getting the Lyme crimes and the persecution of Chronic Fatigue/Post-Sepsis victims (by the CDC and neglect by the NIH) prosecuted.

* You may wonder at the source of all the fights over what Lyme actually is (not really treatable; many of you are being robbed by charlatans called “LLMDs;” it was caused by OspA alone and therefore is not about spirochetes, but generalized immunosuppression).

* You may wonder at all the non-non-profits who have NO CLUE what they are talking about and can’t stand to be corrected.

* You may wonder why ME/CFS people do such a good job of shooting themselves in the foots by not concentrating on the science (but consistently post a *very* large collection of words that go nowhere) and instead feed into the desires of the CDC to keep these people low.

* You may wonder why 21 TIMES!!! we showed the ME/CFS/ post-sepsis victims that post-sepsis was really reactivated herpesviruses, especially from exposure to fungal antigens like Pam3Cys or highly acylated TLR2/1 agonists,…. and how that tolerance spreads to viral-managing TLRs (which are also then turned off),….

AND *STILL* they dont believe us, or say that this collection of science is equal to any one else’s “moon is made of green cheese” statement.

( ! ? ! 21 times!! ?? At *THEIR* request!!! The last being the Occam’s Razor report.)

* You may wonder at all the people who want to “counsel” ($$$) the chronically ill, but know nothing about science or what “validate” or “vindicate” means (or does, in a legal sense, helping them get Disability payments). We’re left wondering what could possibly be said in the absence of real help. Ask any disaster area victims if they would prefer “counseling” to food and shelter.
People want REAL help, and “counseling” for a chronic disabling illness paints a very different picture to outsiders. As if the victim is guilty of something….

* You may wonder why nearly everyone says, “I am too sick to help other people, practically no one in the world has ever been SICKER THAN ME!!!;”
“What can I take for that?” and
“I have to take care of ME! First!!” ….

when, when in the history of the world has it ever happened that a people won a war or built a community without a coordinated effort?

* Why no help. Why are there only a handful of us. Why all the fights. Why the DAILY fights over whether or not the science says Lyme and CFIDS are post-sepsis syndrome and not really curable?

You KNOW you’re not being cured. I say that to 100% of you with 100% confidence. I know you all know you’re disabled as badly as “post-sepsis syndrome” websites, medical websites, and even the CDC say. (If you’ve been cured by any voo-doo/onion-socks method, you never had post-sepsis. B cell lymphoma-like changes do not miraculously reconvert to competent B cells just because you inhaled aromas, or drank lemon water.)

What is the reason for all this nonsense? In every instance of BLOCKAGE of the Truth, as shown above, it’s a case of “Pride Hates the Truth.”


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