Critical Mass

The Govt. Finds you, the Disabled, literally “useless mouths to feed.” (See Chomsky, below)

ILADS and the non-non-profits never tell you the truth, which is that post-sepsis is pretty much incurable and is a severe disability, as described by all the experts (in the Occam’s Razor) – such as Hotchkiss, Medvedev, and the NIH, who all say the likes of OspA shed on blebs (literally, the TLR2/TLR1 agonists or triacyl lipopeptides, or fungal endotoxins), are the source of the toxic shock response.

The Govt and these “LLMD” profiteers, and the fools who pretend to deal with CFIDS, including most of their non-non-profits, have no sense of addressing your misery. (Don’t you wonder why there are no *real* immunology experts in Lyme or CFIDS?)

Think about it. What is it they all fear so much? They all hate you, if they don’t parasitize your misery (especially these psychology types, who have no place whatsoever in the real world of science and medicine).

Why are we despised for telling you the undeniable truism that post-SEPSIS is the real disease we are talking about and that it means organ damage and ongoing delirium/dementia, and this is well described, even by the CDC (google it).

It’s a sign that you give a shit about other people, if you try to understand what we are saying, in, basically, the Occam’s Razor report. It’s a sign that you don’t, if you re-post hype and not-truisms like “Lyme causes mental illness,” or “You need to be tested for all the coinfections (which nearly all of which are also bearers of fungal antigens like OspA, so it does not matter),” or the ones who say, “I CANT READ THAT, KATHLEEN, THAT IS *YOUR* PROBLEM.”

As if it is *my* problem that I put the time in to learning this immunology vocabulary, using a dictionary. As if it is a disorder to want to find out what is true. The people who issue this criticism, “just want to get better.”

“Nevermind what is true, just address my misery.”

“Nevermind that millions of others suffer the same as me.”

“I just want help for *me,* I do not want to participate.”

The Govt hates you and wants you dead, the ones in the middle like the charlatans of Lyme, want to suck the last bit of life out of you, and the majority of sepsis victims don’t feel any real obligation to the rest, unless it puts their name on it and distracts.

“Awareness” never worked. You all know that the only people who listen to our misery-posts are us – the ones who have these diseases. But “awareness” and “education” are the only words the non-non-profits are legally allowed to say. You are willingly giving these parasites of your misery, their desert.

If people cant be cured, just say it. Say what it is. And ask yourself, “What you want then?”

[This last question is not rhetorical, it is literal.]


“Returning to the opening question “Who rules the world?” we might also want to pose another question: “What principles and values rule the world?” That question should be foremost in the minds of the citizens of the rich and powerful states, who enjoy an unusual legacy of freedom, privilege, and opportunity thanks to the struggles of those who came before them, and who now face fateful choices as to how to respond to challenges of great human import.”


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