Stop Pretending you have Special Knowledge!! Can cure “Lyme”!!

One can use PubMed to discover that these mab drugs like Rituximab, when used to treat lymphoma in transplant patients (from reactivated EBV, from the immunosuppression drugs typically given to transplant patients – AHEM! – another in-parallel model), *** it is sometimes suggested that they add anti-virals at the same time.*** But we do not do treatments here. Rituximab happened to work (66% cure rate) and also *FITS* the disease model we have been describing. <<< USE PUBMED! >>>

Let’s not lose focus, we are not curing anyone, and never claimed to be doing that. We are explaining what Lyme disease *is*, and which is crime: Get the crooks busted, their garbage retracted from the journals, and get rid of the gatekeepers to care. For activism’s sake, for everyone’s sake. It is SO EASY to lose sight of what we are doing for all the vain and selfish people and their vain and selfish agendas. (Some people hope to be superhero Lyme-curers with all the magic formulas, or know all the right “doctors!!”; and what tests to run!!!,…Special Knowledge!! — they have it!! — Gimme a break, revolting.)

No one “treats” “Lyme.” “LLMDs” have no clue what they are doing, what the disease is, and they don’t care. They just want your money and your adoration. Same with the non-profits; they OBVIOUSLY do not want to see and end to this crime, because that would mean the end of all the free money:

2 thoughts on “Stop Pretending you have Special Knowledge!! Can cure “Lyme”!!

  1. If NO ONE treats lyme then why are SOME people getting better on various treatments? “stop acting like you have special knowledge.” After reading your blogs I would say it is YOU who are pretending to have ‘special knowledge.’ Your scientific jargon is meaningless and indecipherable to 99.99999% of the world’s population. Most sufferers of this disease simply know they are sick and expect to be treated and well again somehow. If this is impossible then why haven’t you killed yourself already? Furthermore your crass cynical sarcasm is indestinguishable from your attempts to be genuine. If you don’t have a remedy or a solution or even a suggestion for improvement just stop already. You are wasting yours and everyone else’s time and energy.


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