Explain the Cryme in one sentence…


The bad guys, the ALDF.com and the CDC staff they whore for (see who owns the patents; mainly CDC officers), changed the “case  definition” of “Lyme disease” in order to falsify OspA as a “vaccine” – the very thing responsible for the fungal immunosuppression outcome that was written out of the Dearborn “case definition.”

“Lyme disease” now means NOT the chronic, neurologic outcome.


So, you have to ask WHAT IS IT?  What is OspA?  How could it have caused the same disease we know of as Chronic Lyme?


The cryme is the disease:  saying OspA was a vaccine (“vaccine” means a thing  intended to produce antibodies), when it,  or they, fungal, triacyl lipoproteins, shed by spirochetes (which are not technically bacteria, but spirochetes – their own phylum, which means they are not phylogenetically related to anything else), are the very  things responsible for the variety show of outcomes, known as IDSA’s own “New Great Imitator.”


Other correct terms for Chronic Lyme are Endotoxin Tolerance, Immunosenescence, Immunoparalysis or Post-Sepsis Syndrome.   The New Great Imitator as well as the Old Great Imitator produced the variety show of outcomes, not because of spirochetes, but because they activated latent viral infections and tolerized to others (called “cross-tolerance”).


Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus are mainly believed to be caused by HLA-linked hypersensitivity to the secondary opportunistics like Epstein-Barr and the other herpesviruses.  NIH endorses this model.  And not only said it, but proved it themselves.
See the Occam’s Razor report for all those proofs.
So, while the fight seems to be about “Spirochetes vs No Spirochetes,” it’s really a lie the CDC tells because they were so stupid as to have chosen OspA, or a triacyl lipoprotein as a vaccine.  They knew they flubbed by 1993 in the early Phase I and II OspA trials, so, they, the CDC falsified the testing at Dearborn.  They knew since the early stages of the trials of OspA, that they were producing a chronic illness identical to Lyme and wrote about it in their patents.


It was spoken of in the 1998 FDA meeting on LYMErix, where Ben Luft said you cant tell vaccine injury apart from Lyme – they were the same, “protean,” meaning like post-sepsis.  Robert Schoen and Dave Persing said the same thing in their RICO patent.

The fight we are having is over semantics.  There is no such thing as “Lyme disease.” It’s borreliosis or relapsing fever, and the nature of the relapse is antigenic variation.  And the reason it’s chronic is because spirochetes shed fungal antigens, ruining the immune system.

“Lyme disease” happened in 1992-1994, when Allen Steere went to Europe to commit research fraud to come up with a false case definition because the OspA vaccines were causing the same chronic disease.  You can’t inject humans with a fungal antigen.   If you could, we would have long had a vaccine against Tuberculosis.

So, be careful what data you share.  Do not promote ILADS.org’s nonsense or Under Our Skin (no one cares, there are no scientific proofs of anything in this film).  ONLY show how OspA caused the same disease as Chronic Lyme.  You don’t want to be responsible for misleading people.  Do not promote hype, do not share invalid, anecdotal nonsense.  You owe it to your friends to ONLY say what is true.

To this day, lymedisease.org does not even know what the word “anecdote” means.  No one is able to explain to them the meaning of the word “valid.”  We have tried.







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