SASH or the ActionLyme groups are moving

160419:  Lyme Cryme Action Update:

The SASH groups are moving to a new website.  Soon we will be advising you on what files you should download and OWN (since you already paid for all this science and the CDC’s and NIH’s staff’s salaries), so that all victims of this crime can be at any moment, ready to turn over the documents to the USDOJ or foreign embassies, in a clear and comprehensive way, showing the chronology of events:

who was involved in falsifying the case definition (CDC officers Barbara Johnson, Alan Barbour and of course, Allen Steere), who conspired to capitalize on vector borne diseases, who said what at Dearborn,

the invitation to Dearborn that the CDC sent out, making it look like it would be a consensus conference; as I showed the FDA when I blew the whistle, Dearborn was not a consensus conference – the attendees said, on average, that Dearborn was only 15% accurate, missing 85% of the cases,

who said what about OspA as a vaccine, who said what about OspA NEVER potentially being a vaccine, who reported the neurological adverse events of OspA,
who reported that the OspA vaccinee had a disease identical to chronic Lyme, such as Dave Persing, Ben Luft, Schoen, etc., (because OspA is a septic-shock causing fungal endotoxin),

McSweegan’s fake whistleblower letter to Senator Goldwater, intending to defraud the US Navy out of their vector borne diseases funding,

who founded the,

where does Wormser say “OspA causes immunosuppression” and that “Dearborn only detects 15% of the cases,” who said OspA and Lyme cause sepsis (Klempner and Wormser),

where did Klempner say “Lyme was incurable with ceftriaxone due to intracellularity,”

does this criminal gang identify all the valid biomarkers of central nervous system disease, the 2015 criminal charge sheets given to the USDOJ and several foreign embassies, the original RICO complaint,

about Schoen and Persing and their RICO-within-the-RICO scam where Yale’s L2 Diagnostics was formally partnered with Imugen and Corixa, and listed on the SEC as “partners (USDOJ, New Haven has this  evidence).” This gang intended to get all the blood testing for North American TBDs into their own RICO labs by owning the only possible testing for Lyme once LYMErix was on the market, since they patented a borrelia bug without the OspA-B plasmid.  You never test for a disease against which there is a vaccine, with the same antigen as the vaccine because you won’t know wther those antibodies came from the bug or the vaccine.  Etc.

So, set up a folder on your pc for this data.

The groups are


CRYME Disease:

Intro/ Big Picture:

“Lyme Disease” is caused by shed fungal-ish (which have OspA-ish lipoproteins on then) blebs that ruin the immune system – turn it off -, except in the brain. They, the shed blebs, get into your brain causing *** CHRONIC brain inflammation and dementia.*** These blebs or exosomes or exosomology is the hottest topic in bioscience. The crooks say this OspA fungal toxin was a “vaccine.”  It is a huge scandal and the NIH and even the FDAare embarrassed about how they let Edward McSweegan run wild and without supervision.

They, the Lyme and LYMErix RICO criminals (ALDF, IDSA, Yale, CDC, et al) were originally the authors of the truth about Lyme.  Now, since the establishment of the ALDF (1990) which later took over IDSA, these same people hysterically insist that Lyme is only an autoimmune bad-knee.  Since that event, in 1994, when they falsified the case definition – we call the event “Dearborn” – they’ve tried to maintain the pretense that Dearborn or the “bad knee, only” case definition was real because they do not want to be prosecuted.  These criminals, particularly the CDC officers Barbour and Johnson, falsified the test. It now only detects late Lyme arthritis, and HLA-linked hypersensitivity or allergy response. 

Also, OspA and B were left out of the “case definition” for an intended follow-up monopoly on blood testing for all TBDs in North America for Yale’s L2 Diagnostics, Schoen, Imugen, Molloy and Steere, and Corixa, Dave Persing. The Mayo Clinic owns that RICO-within-the-RICO patent because Persing worked for Mayo at the time; he filed for the patent for the borrelia missing the OspA-B plasmid.  The reason they developed this test was because OspA and B are encoded on the same plasmid, and you cant test for disease with the same antigen as is in the vaccine (OspA).  The RICO was entirely about getting all the vaccines and all the future testing for all vector borne diseases into their own labs – which is formally racketeering and fraud.


The Criminal Charges Sheets – this is actually a book:

1. ALDF-CDC “Enterprise” (read “RICO”) Conspires to Defraud USA in Dearborn-Vaccine Scam; see how next, in the subsequent charge sheet on patents, the very people who falsified the testing are the ones who own the patents for the bogus vaccines and test kit products:

2. Lyme Disease Patents owned by the Dearborn scammers, CDC officers,
Yale in association with Corixa, Mayo Clinic and Imugen. Leaving OspA and B out of the Dearborn standard was intended to facilitate a monopoly on post-LYMErix approval on blood testing for all vectior-borne disease:

3. Lyme Disease Biomarkers, as compared to scientifically invalid psychiatric check lists. These biomarkers were identified by the very people who later said Lyme was not even a disease, and who are the same people who own the vaccine patents and falsified the testing at Dearborn:

4. Patient’s Guide to NIH’s Post Sepsis Syndrome; Lyme is known to cause MS, Lupus, ALS, Cancer, stroke, etc., yet the fake Lyme vaccine, OspA, causing the same multi-system disease as “Chronic Lyme,” shows us that Post-Lyme is really NIH’s post-sepsis syndrome with the reactivated herpesviruses and is AIDS-like with the opportunistic secondary infections:

5. The Primers (DNA, RNA) Shell Game; the very people who own all the patents and falsified the testing for Lyme in order to falsify the outcomes of those bogus products, use the wrong DNA to not-find Lyme or other spirochetes in humans, while using the correct DNA to patent borrelia-specific DNA; no biofilms.

6. The Common Mechanisms of Fungal-Viral Damage in CFIDS, Vaccines-Autism, and “Chronic Lyme”/ New Great Imitator, per the CDC, NIH and IDSA; This paper reveals the CDC’s own data on what Lyme and CFIDS are, and how immunosuppression-via-fungal contamination also explains the failed childhood vaccines, giving children the very viruses the vaccines are intended to prevent (with resultant encephalitis):

7. The State of Connecticut and Yale Assaulted Czech Children with a known fake vaccine (OspA or LYMErix) just to see how serious would be the adverse events:

8. Simon Wessely and the abuse of Gulf War veterans, Justina Pelletier and 21st century witch trials; with scientifically valid evidence for real illness, a vast majority of post-sepsis and vaccine injured are slandered and libeled with invalid psychiatric terminology:
THE LIST of real scientists (not ILADS and not IDSA and not Yale and not the CDC – nope, no real scientists in any of those places). LIST.htm

Occam’s Razor, if everyone says it’s EBV, et al, it’s probably not coinfections and spirochetes and biofilms and exotic viruses from the planet ILADSmakesitup-Aztheygoalong !!!


3 thoughts on “SASH or the ActionLyme groups are moving

  1. “Who, What, When, Where, How?” I have a better question for whomever wrote this; Who Cares? Judging by the lack of comments… No one. How about talking about lyme in real human terms instead of asking sufferers of this disease to “download files to turn over to foreign embassies and the department of justice.” Why? so they can be shredded? Come on. Get real. What a collosal waste of time this blog is, You can’t even muster 7,000 views in a year. Sewing blogs written by preschoolers get more hits. Maybe change your tone / approach?


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