“Lyme disease” is incurable says the NIH, SUNY-SB, UConn, et al


First of all, “Lyme disease” is not even a real disease.  It was something made up at a CDC conference in Dearborn, formulated via research fraud by Allen Steere in Europe with little undergraduate Frankie Dressler, which was a scheme intended to monopolize vector borne diseases vaccines and test kits for a cabal that called themselves the “American Lyme Disease Foundation.”  If an org has the word “American” in front of it, it probably isn’t.


Originally there was something called Borreliosis or Relapsing Fever, which was ALWAYS known to be incurable, no matter what, not even with arsenic; this report is from 1911:

The History of Relapsing Fever


Spirochetes are their own phylum.  Verify that and what it means to say, “spirochetes are their own phylum.”  It’s huge.  It means there is nothing else like them, and they are not evolutionarily related to anything else.  They’re not viruses, they are not bacteria, and they are not fungi, but they shed fungal antigens and do not have typical baterial LPS.  They are unique.  Don’t call spirochetes “bacteria,” they are spirochetes.  It’s meant to be a thing – different from bacteria.


In the 1980’s Ray Dattwyler, JJ Halperin and Ben Luft (SUNY-DB) published this about the failure of treatment in “half the cases” in the Infectious Diseases Society of America’s own journal:



What do they say?  “Pathologic changes that occur prior to treatment.”  Half the people remain disabled.


What could be those “pathological changes that renders Borreliosis incurable?”


They, spirochetes, shed fungal antigens.  And fungal antigens are bad.  Bad, bad bad.  Humans cannot tolerate being injected with fungi.  They put Thimerosal in vaccines to prevent fungi.  Mercury and fungi ==> fungi not fairing very well.  Like Arsenic, it was thunk up for the real baddies.  Mercury, Arsenic, Silver = all antimicrobial.

Read more about it:  https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=mercury+arsenic+silver+antimicrobial


Okay, so spirochetal diseases are incurable in that you can’t kill them – even with arsenic as shown in 1911 -, but also because they are shedders of fungal antigens; they cause “pathologic changes to the immune system.”


If you want to know ANYTHING about “Lyme disease” that is not sensational hype and nonsense like from ILADS.org or any of the non-profits (all of them are wrong and clueless), you have to know one thing:  The OspA vaccines caused the same chronic disease.  And so said the crooks (see the Occam’s Razor for that published data and testimony).


So, you have to ONLY ask one question:  What is OspA?


How could OspA alone have caused “Chronic Lyme” or CFIDS or Fibromyalgia or MS or Lupus or ALS or stroke or ANY of the things IDSA claimed was caused by Lyme?
Because what a molecule is, is what it does.  That is why we have NOMENCLATURE in chemistry or we name molecules based on their shape and components.  Because we have to know what something is, or we cannot predict what it does.


This is why we wrote for you, the Occam’s Razor report.  It is one final report, tying all these together.  What is OspA, how does it cause “Chronic Lyme,” who threw the former definition of Chronic Lyme (see Dattwyler, Halperin, Luft, above) out at Dearborn and why (because OspA alone caused this chronic disease, sans spirochetes), because what Chronic Lyme is, is like a B cell AIDS.  An acquired immune deficiency due to exposure to the likes of OspA or pam3cys or TLR2/1 agonists.


The triacylated junk.  


Humans can’t handle being injected with triacylated fungal lipopeptides.


The acyl groups.  Three of them = BAD for humans, particularly with this high electronegative (“sticky”) core:

This sticky, electronegative, TLR2/1-agonist, tri-fatty acid-bearing sticky slime gets inside immune cells and turns them off.  Then starts all the other trouble, like lymphoma, CFIDS, Fibro, ALS, stroke, MS, Lupus, etc, that are all WELL-KNOWN results of the reactivated latent herpesviruses or other responses to other pathogens that now have their way with you.

The Occam’s Razor report shows you who says what about “cross tolerance” from TLR2/1 agonist tolerance.  It is not us, we activists, inventing new pathways of disease.  We are quoting the excellent scientists Medvedev, Harding, Radolf, etc… even the b*tch Adrianna Marques formerly at NINDS.gov – and who said Lyme caused MS, but now jumped over to NIAID -, and attacks us all the time with the CDC/IDSA crooks.


Adrianna Marques is mad at us.  She knows we have read her science that says OspA is responsible for the MS, Lupus, and CFIDS outcomes of Lyme via immunosuppression and then the reactivation of the latent herpesviruses (see the Occam’s Razor for that evidence).

Who knows.  Maybe the 50% – people who go on to “Chronic Lyme” from LYMErix or a tick bite – are only the ones with the multiple latent herpesvirus infections, like EBV, HHV-6, and cytomegalovirus.  

When you think about Lyme or LYMErix disease, don’t think about spirochetes.  Early in the disease, they have already done their immune damage.  Now you have an AIDS- like disease.  It has nothing to do with you or failed antibiotics or who says what.  It ONLY has to do with one thing:  SPIROCHETES SHED FUNGAL ANTIGENS, well known to cause big trouble for humans.  It destroys your immune system.  And both spirochetes and EBV live in the bone marrow, where B cells are made.


If someone can tell you how to cure that, fine.  But we don’t know anyone, certainly no one with “MD” after their names because you have never seen or heard a single person with “MD” after their names tell you what OspA is.  Never.  Not once since 1982, has a single person with “MD” after their names said what OspA is.  


And especially, no one – no “doctor,” no single person in the entire word with “MD” after their names, has explained how OspA causes disease.


Some PhDs have, obviously, but no “doctors.”  THAT is how much faith you can have in “doctors.”  


Not a single one in the entire universe has ever asked how OspA could have caused the same disease we know of as “Chronic Lyme.”  Ever.


‘Never seen it.


















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