Autism – Why doesn’t anyone ask us?

Autistic people have a high suicide rate:

“The latest study, which involved data from more than 27,000 adults on the autism spectrum, revealed that autistic adults who do not have learning disabilities are nine times more likely to die from suicide compared to people in the general population. After looking at differences between men and women, the researchers found that women with autism and learning disabilities had the highest risk of premature death.

“This new research confirms the true scale of the hidden mortality crisis in autism. The inequality in outcomes for autistic people shown in this data is shameful. We cannot accept a situation where many autistic people will never see their 40th birthday. Everyone involved in supporting people on the autism spectrum from the Government right down to local care providers has a responsibility to step up and start saving lives as soon as possible,” Autistica’s Chief Executive Job Spiers said in a statement released by the autism research charity.

“The shocking levels of premature death and suicide among people on the autism spectrumshould be a wake-up call to governments and service providers worldwide: dramatic proof that bullying, lack of support, inadequate health care across the lifespan, insufficient allocation of resources to create options for housing and employment, and a failure to aggressively pursue research into better treatments for chronic anxiety and seizures comes at a terrible cost. As a society, we can longer afford to squander precious human lives and potential in this way,” added Steve Silberman, author of the book “Neurotribes.”


‘Been saying this for over a decade and a half:  Why doesn’t anyone ask us what High Functioning Autism is like?  Except for the Temple Grandin story as previously mentioned (and which was a pretty damned correct portrayal of what Autism is like, how we perceive the world – visually), no one asks us.  Also, we’re told there is something wrong with us, when we’re the natural-born engineers and scientists.  That means there is something RIGHT with us.


Temple Grandin’s story is different from mine in only one regard.  She had family support.  Mine clearly would have preferred to keep me hidden and chained up in the basement.  They did everything everything possible to torture me for being “just like your father!” who was also clearly autistic, an engineer – a DESIGN engineer who had several patents -, and designed machine tools for a living.  He was also a fine artist and graduated from the Art Students League in New York City.


The central issue and most infuriating with this problem of Autism is that no one asks us what it is like.  Everyone wants to tell us what is wrong with us, rather than see what we can do.  Like molecules, people are what they do.  They are a do/is.


And it just so happens that that is what the Jesus teaches us, too.  So, look at what other people do, rather than what they say or spend their time on.  Find out what it is about what allegedly normal people do and spend their mental energy on, and then wonder why fewer of them are engineers and scientists.  (No, you’ll be answered). What kind of nonsense takes up all their mental energy and time such that they produce so few good works?


“Journalists” are a crack-up.  They sit on the sidelines, write about what other people do, and then think they’re superior for this non-activity.  Outcome?  None has ever gotten the Lyme cryme story right.  Not in 40 years has a single “journalist” ever explained what this crime was about, ultimately: fake vaccine, a fungal endotoxin (literally, a TLR2/1 agonist or traicyl lipopeptide is a fungal endotoxin) a vaccine that actually caused the chronic “multi-system disease,” then faked testing (Dearborn) to go with that – a one that misses 85% of the cases or  all the ones caused by the vaccine, OspA.


Only a handful-to-none of the LYMErix or ImmuLyme victims ever said the OspA vaccines gave them arthritis, only.  Most were systemic illness outcomes identical to “chronic Lyme.”  


The real name of the illness is Post-Sepsis Syndrome.  Yesterday, I showed you that Gary Wormser also has written in detail that OspA-ish fungal endotoxins cause immunosuppression rather than an HLA-linked autoimmune arthritis, yet he is the primary author of the IDSA “guidelines” on Lyme which are based on the autoimmune-arthritis-only, falsified Dearborn “case definition,” and has written with Mark Klempner that there are 2 outcomes to Lyme: arthritis and the systemic, post-sepsis, post-fungal-toxin, post-shock outcome that is like a B cell AIDS:


There are “late septic manifestations,” … and arthritis-only, say Wormser and Klempner.   Right, thanks, we knew that.  That was why the CDC staff and the RICO false front performed the Dearborn stunt in 1994. To throw out the “late septic manifestations” that were also caused by the OspA vaccines.  


The IDSA “guidelines” are intended to maintain the PRETENSE (legal word) that the Dearborn “case definition” was real.  Here, above, 11 years after Dearborn, Wormser said, “There are 2 outcomes to Lyme, the Dearborn kind, the 15% with HLA-linked arthritis, and everyone else, the 85% who were deliberately excluded from the ‘case definition.'”


Thanks for that, Gary.   Now that it is 11 years, again, since that report above (2005), perhaps Wormser would like to tell us again that there is 1) arthritis-Lyme that tests positive to the Dearborn “case definition,”… and then there is 2) this other, mysterious outcome where people DON’T “feel well aside from their arthritis symptoms.”  You know, the witches.


Wormser knows there are no “autoimmunity” outcomes in “chronic Lyme” since he published about how there are NO !! IMMUNITY outcomes in “chronic Lyme.”



Facebook is a great place for personalities-only to come through.  Consider how many people think they can argue against facts and who will tell you “all opinions are equal and that one does not need a science background or understand any science to make commentary about what Lyme or these other chronic illnesses are about.”  They don’t even know what “fact” means.   Consider how many people set up Facebook groups and support groups like the LDA to be run by themselves and who routinely exclude/block any scientifically substantiated evidence.  This happens in the majority of cases.  Non-autistic people are the worse offenders when it comes to self-centered obstructionism, yet psychiatry tells us this ego-driven nonsense (true non-science and non-truth) is “normal.”  


Get rid of the psychiatric perverts and all people will have fewer troubles.  Psychiatrists are seriously sick puppies.  Consider Simon Wessely.  On his website he claims to have “written original 700 articles,” and then he was proven wrong about Gulf War Illness and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – all of it.  His comment on being wrong about all “700 original articles” was that he was just regurgitating the prevailing witch theory of these chronic illnesses.  


Get that dude a dictionary.    “Original” means copy what other people say?  “Original” means “say sick people use brain magic to produce scientifically valid illness signs?”


In the 20th and 21st century, no one – no physician or journalist – EVER questioned publicly, what “somatoform” could mean, or how people could produce scientifically valid illness signs with their willpower alone, not to mention, ask why would such scary people use this brain magic only on themselves?  Such brain-magic people could move mountains instead.  Fly.  Teleport objects instead of traveling to purchase their necessities…


Words are supposed to mean something.  Everyone needs to shut up unless that have facts to convey.  Facts are the Truth, and providing the Truth is a service to others.  It’s Christianity.


Watch the ones who waste your time with distracting, self-serving nonsense and who obstruct Truth.  THOSE are the ones who have a mental (spirit) disorder.


Watch them.


THAT is what you can learn from Autism.  WATCH what people do, what they spend their time on, what they waste YOUR time on.   The selfishness.   The distractions, the pretense, the deceptions, the self-aggrandizing statements like, “I am the author! of 700 original articles!”  Watch MEEeeeeee!!!   I am so famous for nonsense and brainscramble and people ask me! to come and speak at their events! And no one, not even me! ever notices that I never get to the point!! “


Autism or “auto-ism” is the biggest misnomer on all of human study.  We are watching you waste our time with your nonsense.  Shut up and do something.  Learn what your words actually mean.   Use them with prudence.  


And if you don’t have any Truth to contribute, STFU.  You’re giving me your brainscramble.  (No thanks, I have plenty to think about.) 








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