Somato-mancy and the new DSM; survey questions

Survey Questions for Physicians

Do we need a new National Institute to deal with the 30 million Americans who incompetently practice witchcraft?

Big Trouble in Disease Control

Examine this description of somatization illnesses, sometimes called Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (MUPS), from an expert seen on Fox News describing the Justina Pelletier CPS case, which became international news.  This is an example of what sometimes occurs in New England hospitals and explains our current understanding of the disease mechanism:

“… causing her to believe she is medically ill, when she is not—that they have kindled in her a ‘somatoform disorder’ in which bodily symptoms actually have purely psychological roots, not anatomic ones…

 “First, we lack sufficient research data to back up my clinical experience and professional opinion (which some psychiatrists would agree with and some would disagree with).”


Therefore, a person can have a real disease – valid illness signs, but it is not being caused by a real disease – and no one knows how they do it.   “We lack the science …”


It should be shocking that in the 21 century with so much international turmoil, energy war expenses, propaganda expenses, terrorism, so many billions spent on national defense resources, and in a time of great scrutiny of various government department and agency budgets, calls for transparency in grants, and so on, that this epidemic of failed witchcraft be acceptable.  We “lack the science” – the science that explains the psychological roots or real illness with no real illness.
The NIH has published that 8 million Americans suffer from Fibromyalgic Somatoformia, 4 million have Chronic Fatigue Somatoformia, approximately 1 million new cases of disability from a tick bite per year…

(UCSF: “Early Lyme disease prior to antibiotic therapy was characterized by marked upregulation of Toll-like receptor signaling but lack of activation of the inflammatory T-cell apoptotic and B-cell developmental pathways seen in other acute infectious syndromes,” wrote the study’s authors. “Six months after completion of therapy, Lyme disease patients were found to have 31 to 60% of their pathways in common with three different immune-mediated chronic diseases. No differential gene expression signature was observed between Lyme disease patients with resolved illness to those with persistent symptoms at six months post-treatment.”,


an unknown number of sufferers from the 2 Gulf Wars illnesses, and the break-down of these into ever-newer, subdivisional ones like Mitochondrial Disorder.

It is time for accountability from the U.S. Government on this social and national security problem.  Please contribute to the survey below and email the form to


How has this population of healthcare seekers impacted your practice?


1. Approximately how frequently are the people who are able to produce scientifically valid illness signs with their brains seen in your practice (answer, weekly, monthly, annually)?


2.  How do you usually handle the laboratory samples that show scientifically valid illness signs – blood tests, EMGs, or radiology out of normal range?

a) Throw them out.
b) Return to sender to keep the “data” out of your records.
c) Intentionally misfile.
d) Use a stamp marked “Somato-tampering”

Other ____________________________________________________________


3. Have you ever reported a Self-Poisoner to the police?
Did the police come out to take a report and examine the evidence?


4. Have you ever seen the CDC produce a manual for the detection and differentiation of Self-Poisoner magic vs regular magic?



5. In your medical school training, was this issue of illness magic ever presented?



6. Have you ever spoken about the Somatoformers or persons who create illness in themselves with magic with other physicians?



7. Did you ever suspect these Self-Poisoners used holograms or some other sophisticated device(s) to produce the valid biomarkers of real illness?


8. Have you ever seen or suspected that multiple people are using the same failed incantations or are poisoning themselves in the same way to produce the valid illness?
9. Is this epidemic a National Security Threat in your opinion?



10. If the is throwing out the’s DSM, do you have any recommendations for a new schema? Should it include a description of this brain magic?

11. What would you suggest be this Self Poisoner’s/Somatoformers Dx code?


12. Should the new DSM language or diagnosis code and description be voted on, or would it be better to just pull words out of a hat?  [Then it could be said the study was randomized and not due to bias.]




13. Do you instead believe formal Incantation Schools should be formally licensed and regulated by a government agency?   Explain your ideas and suggestions:

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