South American countries threaten the CIA !!!

It’s hard to believe the audacity with this new form of terrorism.  Several former Latin American leaders are proposing a War on the Rockefeller CIA’s Illegal Drug Income and their Make America Stupid campaign (MK Ultra):


“Outdated drug policies around the world have resulted in soaring drug-related violence, overstretched criminal justice systems, runaway corruption and mangled democratic institutions,” wrote Fernando Henrique Cardoso, César Gaviria and Ernesto Zedillo, respectively the former presidents of Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, in an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times.

Make Americans Stupid and Docile, 1950-60s:

“… Then in the spring of 1943, they perfected the right mix of marijuana and tobacco to produce a “state of irresponsibility” in the subject. …
“Later, during the 1950s and 1960s, the strategists of the MK- Ultra project would utilize the same channels of influence with U.S. security agencies to let them transform a generation of youth into dope users.”

You remember the story of what happened to the CIA/Bush Family drug-money laundering “Spook Bank,” the Riggs Bank, and the scandals involving the Bush Family?

Simpson reports how the Riggs-CIA “relationship,” which goes back some time, may foil the prosecution of alleged money-launderers employed by the bank. (Riggs admitted no wrong-doing last year when regulators fined it $25 million for violating currency laws.) The connection, Simpson writes, puts the government in the unenviable position of convincing juries that the “bank’s failure to disclose financial activity by the foreign officials wasn’t implicitly authorized by parts of the U.S. government.”

Simpson’s piece also invites speculation that the Justice Department might abort the prosecutions lest courtroom brawls reveal more about Riggs and the CIA than the government wants made public. The Riggs-CIA romance goes back at least to 1961, according to this passage in Thomas Powers’ biography of former CIA head Richard Helms, The Man Who Kept the Secrets (1979):

On Friday, April 21, 1961, for example, two days after the surrender of the exile invasion force [in Cuba], two men in workclothes—they might have been taken for window washers, say, if not for their neat Ivy League haircuts—approached a teller in the DuPont [sic] Circle branch of the Riggs National Bank in Washington with an unusual request. They asked the teller for six to eight bank checks totaling well over $100,000 to be made out in the name of Arthur Avignon. The teller was not as surprised as he might have been. Men from the CIA often arrived quietly to inspect the financial records of certain local embassies, and the teller was also familiar with several oddly active accounts in the name of groups like the National Association of Loggers, the Dry Cleaners’ Association, and so on. When he had asked about these strange accounts after first going to work at the branch he had been told frankly, “Oh, those are dummy accounts.”

Powers writes that a week later the teller read an Associated Press story datelined Havana in which Fidel Castro damned the CIA for its plots against Cuba and specifically mentioned funds that had come from Arthur Avignon.

Although the Nexis Way-Back Machine doesn’t cough up many Riggs-CIA stories, the spooky ones it does unearth encourages further research into Simpson’s finding that the relationship between the bank and the agency is “longstanding.”

In 1977, Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward tied Riggs Bank to payments in a CIA operation in Iran, where the shah had contracted for a $500 million border surveillance system. That same year, the Washington Post’s Robert Meyers reported from the espionage trial of former CIA employee Edwin Gibbons Moore. A defense psychiatrist who examined Moore and thought him paranoid told the court that the defendant claimed to have spoken to the “CIA liaison officer at Riggs bank.” (Moore was convicted of espionage and sentenced to 15 years in prison.)


The FBI seems to have its own special relationship with Riggs. In a 1986 Nationcolumn, Christopher Hitchens writes that the FBI obtained—without a subpoena or court order—the account information of a friend of his who banked at Riggs’ Dupont Circle branch. Later, FBI Director William Webster admitted that the information was made available “on two occasions” by “confidential sources.” Prior to President Bill Clinton’s sacking of FBI Director William Sessions, a Justice Department ethics investigation determined that the director had purchased a $435,000 house that was beyond his means with a “sweetheart loan” from Riggs. Riggs Chairman Joe L. Allbritton referred Sessions and his wife to a Riggs bank official after he learned they were house-hunting, according to a Feb. 4, 1993, story in the Washington Post.

As long as we’re indulging in speculation, what should we make of the 1997 deal in which J. Bush & Co., a money management firm owned by Jonathan Bush, George H.W. Bush’s brother and W’s uncle, was purchased by a unit of Riggs Bank? Exactly how close is the Bush dynasty to Riggs and its scandal?

President Bush is on record promising a “full investigation” of charges that Riggs helped Chilean junta leader Gen. Augusto Pinochet (among others) launder millions. Will he make good on that promise or pretend he’s protecting national security by shutting it down?


More on Make America Stupid, by the CIA, how and why Dope was introduced to American subculture:

– 1943: research in North America –

With the war on, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Canadian military joined their psychiatric forces. Canadian Army medical director Dr. George Brock Chisholm had been trained as a psychiatrist at the {{Tavistock Psychiatric Clinic}} in London, and Tavistock—the British Crown’s central mind-bending agency— was a major Rockefeller Foundation beneficiary. In 1943, the Rockefeller Foundation created the Allen Memorial Institute at McGill University in Montreal. Eugenics- oriented psychiatrist {{Donald Ewen Cameron,}} a Scottish immigrant to the United States, was placed in charge of the institute’s psychiatry. Experiments in coercive interrogation and brainwashing would be conducted at Allen Institute under the auspices of the Canadian military, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Dr. Cameron’s “terminal” use of electric shock as a brain-burning torture, psychosurgery, and brainwashing with drugs and hypnosis would make the Canadian program the most famous apsect of the CIA’s MK- Ultra. Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., a new odor, that of marijuana, could be detected inside St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. (St. Elizabeth’s is the mental hospital where presidential assailants or other federal cases are kept.) The superintendent, Scottish Rite chief psychiatrist Winfred Overholser, was in 1943 the chairman of the misnamed “truth drug” committee for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The criminal underworld was systematically being brought into official but secret joint activities with the government, under the pretext of fighting fascism. Overholser’s crew administered the hallucinogen mescaline to various test subjects. Then in the spring of 1943, they perfected the right mix of marijuana and tobacco to produce a “state of irresponsibility” in the subject. The official OSS story is that New York mafia hitman August Del Gracio began smoking Overholser’s “joints” on May 27, 1943, in order to loosen his tongue. Federal agents were thus supposedly to learn the inside secrets of drug trafficking—but not to stop it. This was part of an ongoing federal program, which organized crime czar Meyer Lansky boasts (in his authorized biography) that he personally arranged. Mafia thugs were brought in to work in Naval Intelligence offices, and jointly with U.S. agents in U.S. ports and shipping, to more effectively intimidate our national enemies. Former CIA staff member John Marks writes in {The Search for the Manchurian Candidate} that Overholser’s working group included counterintelligence agents inside the Manhattan Project atomic bomb project, and the FBI, which was under the direction of Dr. Overholser’s Scottish Rite comrade, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. The Overholser group gave marijuana to U.S. soldiers at Army bases throughout the country, supposedly to aid in the search for subversives. Later, during the 1950s and 1960s, the strategists of the MK- Ultra project would utilize the same channels of influence with U.S. security agencies to let them transform a generation of youth into dope users.


You know there is more to this.


Update, March 13, 2016; NIH finds pot makes you long-time STUPID:

“In keeping with previous findings, the new study found that past-year and lifetime marijuana use disorders were strongly and consistently associated with other substance use and mental health disorders.”
Researchers found that the 6.3 percent of the study participants who smoked pot an average of 274 days per year had “lifetime diagnoses” of marijuana use disorder, which “was associated with other substance use disorders, affective disorders, anxiety, and personality disorders.”
“To be diagnosed with the disorder, individuals must meet at least two of 11 symptoms [listed in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders] that assess craving, withdrawal, lack of control, and negative effects on personal and professional responsibilities,” the study stated.
“Severity of the disorder is rated as mild, moderate, or severe depending on the number of symptoms met.”
“The new analysis complements previous population-level studies by Dr. Grant’s group that show that marijuana use can lead to harmful consequences for individuals and society,” NIAAA director George Koob commented.
Marijuana use disorder is most common in men under the age of 45. “The risk for onset of the disorder was found to peak during late adolescence and among people in their early 20s, with remission occurring within 3 to 4 years,” the study found, noting that mental disabilities “persist even after remission.”



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