Spin-Bot-Bloggers, pathetically unoriginal

March 6th, 2016, …  Sunday Funny Papers:

It’s amazing to me that people will and do run their mouths but have no sense that they ought to know what they are talking about.  People like this blogger, below, take sound bytes they’ve heard somewhere else and just string them together and think that’s “writing” or “reporting.”  These kind of people are like little human spin-bots.

And it is a fact that these personality types are particularly sought out by the Bigs because of their self- grandiosity traits (see the formal paper on that below the captured blog image, next).

You just wind them up with a little flattery, tell them what to blog about, provide them the secret password to the Spin Bytes Barrel, and away they go: ka-chug <canned sound byte>, ka-chug, <canned snark>, ka-chug, <canned sound byte>, …

Dummy Article about LYMErix at: http://lifelines.work/2016/03/05/theres-an-effective-vaccine-for-lyme-disease-but-you-cant-get-it-thanks-to-anti-vaxxers-term-life

If you can’t read my comment there, I said:

“The Lyme vaccine was ordered off the market via ultimatum by the FDA.  The FDA told SmithKline and Yale that either they voluntarily withdraw LYMErix, or the FDA would order it off themselves die to all the damage not recorded by the OspA trial administrators.  “AKA, “FRAUD.”
“Turns out, OspA, the LYMErix vaccine was a fungal triacyl lipopeptide (TLR2/1-agonist) that cause the same immunosuppression that is the main mechanism behind the Great- and New-Great Imitator outcome (Leukemia, MS, Lupus, Stroke, Chronic Fatigue, etc).
“Do your homework, fella, and dont recycle old garbage and spin.
“Use PubMed, you can find out what OspA is.
More on fake activism or using queens, retards, d-bags, and assholes, which are always the personality types of the people who run the non-non-profits:

“Mongoven, Biscoe & Duchin: destroying tobacco control activism from the inside”
Describing the various types of activists]:

“Opportunists, those who are motivated by power, success, or a sense of their own celebrity, will be satisfied merely by a sense of partial victory.” 

Me, I would be horrified if my brain did not contain any reasoning ability and I could not put 2 thoughts together, independently.   I can’t imagine what it must be like having to rely on other people all the time to do your thinking.  ‘Scared to death that someone may find out not one single idea is your own and that you are incapable of discovery or original thought.  

Did you know that no one at Johns Hopkins knows what OspA is?  Paul Auwaerter’s secretary told me so on the phone:  Auwaerter does not know what Osp A is.  But OspA (Pam3Cys) is that LYMErix vaccine that we non-anti-vaxxers reported to the FDA was fraudulently verified and “approved.”   I’m serious, verify on your own.  Call Auwaerter or anyone at Johns Hopkins and ask them what OspA is.

So, either someone ghost-writes all of Paul Auwaerter’s articles or Auwaerter’s one of those human spin-blog bots and simply does what other people tell him to do.


What Clinicians Should Know About the New Lyme Species

“MedscapeMar 1, 2016
“Hello. This is Paul Auwaerter with Medscape Infectious Diseases, from the Division of Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins. Tickborne …


How would he know anything at all about spirochetes or the disease caused by shed fungal antigens like OspA if he never asked the first questions?  

Why did that ridiculous “vaccine” for relapsing fever come and go so quickly?  

What is OspA???  

How do the PHYLUM Spirochaeta cause disease?

Like I said, I can’t imagine what that must be like, being unable to think for yourself.  I bet these guys like the puppet Auwaerter, the ones who run the fake non-profits, and the bogus blogs never get any sleep.  They must be so nervous about appearing to know what they are talking about all the time!  

It’s been 41 years since Polly Murray discovered Lyme disease and 34 since Willy Burgdorfer discovered it was a spirochete.

It’s been even longer since it was known you can’t have a vaccine against relapsing fever due to antigenic variation.  This fact was multiply-published  and well-known long before 1975.

Even the patent owner for the ImmuLyme OspA vaccine, Alan Barbour said you can’t use OspA for a vaccine against relapsing fever due to antigenic variation in 1992:


Alan Barbour writes:

“Second, previous studies had shown antigenic differences in outer membrane proteins, OspA and OspB, between strains (21-26) and true antigenic variation of these proteins within a strain (25, 27-30).”


So, not only can you not have a vaccine against relapsing fever due to antigenic variation (antibodies do no good, the bug just makes new antigens) – and this was well- known in the 1970s-, you especially can’t have OspA as a vaccine because it is Pam3Cys, a fungal, immune-suppressing endotoxin that “overwhelms the immune system,” which is another phase that describes sepsis.

It’s amazing that in a time of CDC’s antibiotic-resistant-bug frenzy due to the hundreds of thousands of lives lost every year (not to mention the amputations) from hospital-acquired dirty bugs (MRSA, mainly) that Johns Hopkins can not produce a single employee who knows what sepsis is all about.  Yet, here we see the obvious explanation.  We have a shortage of people who can both think and write at the same time.  On their own.


Says Yale Lyme criminal Durland Fish in that email above to all the crooks (FOIA’s by Kris Newby and published in the Poughkeepsie Journal):

“This battle cannot be won on a scientific front.  We need to mount a sociopolitical offensive, but we are out numbered and out gunned.  We need reinforcements from ourside our field.”

That’s long for “Hire-A-Whore” like Auwaerter.


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