Intracellular spirochetes & antigenic variation (no vaccines)

Criminal Big-Word-Saying, again, sorry!!!

This is from The Biology of Parasitic Spirochetes, book, a conference summary by Russell C. Johnson, published in 1976 from a 1975 conference.


The CDC crooks, Paul Auwaerter (the guy who does not know what OspA is, but publishes about it, LOL), and Edward McSweegan would have you believe Spirochaeta is not a phylum (unrelated to any other type of organism).

This book also states several times there can’t be a vaccine against Relapsing Fever (Lyme) due to antigenic variation.

“endoplasmic reticulum” – be careful who you say that around.  Big-Word-Saying is a crime in Corrupticut.   “Dangerously Intelligent” is the criminal charge.

CDC officer, former head of the NIH’s Rocky Mountain Bioweapons Lab, Dearborn Cryme perpetrator, and ImmuLyme OspA patent owner Alan Barbour, also wrote this about how OspA won’t work as a vaccine due to antigenic variation in 1992 (next quote).  You can also farm these organisms to be specific tissue-tropic, as well as “select” “mutants.”

“Notwithstanding infrequent application for bacterial studies presently, there were compelling reasons to use in vitro antibody selection with Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease. First, we had shown for the related species,/t hermsii, that an antiserum specific for one serotype could select for new serotypes in an isogenic population undergoing in vitro growth (20). The ability of polyclonal antisera and mAbs to agglutinate (21) and inhibit the growth of/g burgdorferi (21a) indicated that this was also possible with the Lyme disease agent. Second, previous studies had shown antigenic differences in outer membrane proteins, OspA and OspB, between strains (21-26) and also true antigenic variation of these proteins within a strain (25, 27-30). If borrelias did “escape” killing (31), growth inhibition (32), or agglutination (21) by antibodies, it was likely that this was the consequence of antigenic variation.
Third, the success of passive immunization with either polyclonal antisera or mAbs in protecting animals indicated that an in vitro study of antibody effects was relevant for studies of pathogenesis and immunoprophylaxis of Lyme disease (33-38). In the present study we demonstrate in vitro selection of antibody-resistant mutants of B. burgdorferi. Among the several escape mutants evaluated, four major phenotypic classes were identified, and for two classes genotypes were determined….”


Barbour also quoted a report where it’s possible to get multiple variants from infection with a single spirochete.

1951: Relapse Phenomena in Rats with a Single Spirochete

Citing Authors



Yale’s Erol Fikrig and Richard Flavell also published an article in 1995 that says OspA wont work as a vaccine due to antigenic variation or “antibody selection pressure.”  They own the patent for LYMErix (OspA):


All of this means the 2 people or groups of people who filed for the intellectual property with US and foreign patent databases owning the recombinant OspAs as vaccines (Fikrig and Flavell, and Alan Barbour), knew they would never work.  That is research fraud and Defrauding the Government.


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