Big Tobacco & the Pope characterize the non-nonprofits

Yeah, I know you see it, too.  Three swirling vortices, two clearly going nowhere and the other the real one, the centered one, the one that can go somewhere…

The First Vortex or Power

We wonder when this relentless nonsense about a spirochetal disease (own phylum), a borrelia (always known to be neurotropic), being “only a temporary autoimmune bad-knee with no consequences – but get the vaccine” is going to burn out or quit.

My friend Beaux blogged about Paul Auwaerter (Johns Hopkins) whose secretary called me back on the phone to let me know – answering my simple question, “No, Dr. Auwaerter does not know what OspA is.”  April, 2012.  No lie.  That happened.  An astonishing fact, and true:

Another one of our Lyme friend’s young adult children died this week.  We’re feeling all the wasted years.  We feel like this and the other deaths are on us.  Another death because we were not successful in revealing this crime and this science.  Blows another hole in our hearts.  Her name was Brianna.


After reading Beaux’s “Save Your Lymie Soul” post, I lamented the same old lament.  (“WTF?,” for short.):

COMMENTS SECTION OF BEAUX’s BLOG/Yes, I am quoting myself:

Been studying Auwaerter for a while. He never says anything about what OspA actually is, yet parrots the Steere gang who say it causes only a proinflammatory response.

That McSweeg-n-Fish-tard gang *never* acknowledge the real experts like Clifford Harding (CWR), Mario Philipp (Tulane), Medvedev (UConn), who say “long term signalling by TLR2/1 agonists results in immunosuppression.”

Sticks in my craw, that one. Why the obsession with circling the wagons, repeating the same old nonsense. They must be terrified. That’s all I can come up with. Their virulence and obsession towards Lyme victims is clearly “Offense” being “The Best Defense.”

It’s curious. Really curious.

‘Like when SmithKline and Yale claimed “LYMErix prevents asymptomatic Lyme.” Could not get that one out of my head. Turned out the 2 OspA vaccine trial gangs could not even read their Western Blots and had no way to know if LYMErix or ImmuLyme prevented Lyme or not:
“The manufacturer of the only currently FDA-approved (and released) recombinant OspA Lyme disease vaccine has suggested that vaccination does not interfere with serological evaluation of Lyme disease in vaccine recipients—a statement that is not supported by the data presented here.”

“It was never understandable because it was not true. At all. OspA didn’t prevent any kind of Lyme. Did not even disinfect ticks as was claimed. You need complement as well as antibodies, the science says.

“Anyway, this ALDF/CDC/Yale/IDSA criminal gang is for future anthropologists to figure out:

“Back in the day, ‘science’ was performed by attacking the victims of one’s research fraud. Circling the wagons and citing one’s own research fraud was called ‘Evidence-Based Medicine.’ These same characters were hired as experts by insurance companies to testify against anyone who claimed to have Lyme. They said Lyme was easily diagnosed and cured, but then had 2 vaccine trials,… and STILL they claimed it was not even a disease.
“The entire medical establishment in North America echoed their malarkey. Even the opposition, charlatan,- black market- group of ‘doctors’ who capitalized on the misery of post-LYMErix and post Lyme sepsis victims never questioned the mystery of the OspA vaccines causing the same systemic (“multi-system”, which should have been a keyword flagging multi-organ sepsis) chronic disease.
“We’re left wondering what is the exact mental disorder that could explain this selective-ease (selective expertise), both from Establishment Medicine and the blackmarketeers. Why didn’t anyone question the first premise. Why a vaccine for a non-disease?”

Once again, WTF, and Churchill’s 1932 article, “Fifty Years Hence.”  Called it.  We will be moral juvenile delinquints but technological geniuses with gadgets no one dreamed of.  Tiny tiny TV devices that also take pictures, video, and are a telephone.  Star Trek.  Now.  You can be 50 miles up a remote mountain range in Western Canada in the winter, get stuck in the snow, and make a phone call from your phone for rescue.  Boom, out of there in an hour.  Twenty years ago that would be a death sentence.  Just about all Sci-Fi movies other than Star Trek (Star Trek dealt with moralisms blatantly) are ONLY stories of the same moral dilemmas we see now, in real life.  “Lyme disease.”   How silly.  Once a profoundly confusing disease worse than the Great Imitator, Syphilis, is now only a bad knee that “goes away on its own” and “I have largely limited the discussion here to Lyme arthritis, the simplest case because the end point (no more arthritis) is so clear, and one does not have to introduce complicating variables such as the blood-brain barrier.”  Stephen Malawista, Yale.

One does not have to consider the brain.  Too complicated.  Throw it out, says Yale.  (How in the world did that get past the journal editors?  I should have such a job where I get paid for not doing my job.  Instead I do the Govt’s jobs, and the journal editors’ jobs, and don’t get paid.)

We know where this first vortex leads.




Another Vortex or Force

Says Pope Francis:

“… Jesus felt the ‘contempt of the doctors of the Law who sought salvation in moral casuistry,‘ and in a multitude of precepts. The people, though, did not have faith in them, “or in the Sadducees who sought salvation in compromises with the powers of the world, with the Roman Empire. Thus they sought after salvation – the one group, from clerical parties – the other from political parties. But the people did not have confidence in them, they didn’t believe them. Yes, they believed Jesus, He spoke ‘with authority.’ But why this contempt? Because in our imagination, salvation should come from something great, something majestic; only the powerful, those who have strength or money or power, can save us. These people can save us. And the plan of God is different! They felt contempt because they could not understand that salvation only comes from the small things, the simplicity of the things of God.’

[casuisty: specious, deceptive, or oversubtle reasoning, especially in questions of morality; fallacious or dishonest application of general principles;sophistry.]

“‘When Jesus proposed the way of salvation, He never spoke of great things,’ but about ‘little things.” The Pope said. “These are the two pillars of the Gospel,” that we read about in Matthew: the Beatitudes, and in chapter 25, the final Judgment, where Jesus says: “Come, come with me because you have done these things, simple things.’

“‘You did not seek salvation or your hope in power, in political parties, in negotiations. No! You have simply done these things. And so many people look down on this! As a preparation for Easter, I invite you – I’ll do it too – to read the Beatitudes and to read Matthew 25, and to think and to see if there is something I look down on, if something disturbs my peace. Because contempt is a luxury that only the vain and the proud allow themselves. We should see if, at the end of the Beatitudes, Jesus says something’ that makes us ask why He said that. ‘Blessed is he who is not scandalized in me,’ who does not look down on these things, who does not feel contempt.’

“Pope Francis concluded: ‘It would do us good to take some time – today, tomorrow – to read the Beatitudes, to read Matthew 25, and to pay attention to what happens in our heart: if there is some feeling of contempt. And seek grace from the Lord to understand the only path of salvation is ‘the folly of the Cross,’ that is, the Son of God ’emptying Himself,’ making Himself small, represented here [in the Readings] in the cleansing in the Jordan, or in the small village of Nazareth.’


The Third:

Hat Tip here to Joni Comstock ( on the Strategies of Tobacco Science and how they work our phony activists, like the non-non-profits of Lyme and ME/CFS:

“Mongoven, Biscoe & Duchin: destroying tobacco control activism from the inside”

[Describing the various types of activists]:

“Opportunists, those who are motivated by power, success, or a sense of their own celebrity, will be satisfied merely by a sense of partial victory.”


We call them queens.  And that idea, to call them queens, comes also from the bible, Revelation (18):

“7 As much as she hath glorified herself, and lived in delicacies, so much torment and sorrow give ye to her; because she saith in her heart: I sit a queen, and am no widow; and sorrow I shall not see.”

Translation: “I am a queen, and do not suffer empathy or sympathy for another’s misfortunes. It’s All About Me!

This is the same sentiment of Lucifer and his gang when given an assignment to aid the 2-legged creatures who look like hairless monkeys:  “I will not serve. I AM superior to those creatures.”

Do the non-profits and ILADS tell you what is true?  Does it matter to them what is scientifically true?  Do they think you are worthy of knowing what is true?

You know the answer.  They’ve literally sworn never to talk about what happened at Dearborn to falsify the testing of Lyme or what OspA was, and how it caused the same disease we know of as Chronic Lyme (being a fungal toxin and immune suppressor).  The whole thing, really.  The only things you need to know to understand the disease and the cryme, ILADS and the non-nonprofits have sworn never to address.

Give that fact some consideration.  And I don’t have to make such a recommendation – give that some thought -, if you’re the type who already does care about other peoples’ unnecessary suffering.



SASH – The Society for the Advancement of Scientific Hermeneutics.  (Descrambling Bullshit.)

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