Wessely: “I regurgitated the prevailing witch theory of CFS”

Wessely – wrong about everything.

And by the way, it’s actually “B cell wipeout” from Rituximab. If you made antibodies you would have an autoimmune disease, but ME/CFS is post-sepsis syndrome or like AIDS:

“… says Simon Wessely of King’s College London, who has treated people using cognitive behavioural therapy…. ‘The belief that [CFS] is all in the mind has been around since the beginning,’ he says. ‘It’s tragic that it might take a study like this to take sufferers seriously.'”
AAAASTUPIDEMOTICON Thanks, Si.  Great job.

More on how Somatoform literally means “witch”

Look next at this description of somatization illnesses (also called “medically unexplained”) from an “expert” seen on Fox “News” describing the Justina Pelletier CPS kidnap case, which became an international scandal revealing what knuckleheads make decisions in New England “hospitals.”  This psychiatrist does not even question the illogic of claiming that people can actually produce valid medical illness biomarkers with their psychogenic powers alone, when, we know that if anyone had such abilities they would not inflict the disease on themselves, but upon people like the CPS, psychiatry, or the CDC.  At the same time, he claims there is no scientific evidence for how someone could produce such scientifically valid illness signs in themselves with their magical brains:

Follow:    “… causing her to believe she is medically ill, when she is not—that they have kindled in her a ‘somatoform disorder’ in which bodily symptoms actually have purely psychological roots, not anatomic ones…

And: “First, we lack sufficient research data to back up my clinical experience and professional opinion (which some psychiatrists would agree with and some would disagree with).”


Conclude: A person can have a real disease, but not a real disease, and no one knows how they do it.  And “We lack the science that proves this is magic.” Wow, thanks.

This bullshit sounds exactly like “magic” or “witch” or “conjurer” accusation to a normal human.  We could take this one step further:  Send Justina Pelletier and her kind  to the CIA and see if she can do remote viewing of Putin’s submarines or kill goats with her eyeballs, alone.  If yes, she is a good witch.  If not, she is a bad witch.  If she can only inflict illness on herself, she must be a bad witch.  Fair?  Only a not-very-good witch would issue backfiring incantations.


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