Don’t look for a savior, it’s you.

*** The Great Imitator and the Later Imitator were both diseases of immunosuppression from shed fungal antigens.

*** Spirochetes are their own *PHYLUM* !!! That means they are not evolutionarily related to anything else. They shed TLR2/1 agonists (fungal). That is their MO (modus operandi or method of operation, wreck the host’s immune system) This is different from regular “bacteria” which don’t mostly have TLR12/1 agonists but TLR4-agonist lipopolysaccharides (not so toxic).

*** Simon Somatoform Witch-Hunter Wessely was proven wrong about everything.

*** The Chinese have reversed the DARPA nanotube flagellin method and put flagellar antigen on the tubes to look for band 41…(now 100% valid and most sensitive way to detect Borreliosis).

And NONE of this had anything to do with ILADS or American or UK “doctors.” So please, dont envision your savior will have “MD” after his name. That is not how this works.
*** “Doctors” do not have labs with great big million-dollar Mass Spec Machines and rows and rows of mice and monkey cages in their garages. And they literally SAY (I’ve heard it many times from ILADS docs), “I don’t have the time to read the science, I am too busy treating patients.”
And they don’t even know how *stupid* that sounds: “I don’t have the time to find out what I am doing, I just want money.”

*** WE ARE THE ONES who pull the valid science out of PubMed. Many MDs don’t even know PubMed exists. NONE – ZERO – even asked what OspA was, and to this day, the majority of ILADS “doctors” have no clue what I am talking about.

*** Lorraine Johnson (a Hollywood lawyer?)and Phyllis Mervine (Lymedisease dot org) are so stupid they don’t even know I would not win the qui tam money as the whistleblower because none of this is secret information any more. It is republished on our numerous (7?) websites. They won’t help us for fear of me getting the qui tam money… that no one will get!! since I exposed all this and scanned in the Dearborn booklet for you all to download, own, keep, and see on ActionLyme as a pdf. You can’t put a psychiatric label on that kind of behavior because no one has ever seen it before – a non profit for a disease does not want to help the patients for fear of themselves not getting all the glory and continued free money??
They obviously do not have the millions of sufferers as their first priority. Neither does ILADS.

*** I am giving you this lecture because we need you to help us help you. Beaux, Vidar, Amy, Jerry, Colleen, Joni, Tracey, Anne, me, etc., everyone writing and publishing data summaries and explainers and sharing here and on Twitter. We have a BIG PICTURE in mind. We are showing you the disease(s) and how they are related, and why there is so much resistance by the Govt (mostly it has to do with vaccines failures and the costs of our care) to admit 30 or more million people have some form of post-sepsis disability.

*** If there is no cure for post sepsis, and a third or more of you would remain disabled from all the damage from your sepsis event(s) after treatment with Rituximab (and plus maybe antibiotics and or anti-virals), at the very least we are fighting to end the social stigmas and denial of SSA Disability care. There is no substitute for telling you the truth. We have no agenda other to end your abuse. End the abuse. Restore your rights.

*** We want to open the doors of Auschwitz and let you walk out to find your place in the world. Damaged goods or no, you have a right to not be oppressed and not treated like trash. You are not untermensch. You are not an inferior race. We are you and look at what we have done. We were right about ME/CFS and Lyme and the Rituximab models proved out our model. We’ve been right about OspA for 15 years… We are not inferior humans and we are you.

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